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Family Fun

Keep your loved ones close with creative ideas for playing together as a family

3 family fun article submissions by the Mothering community.

Friday Family Fun!

Looking for something fun to do with the kids on Friday night? Here are some simple tips for having some family fun time.  Share your best tip in the comments below and you could win a FREE digital subscription or renewal to Mothering magazine! The winner will be announced tomorrow. Make a detailed map of your house and yard, based on accurate measurements. Put on a treasure hunt for each other. Practice some magic tricks and put on a magic show. Invite the neighborhood over for a circus. Make costumes, dress the dog up... read more

Puppet Show, with video

“I’m bored,” my daughter said. I kind of hate it when she says that. But this time, I told her, “I hear that you’re bored, and I’m okay with you being bored.” We then went through a list of things she wanted to do that were impossible logistically–like drive to California, for instance. A few minutes later she and her brother began making paper one-dimensional puppets. I felt drowsy in the heat and took a rest on my bed. The next thing I knew, the kids were ready to perform their improv puppet show and I luckily had my camera on the bedside table. It’s good... read more

paper dolls!

Back in October, I mentioned a new feature that we were going to be including in our November–December issue, but I neglected to follow up on it. So here’s the scoop: paper dolls. Originally created by our very own Melyssa Holik as a Christmas present for Mothering publisher-editor Peggy O’Mara—who liked them so much she suggested we put them in the magazine as a holiday gift for our readers. And here is where you can download PDFs of four different dolls and their wardrobes—for hours and hours of good old-fashioned paper doll play.... read more

Mothering › Family Fun Articles