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Keep your loved ones close with creative ideas for playing together as a family

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What's To Like About Pinterest

Image courtesy of Creativity103's Flickr photostream   Are you on Pinterest? This virtual pinboard that lets you create, organize, and share what you find online. Because it’s a visually-oriented site, it attracts us using something other social media sites haven’t done nearly as well: images. While online we tend to be seekers. We look for information, distraction, connection, and inspiration. Pinterest lets us find (and revel in) all these things through compelling images. The site was launched in March 2010. One of the founders,... read more

Barefoot Books Releases a New World Atlas and Some Great Ways to Win Big!

Exciting news! Much loved publishing company, Barefoot Books, has just released their all new World Atlas and is doing a HUGE giveaway to celebrate. I recently had a chance to explore this wonderful new addition to the Barefoot library with my seven-year-old. and we both adore it. Barefoot has skillfully combined a diverse array of information about our world with captivating images, fun flip-up “Did You Know” tabs, and an easy-to-navigate layout into the best world atlas for kids I have seen yet. Now until Nov 23rd Barefoot Books will be... read more


It’s National Breast Cancer Awareness Month, and in honor of it, I wanted to highlight writer, mother, and breast cancer survivor Tracy Lynch’s fantastic essay, “Inappropriate.” When I first read Tracy’s essay, I immediately connected with it. Which is to say, I suddenly became aware of how much I use the word “inappropriate” as a way to wave off my son. That blog I’m snort-laughing over, with the texts that make unfortunate sexual entendres? Inappropriate. That episode of Weeds I’m trying to sneak in? Inappropriate. Those pics of my sister at a bachelorette... read more

Raising Natural Kids in a High-Tech World

I imagine it has always been difficult raising natural kids. I imagine it’s never been easy to hop onto the natural train, doing things that go against the grain of society. It seems in our world, we’re always trying to find a new and better, easier, albeit not always right, way of doing things. It seems we have flowed back and forth, to and fro, a natural lifestyle. I have to believe mothers have been fighting their children’s interest in the latest gadgets for years upon years, including the radio and then the early tv’s. My generation has seen the tv’s... read more

The Two Best Rainy Day Activities for Kids in Northern California

The problem with going away is that it’s hard to come back to your “real” life. The free Jelly Belly factory tour in Fairfield, California (my cousin: “I can’t really imagine you guys doing that.”) was a smashing success with the kids. The tour includes free samples, historical videos, and lots of viewing of busy yellow robots and factory workers.James and the older kids before the Jelly Belly tour Silly hats are mandatory once the tour starts If you decide to go, arrive when they open. We got there at 9:15 a.m. and there were eight people ahead of us. We waited for... read more

when the going gets tough, the tough.. .

DANCE! Cleaning up 35 years of magazining is painful. So, obviously, is saying goodbye to the fabulous Production Department trio we’ve* had the opportunity to be, back in the  golden days of yore** when we worked together to create a magazine. So when Melissa stopped by last night, Mel and I stopped our cleaning and sighing, threw a CD (one I had found in a pile of old review submissions), Totally ’80s for Kids, into the computer, cranked up the volume, and danced our saddened hearts out.   P.S. For the record, I am not a fan of ’80s... read more

The Greater Good: A New Documentary Film on Vaccines

March 18, 2011 A new documentary film on vaccines, The Greater Good, premieres April 2nd. Please view the press release. read more

Whiteboard wisdom

Thought for the day, courtesy of Mothering‘s beloved web director, Cynthia Mosher (discussing the need to create ad space in our newsletters that won’t crowd the existing space reserved for a skyscraper ad): “Would you please see what you can come up with that will fit well and respect the skyscraper?” O-o-o-o-kay. We’ll get right on that, Cynthia!   Tags: cynthia mosher, MDC newsletter, newsletters, Peggy's Kitchen newsletter, skyscraper, thought for the day, white board, whiteboard, YourPregnancy newsletter This... read more

In Praise of Half-Finished Books

One year, I made a ‘To Read’ list, composed of five novels-Mozart’s Women: His Family, Friends, His Music by Jane Glover; Hot and Bothered, Annie Downey; Painted Shadow: The Life of Vivienne Eliot, First Wife of T.S. Eliot by Carole Seymore-Jones; Confessions of an Ugly Stepsister by Gregory Maguire and Howard’s End, E.M. Forster-to be finished within six months. Pretty ambitious, considering the proposed books are all within the 200-300 page range, one at nearly 700+ pages. Some would say, that doesn’t sound ambitious at all! It is when there is a toddler... read more

been meaning to post about this for weeks!

The Procrastination Spitball Dartpad Mel (staffer Melyssa Holik) gave me for Christmas. Way yonder more excuses and distractions (suggestions run the gamut from “go for a coffee run” to “walk in circles”) than Mel and Melissa (Managing Editor Melissa Chianta) and I need in the office. But, boy, it’s brought us a lot of laughs. And direction, of sorts. # # Tags: dart pad, distraction, gift, melissa chianta, melyssa holik, office, procrastination, spitball This entry was posted on Thursday, February 3rd, 2011 at... read more

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