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Keep your loved ones close with creative ideas for playing together as a family

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Last call to WIN our fabulous toy prizes for October!

Last call to win our fabulous October prizes! Mothering will announce this month’s winners for our 2010 Toy Giveaway Extravaganza Friday at 5pm EST here on All Things Mothering and Facebook.  Enter by the end of the day Thursday to win a rocking horse, push-along flyer, wooden treehouse, rainbow cape & streamer, and more.  Every subscription purchase automatically enters you.  The more subscriptions you buy, the more chances to win!  If you miss this deadline we will be doing monthly drawings in Nov and Dec, as well as Grand Prize drawings for all subscribers in Dec.... read more

that time again

  • by admin

November 1. New month, new issue of the magazine on the stands—and not just any issue: our annual review of natural toys. Which means, of course, that the holidays are very soon comin’ down the pike. . . Shot by NYC/Toronoto photographer Lise Varrette, our new cover photo features a cutie from Toronto named Harmony, holding her beloved Sophie the Giraffe. When Lise first showed me this photo, I said “Very nice, but we can’t have a plastic toy on the cover!” Which shows how out of touch I am: Sophie, who has been around since 1961, is NOT made of... read more

Soulful Handmade Felted Animals

  • by admin

I got an email from Lonneke van Asseldonk of the Netherlands recently. She makes felted animal Pacha Mama “Cuddles” that are not only beautifully crafted–they also feel distinctly imbued with good energy. She sent me a unicorn, which I plan to give to my daughter for Christmas. The unicorn is tall, and soft, and a little gawky, which happens to be the most endearing thing ever. Her eyes peer out shyly like a creature that just happened to wander out of Narnia and into Mothering HQ. She also comes with a moonstone necklace. The Euro exchange rate... read more

how to make a mouse wave

One of the more entertaining challenges before us with the toy issue: getting mice to raise their paws in greeting. Staff photographer Melyssa Holik rose to the occasion with grace. (For the record, mice are actually quite happy to wave if you give them a little support of the paperclip variety.) # # # # # Tags: melyssa holik, mice, paperclip, toy issue, toys, wave This entry was posted on Monday, September 22nd, 2008 at 6:15 pm and is filed under backstory, photography. You can follow any... read more

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