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2012: Breastfeeding Awareness Year

While there’s been a lot of consternation this year over the sometimes negative media coverage of breastfeeding, 2012 will be looked back on as the tipping point in breastfeeding advocacy. This year, for the first time, an advocacy group outside of the breastfeeding world took up the cause of formula marketing to new mothers in hospitals. For the first time, a US mayor and a state legislature created laws to encourage baby-friendly hospitals. It’s been a banner year for breastfeeding. As the first ever Breastfeeding Awareness Month draws to a close, let’s remember our... read more

AAP and Circumcision: What's a Parent to Think?

The American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) issued a new policy statement on the medical circumcision of infants today. A multi-disciplinary work group was created in 2007 to update the AAP’s recommendation and their statement has long been anticipated. The new policy claims that the benefits of infant circumcision outweigh the risks, but falls just short of recommending the procedure. Instead, the AAP leaves the decision up the parents, as it has done since 1989. A survey of AAP members found that parents do not seek their pediatrician’s recommendation about the... read more

Breastfeeding Champion: Chele Marmet

Chele Marmet recognized early on that virtually none of the doctors or nurses who cared for newborns had any clinical expertise in lactation consulting. Therefore, she invented and helped to develop the field of lactation consulting, which she has led and shaped for more than three decades. Today, some 25,000 certified lactation consultants (LCS) in 90 countries assist mothers and babies worldwide. In 1979, Marmet co-created the Lactation Institute in Encino, California and has served as co-director since its founding. In 1979 the Institute offered the first training... read more

Breastfeeding Champion: Audrey Naylor

In 1983, pediatrician Audrey Naylor founded Wellstart International with her colleague, nurse practitioner Ruth Wester. Their mission: to actively educate health-care providers in how to promote, facilitate, and preserve breastfeeding relationships between mothers and children in medical settings such as hospitals. Naylor’s journey began in 1976, when she attended a series of seminars on breastfeeding taught by Kittie Frantz and Paul Fleiss. She’d made it through medical school, speciality training in pediatrics, and earned a PhD in public health—all without being... read more

Breastfeeding Champion: Tom Hale

Thomas Hale, PhD, is a leading international authority on breastfeeding and drugs. He has educated an entire generation of lactation consultants about drug use in breastfeeding women, teaching them that women can safely breastfeed while taking medications. Hale holds a doctorate in pharmacology and is a professor of pediatrics at Texas Tech University Health Sciences Center School of Medicine, where he has spent the last 30 years teaching pharmacotherapy. He started learning about breastfeeding and drugs in 1992 at which time little or nothing was being published on... read more

Breastfeeding Champion: Jack Newman

Jack Newman, MD, an internationally recognized breastfeeding expert, has been a mother’s milk advocate for more than 30 years. He was born in Tel Aviv in 1946 and grew up in Canada. Newman graduated from the University of Toronto medical school in 1970, interned at the Vancouver General Hospital and then worked as senior house surgeon at the Hutt Hospital in New Zealand. In 1981, after completing his residency in Quebec City, he went to work as a pediatric specialist at the Umtata Hospital in the Transkei territory of South Africa. There he witnessed the horrors of... read more

Kittie Frantz: Breastfeeding Champion

Kittie Frantz, a world-renowned breastfeeding advocate, pediatric nurse practitioner, and educator, started out in 1963 as a breastfeeding mother who attended La Leche League (LLL) meetings in Los Angeles. In 1965, Frantz received a call from a nurse at the Watts Multipurpose Health Clinic who wanted help starting a LLL group. It wasn’t long before Frantz had received a $5,000 grant from Lucy Rockefeller Waletsky to start what became the first LLL peer-counseling program, in Watts. Frantz received her nursing degree in 1973. Her first job was with prominent... read more

Breastfeeding Champion Lawrence Gartner

Dr. Lawrence Gartner is best known for his studies of the relationship between breastfeeding and newborn jaundice and has published more than 200 papers on this subject and other aspects of breastfeeding. Through 40 years of infant and animal studies, Gartner has demonstrated that prolonged physiologic jaundice in the breastfed infant is a normal and regularly occurring phenomenon. Known as breastmilk jaundice, this condition provides protection for the newborn through the antioxidant effect of bilirubin. Gartner has also demonstrated that the breastfed baby who... read more

Paul Fleiss: Breastfeeding Champion

Paul Fleiss is the doctor you always wanted to have. Trained as a pharmacist, an osteopathic physician, and a medical doctor, Fleiss is a well-respected physician who has been in practice for more than 40 years. He is the author of Sweet Dreams: A Pediatrician’s Secrets for Baby’s Good Night’s Sleep and What Your Doctor May Not Tell You about Circumcision and has been published in the Journal of the American Medical Association. He is known for his expertise in breastfeeding and has been on the La Leche League International Health Advisory Council for more than 30... read more

Breastfeeding Champion: Marsha Walker

Marsha Walker, RN, IBCLC, is a longtime breastfeeding advocate. She is the executive director of the National Alliance for Breastfeeding Advocacy, Research, Education and Legal Branch (NABA REAL). NABA REAL is responsible for monitoring the International Code of Marketing of Breastmilk Substitutes in the US, and Walker has written both US reports on Code-monitoring activities, “Selling Out Mothers and Babies” and “Still Selling Out Mothers and Babies.” Walker began her advocacy work as a volunteer breastfeeding counselor with the Nursing Mother’s Council in California... read more

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