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Fairy Houses and Fairy Gardens: Earth-Friendly Architecture!

This blog post is brought to us by Oak Meadow     Building something in a natural setting using natural materials is an excellent way to encourage your children to spend time outside, which is the best way to help them learn to appreciate the natural world. There is something irresistible about these eco-friendly creations. Enjoy these and other ideas from Oak Meadow’s Living Education Journal!       Fairy Houses   Fairy houses (also called woodland dwellings) are a beautiful, enchanting way to explore and enjoy nature. They use natural, found... read more

A Native American Mother’'s Perspective on Thanksgiving

Photo from Psycho-Pics via Flickr Creative Commons    Wind, smelling of wood smoke rattles the yellow leaves off the peach tree. I adjust my glasses, button my coat. My son bounds from his classroom to greet me. Eyes filled with brown warmth, he peeks out from under a cap of shiny dark hair; it’s the kind of black that shines red in sunlight.    “Mom, something about this isn’t right.” He is holding a construction paper headdress fashioned with hot pink and purple feathers. I nod, and run my hand through his hair, pushing the bangs off his forehead. Out of the... read more

Make Your Own Lavender Soap Balls

    Bath time is fun time in our house, but my 6 year old keeps telling me how all of her friends use strawberry smelling soap, and won't stop asking me for some.  Of course the first thing that I think of is all of the toxic ingredients in those yummy smelling soaps, and how I'm certainly not going to use them to get her clean.  Sorry Quinn!     So instead, while she was at school her brother and I decided to make her a special bath time surprise!  Oh-so-pretty smelling Lavender Soap Balls!  It turned out to be a super fun project for Ethan and I, and Quinn... read more

For Valentine's Day: Snow globes

  All these years, I haven’t forgotten snow globes we made out of baby food jars when I was in kindergarten. I loved those things! So when—as the snow was yet again coming down outside our office windows—Mel and I started putting together our list of things to make for Valentine’s Day, I saw my chance to create these again.   Back in the day, we used some pretty awful plastic flowers (I think we were making our snow globes as Mother’s Day presents), but I thought it might be fun to try making some using old castoff toys and gumball machine trinkets. Here’s how it works.... read more

Roll with it

                    We wheeled our bikes out of the garage yesterday afternoon, happily looking forward to riding through the bright, warm summer afternoon to our local fro yo store. My littlest (21 months) was buckled in the Burley trailer, already flipping through one of the lift-the-flap board books I keep in there, and my oldest (6) was fast on his way to the street corner. He waited for me there while I closed the garage door, strapped my helmet on and pedaled down the block to catch up with him. This was only our second bike ride since summer... read more

Change is Good Cloth Diaper Giveaway

This Giveaway has ended. Thanks to everyone who entered and to Thirsties for the generous prize!   The randomly chosen winner is MelissaGil. You will be contacted through private messaging in your Mothering account. Congrats!!   ------------------------------------------   Change is Good!   Mothering has a brand new site and we are celebrating the change with something else that often needs changing—diapers!   Tell us how many diapers you guess you have changed in your life for a chance to win 10 Duo All In Ones from Thirsties: an easy to use... read more

Candy Can Teach Science and Nutrition Concepts: hands-on experiments to try with your kids

Looking for a fun way to introduce science and nutrition concepts to your kids?   In her new book, Candy Experiments, author Loralee Leavitt shares dozens of brand-new experiments that use candy to teach about these topics. The following excerpt from Candy Experiments contains fun and easy ways that you and your children can test food for sugar, hydrogenated palm kernel oil and artificial dyes!   About the Book:   Make giant gummi worms, turn M&Ms into dazzling comets, grow candy crystals and turn cotton candy into slime! You'll find all these... read more

Super Summer Gear: 10 Hot Selections for the Whole Family

Summertime goes by too fast, so we've selected some of our favorite new warm weather products to help you stay cool, travel safer and have more fun while it lasts! Check out these 10 awesome items you won't want to miss.        S'well Stainless Steel Water Bottle   This stylish water bottle will keep your drinks icy cold or nice and hot for hours. The construction is heavy duty and the unique cap is a serious improvement on typical stainless steel drinking bottles. Holds up well to bumps and... read more

Candy Experiments

Candy Experiments by Loralee Leavitt   I loved candy when I was a kid, but when I became a mother, I worried about my kids eating too much of the stuff. Still, I’ve never banned it from our home. Now, when my children come home on Halloween night, examine their candy, and go to bed without asking to eat a single piece, it’s not because I’ve forbidden it. It’s because they have better ideas about what ?to do with it. It began with a simple question three years ago, when I was overwhelmed by our collection of Halloween candy. An afternoon with too-generous... read more

4 Eco-Friendly Easter Celebration Ideas

Looking for some fun ways to green your Easter or Spring celebrations this year? Check out these simple ideas that the whole family is sure to love.      Natural Easter Egg Dye   Did you know that you can avoid unnatural food coloring and make your eggs beautiful by using natural ingredients? Find out how with this helpful how-to. Also check out this fun video for more tips!           Up-cycled Easter Baskets   Looking for a fun family project for Easter? What could be more fun, and special, than homemade Easter baskets? Lynn Colwell from Celebrate... read more

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