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behind the scenes @ issue 156

Best bits from our September–October issue, part 1. Homemade ice cream While considering how to illustrate an article on how easy it is to make your own ice cream, we felt it would be just plain wrong to hire somebody else to make the ice cream—the how-tos and recipes in the article seemed so simple. And, in an effort to tighten belts around here (figuratively, of course, especially in this case), we decided to shoot it ourselves, too. So staff photographer Melyssa Holik, features editor Candace Walsh, and I each whipped up batches of ice cream... read more

production aid #15

  • by admin

a.k.a., yes, blatant product endorsement. Apologies for the seemingly commercial nature of this. . . but I really do love this tea. Because it’s not always easy to find, I have tried to switch, to find some other hot beverage I like as much, but, alas, no luck so far. Bought it originally, long ago,  for (why not!) the package design—and the hint of whimsy there. And now the tea is a routine part of my day, try as hard as I might to move on to something else. I ran out of “my” tea a couple of days ago and went to get more, but my usual supplier... read more

Homemade ketchup recipe from Peas of Mind

I just got this awesome recipe from Tami at Peas of Mind, a company that makes healthy frozen vegetable fries, among other things. When I was growing up, it was a big joke that ketchup was considered a vegetable by the Reagan administration. However, this ketchup recipe is indeed made up of vegetables, along with seasonings. My kids go through a ton of it, which makes me feel better about forgetting to stick something green on their plates now and then. Rustic Homemade Ketchup ½ a large onion, red or white, diced, about 1 cup 1 teaspoons... read more

another day in the life

. . . of the Mothering production team. Mel (Staff Photographer Melyssa Holik) and I spent a good chunk of yesterday on the back porch of Candace’s (Feature Editor/Product Review Editor Candace Walsh) very gracious former partner, shooting raw food recipes for our May–June issue. The food was “cooked” by Mel and Mothering’s new fulfillment manager, Sarah Patamia (who has jumped into her role here with both feet—and primo culinary skills), then styled by Mel on site—with occasional awkward and inopportune suggestions by me. By far the tastiest raw... read more

homemade soda, anyone?

To shoot our July-August Peggy’s Kitchen section, an article by Cynthia Lair on do-it-yourself soda, Staff Photographer Melyssa Holik and I spent the day at the El Rey Inn, a favorite “staycation” getaway spot of mine and Tim’s, right here in Santa Fe.The El Rey is pretty special: a Route 66-era inn tucked away just off the main drag behind white adobe walls and surprisingly lush—for the desert, I mean—gardens. Mothering Editor and Publisher Peggy O’Mara and I thought it would provide a casually elegant, summery background for the soda shoot. And it was really lovely. .... read more

Watch the SuperChef Kids Competition

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Updating Your Kitchen Appliances

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kitchari, kedgeree, happy belly

I love this stomach-soother and all-dosha pleaser…I just had a bowl for lunch from the local super-healthy Indian restaurant, Annapurna. Today, I got it just because, but my friend swears by it whenever she has acid reflux goin’ on.  A month ago, I had a bit of a sore tummy and got it on her recommendation. Then, I decided to make a big pot of it. I used this recipe: http://www.ayurveda.com/online%20resource/kitchari_recipe.htm and made it with lots of zucchini and potatoes and asparagus. My kids wanted nothing to do with it, but Laura and I ate... read more

mothering in theory, food in practice

My children are still on their vacation with their dad, so I have absolutely no parenting nuggets to share. I know that they will be home Thursday night, and I also have reason to believe that it will not be a Partridge family reunion–the kids always need to act out a bit after we’ve been apart, as a way to acknowledge their feelings of separation/missing me, and as long as I brace myself for that, I can minimize the fallout. If I expect it to be smooth and idyllic, well, that would only make it worse.  I think I will let them be hellions for a while and... read more

Yes, the turkey does fit in the roasting pan, honey.

  • by admin

I’ve redeemed myself, I think, by making pancakes for dinner. I am very popular right now. The kids got to festoon them with whipped cream and maple syrup. I also made them Arthur mac n cheese. I was crankymom before that, demanding that they keep their bedroom from turning into a disaster zone before the holiday. We actually made some progress with thinning out their dense toy stashes–they agreed to let me put many of them in a big sack in the garage. Not to donate them, mind you. But meanwhile, lately Goodwill doesn’t even want kids’ toys, nor did the other... read more

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