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Celebrating milestones

In our family, birthday season lasts from August to November and, if we count kids and adults alike, we’re packing six birthdays into a few short months (my efforts to conceive at least one spring baby obviously were futile). This means we celebrate someone’s birthday every few weeks. With so many birthdays clustered together, it can feel, frankly, overwhelming. In years past, there were parties with homemade play dough favors, themed birthday cakes, and complicated obstacle courses and crafts. That was when there were fewer children, a younger me, a... read more

A Visitor on Halloween

Does this man look too young to be their grandpa?My father-in-law is visiting from Buffalo, New York. It’s the first time he’s met the baby. He was planning to come last year but he got sick with throat cancer. He’s much better now. His hair has grown back more thickly since he had chemo. It’s also changed color. He used to have sandy, auburn, mostly straight hair that was flecked with gray. The hair that has grown in is so dark it’s almost black, and now it’s curly. He has a long scar from his jawline that wraps around part of his neck, where the surgeons cut when they... read more

Five Random Thoughts About My Birthday

  My mom, Leone in her birthday suit, and me. Photo courtesy of Christopher Briscoe. I went back to work after the kids went to bed last night and then James and I stayed up … talking (since Mothering is a family magazine, let’s just say we were talking.) Leone woke to nurse around 5:00 a.m. As the sky is turning from pink to blue everyone in the house is still quietly asleep except me. If these thoughts are a bit jumbled and typos abound, you know why. I have birthdays on the brain, maybe because our oldest turned eleven two weeks ago and today... read more

road trip!

Still uncertain how to handle Christmases on our own (we visited extended family for many years but have tried to do our own thing lately), this year—after floundering about and feeling like failures at the holiday thing—Tim and Reeve and I ended up doing one of those things we do best: running away. Yes. We rented a car yesterday and hit the road today. Four hundred miles later, we’re hoteled and heading to bed a few miles from the Grand Canyon, looking forward to checking it out in the daylight tomorrow. It’s been a really lovely (and memorable)... read more

giving thanks

  When Mothering publisher and editor Peggy O’Mara asked everybody on staff to send their Thanksgiving menus so we could post them online, I felt a little squeamish. Truth is, Thanksgiving kind of snuck up on me this year. Tim and I thought Reeve would be visiting a friend across the country, so we just figured we’d do what we’ve done the last couple of years when he was out of the country: a quiet celebratory meal, just the two of us, at . . . Dunkin’ Donuts.* I couldn’t see adding to the  inspired Mothering staff menus online my own planned fare for the... read more

Beware of The Pregnant Jail Breaker

About 15 minutes before the Halloween parade, we still didn’t have our costumes ready. Since my due date (more on how that’s a misnomer in a later post) was BEFORE Halloween, I wasn’t expecting to even be in the parade this year, let alone in a costume. James had the idea that we should paint my belly into a big yellow Pac Man and put dots all over black clothes but 1) we didn’t have any yellow face paint and 2) we were out of time. So I went in my friend Anjie’s escaped convict costume instead. “I don’t like it,” my 10-year-old daughter Hesperus... read more

Video - Green Halloween: DIY face paints

  Lynn from Green Halloween demonstrates how easy (and fun) it is to make Halloween face paints to DIY for. Visit Green Halloween for more links and details on carrying out the tips in this video. Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson are the mother-daughter founders of Green Halloween® and authors of the book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family. Stay tuned for treats and treasures your trick-or-treaters will love (and Mother Earth will thank you for)! Check out "Sustainable Season's Greetings" by... read more

Feasting with Family

By Jamie Odeneal For this crazy brood, Thanksgiving means the "chaotic blessing" of each other's company. It's 10:30 a.m. on thanksgiving day, and my nephew Tanner is intently banging a broom around the upstairs of the beach house our parents have rented for the week. With his stream of incomprehensible toddler babble and his bed head, he's like a crazy janitor on a mission. When my sister Kate tries to put the broom away, he slams his fists against the closet door, wailing as if he's been critically wounded. Kate doesn't miss a beat and swoops in with his... read more

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