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Keep your loved ones close with creative ideas for playing together as a family

394 family fun article submissions by the Mothering community.

How-to Become a Mothering Blogger

                Are you a mom blogger? Do you have a passion for a topic and want to share it? Mothering is looking to take on more weekly bloggers who want to write about their passions and help parents find the information they need. We are particularly interested in bloggers who want to write about natural/eco family living topics, but are open to new and unique suggestions that will be a good fit for our readers. Blogging positions are unpaid, but you will receive unparalleled exposure to our large community and the option of promoting your... read more

Summer Solstice: A Family Ritual

  BY SHERYL PAUL IN JUNE 2010 Tomorrow we transition into summer through the portal of the Solstice, the longest day of the year. Like the wedding day, a mother’s labor and baby’s birth day, and moving day, today is the transitional marker that separates the old stage of life or season from the new. As such, it carries a vulnerability and potency that is available to us when we intentionally choose to connect to its energy. In honoring the Solstice this year, I turned to one of my favorite books for celebrating rituals with children called “Circle Round”, by... read more

Frugal Family Fun

Spending quality time as a family doesn't have to cost a lot. Here are some great suggestions from Mothering community members for frugal family fun.     Activities at Home   Have a Tea Party: This simple activity is super frugal and can prove to be hours of fun for kids of many ages. All you need is some tea or other favorite drink, a snack, some fun dress up clothes and an imagination. See more thoughts for making your tea party a hit in this post.    Create a Water Table: Use an old bin or bucket and let the kids melt ice, add food coloring, float... read more

Start A Mind-Stretching Family Tradition

  By Laura Grace Weldon             I’m not talking about a new device or game, I’m talking puzzles.    Yes, really.   During the winter months my grandparents kept a puzzle going on a table near their front window. It had hundreds of tiny pieces, far too many for a small child’s ability, but I noticed the quiet pull it exerted on people. My older sister would wander past and pause to tease one into place. My father would linger a few minutes in peaceful reverie with his father-in-law as he worked on it. My mother and her mother would sit... read more

How to Dye Eggs Naturally for Easter, Ostara or Spring!

    Whether you'd like to celebrate Easter, Ostara, Spring dyeing eggs is a fun, crafty tradition that children love to be involved in.  However, using toxic food coloring is something most natural living families probably want to avoid.  Thankfully there are many options for eco-friendly egg dyeing!   Some all natural options for dyeing eggs include: red, purple, or yellow onion skins, red cabbage, blueberries, yellow apples peels, paprika, carrots, and grape juice.  We decided to use what we had on hand, which was beets, kale, and turmeric.   If you’re using a... read more

Arts and Crafts: Mothering's Natural Toy Guide 2012

  Discover More: Dolls | Arts & Crafts | Blocks & Puzzles | Books & Games | Imaginative Play | Teethers & Rattles | Vehicles & Rollers | For Older Kids | 20 Toys Under $20 | Top 20 Favorites           Kiwi Crates   Why We Love It:  Every month someone else thinks up a couple of fun and educational crafts, packages everything my child needs to create them and sends it all straight to my door. These crates are perfect for busy parents and since a great deal of thought was put into the chosen activities the kids will adore them! Made in the USA. Read... read more

Imaginative Play: Mothering's Natural Toy Guide 2012

  Discover More: Dolls | Arts & Crafts | Blocks & Puzzles | Books & Games | Imaginative Play | Teethers & Rattles | Vehicles & Rollers | For Older Kids | 20 Toys Under $20 | Top 20 Favorites       Large Felt Mushrooms   Why We Love It: This has to be one of the most unique items we have seen yet. These huge felt mushrooms with matching mat instantly make one want to dive into a world of pixies, fairies and gnomes. Available in red or green these delights could be coupled with any number of small or large figures to make a truly mystical... read more

Why We Choose Homemade

                  I used to be a very different person than I am now.  I used to purchase everything.  I never used to make my own meals.  Homemade seemed like a waste of time.  And if you would have told me that I would ever put cloth diapers on any child of mine, I would have promptly laughed in your face.   That was the me of about fifteen years ago.  I was young, unmarried, childless, and had a lot more time on my hands.  And then I had my first baby.   Once my oldest daughter was born, I quit my job to stay home with her full time.  We did a lot of... read more

Holiday Traditions YOUR Way

By Beth Berry     I wrote this piece two years ago during our first Christmas out of the country. This year - our third holiday season in Mexico - I am more convicted than ever that simplicity and togetherness are what it’s all about, and that the joy we long for is actually more confused than complemented by the notion of merry making as kind-hearted consuming. Deviating from family traditions is not always easy. Never mind factors such as religious preference or family values, even questioning grandma's dessert line-up of pumpkin pie, fruit cake and... read more

Be a Holiday Helper!

In 2003, one of our Mothering community members, Tracy, started the first Holiday Helper thread. Over the years the Holiday Helper program has helped thousands of families and we are proudly continuing the tradition this year.  FAMILIES IN NEED To be eligible, a member’s family must have significant financial need. The member must have been a Mothering member for one year and have posted 500 times. In the interest of privacy and security, Families in Need remain anonymous to the community and are identified by a number. Only the... read more

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