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Why We Choose Homemade

                  I used to be a very different person than I am now.  I used to purchase everything.  I never used to make my own meals.  Homemade seemed like a waste of time.  And if you would have told me that I would ever put cloth diapers on any child of mine, I would have promptly laughed in your face.   That was the me of about fifteen years ago.  I was young, unmarried, childless, and had a lot more time on my hands.  And then I had my first baby.   Once my oldest daughter was born, I quit my job to stay home with her full time.  We did a lot of... read more

The Season of Wonder

  brought to us by Mothering sponsor Oak Meadow     Becoming attuned to Earth’s cycles can enhance our lives while contributing to a healthier lifestyle, community, and world. From the time our children are very little, we can share with them our appreciation and delight of the great outdoors, and encourage a growing awareness of nature and all its wonders.   This time of year feels like a celebration as the Earth revives after a winter sleep. Visiting your favorite “sit spot” with your children is a wonderful way to revel in the changes of... read more

Make Your Own Lavender Soap Balls

    Bath time is fun time in our house, but my 6 year old keeps telling me how all of her friends use strawberry smelling soap, and won't stop asking me for some.  Of course the first thing that I think of is all of the toxic ingredients in those yummy smelling soaps, and how I'm certainly not going to use them to get her clean.  Sorry Quinn!     So instead, while she was at school her brother and I decided to make her a special bath time surprise!  Oh-so-pretty smelling Lavender Soap Balls!  It turned out to be a super fun project for Ethan and I, and Quinn... read more

Candy Crafts: Creative Ways to Use Up Unwanted Halloween Treats

by Loralee Leavitt and Elaine Bassett   Also see our article, Candy Experiments, for more great ideas on using up unwanted Halloween candy.   Candy is a traditional part of Halloween. But since it contains so much sugar, corn syrup, and artificial dye, many parents don’t want their children gorging on Halloween loot. Whether you’re planning a Halloween party, or using up candy after Halloween, these activities will help your children enjoy their Halloween candy without eating it.     Candy Mosaics   With so many colors and textures, candy makes perfect art... read more

Felt Needle Book TUTORIAL from Living Crafts Magazine

Click on photo to take you to Tutorial This wabi-sabi needle book is so easy to make if you have some small pieces of felt in different colors.  You can even do some embroidery on it, using a solid button.  Click here for the tutorials on the Living Crafts blog. About Pardis Amirshahi Pardis Amirshahi is the editor of Living Crafts magazine and also writes for their popular blog. Although she always enjoyed sewing and other crafts, Pardis discovered the true joy of handwork when she became a mother. You can... read more

Scissors Cover for Mother, from Living Crafts -- Plus Giveaway

Backing is made of light blue felt. If you have some wool felt scraps, needle, and some embroidery floss, you can make this cover for your scissors and give yourself or your mother a gift from the heart.  Everyone has a pair of scissors that needs a pretty new home!  Click here to go to Living Crafts blog and find tutorial and pattern. Living Crafts 1-Year Subscription + 2 Felt BOOKs GIVEAWAY!!!! Win a 1-Year Subscription PLUS 2 felt books! For all you felt lovers who like to hand-sew, Living Crafts Magazine has two beautiful books to giveaway today. One of them is the... read more

Child-made Valentine’s Day Card Display

  by Lynn Colwell & Corey Colwell-Lipson   What to do with the Valentine’s Day cards and gifts your child makes at home or brings home from school? Stick ‘em in a drawer? Seal ‘em in a box?   Instead, how about turning them into Valentine’s Day decor? (Items saved from previous years may be used as well.)   In my house, we used an empty mantle and a bare stick-wreath as the “blank canvas”. My daughter, Zoe, was allowed to decorate the area as she pleased. She had fun with the process and, in the end, was so proud of the display and the seasonal mood it conjured.   I... read more

Valentine Craft: eco-friendly felted valentine hearts

Love this unique Valentine craft! Corey Colwell-Lipson from Celebrate Green and Green Halloween shows us how to felt valentine heart necklaces.  This craft is a creative and eco-friendly way to present something special to your child’s school class, homeschool group, or to friends and family for Valentine’s day. Easy enough for the older kids to do on their own, and with some help at any age.   About Melanie Mayo-Laakso is the Content Manager for Mothering.com. Mothering is the birthplace of natural family living... read more

Craft Pattern: Sew Your Own Receiving Blanket

  When I was pregnant with my daughter my mom gave me a whole basket of handmade receiving blankets for my shower. Out of all my gifts they were one of my absolute favorites. She made some out of flannel and others out of lightweight cotton. I used them for nursing, laying on the grass, a shade from the sun, in the car, for changing, you name it! In fact my daughter, now a busy three year old, still sleeps with one as a light summer blanket. If you are expecting this is the perfect nesting project or, if you have a friend with a baby on the way, whip up a few for gifts... read more

Making Stuff Together - a Giveaway

  I am one of those crafty mamas, at least in my heart. I wander through holiday craft fairs and cruise etsy and ravelry for inspiration. I adore fabrics and wool and have a stash of both that is overflowing the hutch and bins I had so generously designated as my craft space. My list of things I want to make is rather long, and my intentions are good, they truly are. Here’s the catch – since I became a mom my crafty side as taken a back seat. Like the back seat of a school bus. And I only have two kids. When I do manage to work on a project I am in... read more

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