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Winners of Mayron's Goods, Wild Woozle & Glad Rags

  • by admin

Hello, Mamas! I’m here to announce the latest passel of winners of A la Mama giveaway goodness. 1. The Glad Rags winner is….Vanessa Betcher. 2. The Mayron’s Goods winner is…Brittany. 3. The Wild Woozle winner is…Joyce Taylor. Thank you so much for your participation! I’m very happy for you. Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed This entry was posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 12:07 pm and is filed under Giveaways!. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0... read more

Love local: an extra-special message for anyone trying to save the world

Hello, my name is Danielle and I’m a recovering Savior of the World. I used to think that my self-worth depended on my vegetarianism, my activism, futurism, my pro-this and anti-that. Had halo, would preach. Had ‘isms, would teach. I still wrestle with issues of spheres of influence (like one might wrestle a greased boa constrictor while wearing in a bikini – with great difficulty), but my circle of devotion has gotten decidedly more focused, or at least more proportioned. My a-ha on this came like a bolt of lighting, at a swanky event, in which I cried an... read more

Media Literacy: An Operational Definition

By Elizabeth ThomanIssue 127, November/December 2004Media literacy is an overall term that incorporates three stages of a continuum leading to the media empowerment of citizens of all ages.The first stage is simply becoming aware of the importance of balancing or managing one’s media “diet”; that is, making choices and managing the amount of time spent with television, videos, electronic games, films, and various forms of print media.The second stage is learning specific skills of crucial viewing: learning to analyze and question what is in the frame, how it is... read more

Glad Rags Giveaway at A la Mama

Glad Rags, the wonderful reusable menstrual cloth pad company, is giving the following assortment of fab treats to one lucky A la Mama reader: 1 Day Pad: 1 Night/Postpartum Pad: 1 Pantyliner: and 1 pair organic cotton nursing pads: Isn’t that excellent? Here’s how you enter to win: 1. Leave a comment below with your fabric choice preference. You can find out the options by clicking on any of the cloth menstrual pads and viewing the fabric choice pull-down menu. 2. For a second chance to win, click here to... read more

Conservation Continued: We Turned On The Heat This Afternoon

Athena came home after school today feeling sick. It’s been about 56 degrees in our house since I have stubbornly refused to turn on the heat. I’ve been wearing a wool hat and a winter coat in my office, drinking tea and working with the my laptop on my knees to help me get warm. But seeing my lanky 9-year-old lying miserably on the couch under two thick blankets this afternoon made me reconsider. It’s amazing how warm 60 degrees can feel. As the house was heating up I started to feel uncomfortably hot. Poor Athena threw up three times. Then she ate... read more

Review of Microsoft Hohm's Blueline PowerCost Monitor

This week on Mothering Outside the Lines we’re talking about the sexy topics of energy conservation and conscientious living. Yesterday I wrote about how conserving energy might actually promote happiness and last week I admitted being in love with No Impact Man. Today, as promised, we have a technical report on Microsoft Hohm’s Blueline PowerCost Monitor, which James installed a few days ago, for your reading pleasure. This monitor retails for $268.00 but we didn’t pay for ours. The manufacturer sent it to us for review. Here’s more than... read more

Complex Simplicity

Earlier this week Mothering blogger Jennifer Margulis wrote of the “No Impact Man” project, and asked us to share the steps big and small we have made in our own lives.   Having watched the No Impact documentary, I was particularly struck by the effect of their radical life changes on their relationships as a family.  His wife in particular just blossomed over the course of the year – and I was struck by the renewed focus on family & the quality of their time together. Yesterday I found myself with a double Chariot stroller full of crabapples and our final... read more

What if Reducing Your Carbon Emissions by Cloth Diapering, Baking Bread, and Riding Your Bicycle Could Actually Make You a Happier Person?

As the weather turns cold (it was 37 degrees in Ashland last night and 51 degrees in our house this morning) in southern Oregon, we’re talking about personal consumption and lifestyle choices on Mothering Outside the Lines this week. James spent the better part of an afternoon installing a Microsoft Hohm device to monitor our energy output. We now have a rectangular screen a little bigger than an iPod on the kitchen counter reporting how much electricity we’re using at any given moment. The kids check it obsessively. “Mom! Oh my God! It’s up to .04 cents an... read more

The Impact of No Impact Man

I’m in love with Colin Beavan. Even though I don’t know how to pronounce his name. “This guy, Colin Beaver, is amazing–” “It’s bev-an,” James interrupts. “Whatever. He’s amazing. He stopped generating trash. He made his own vinegar. He started baking bread, eating food within a 250-mile radius, and he even turned off his electricity. Plus he’s a really good writer. He’s funny and down-to-earth and inspiring. You have to read this book.” “Okay.” James is agreeable as long as my diction is correct. I took No Impact Man out of the... read more

The Problem with Palm Oil

Shampoo and my hair just don’t get along. This is a recent enmity. In my twenties and early thirties my hair looked good no matter what shampoo I used. I don’t think I should give you the details about how my hair has been coming out in clumps since the baby was born or about how greasy it looks no matter the shampoo, but suffice it to say that my once thick hair has become so uncooperative that it would probably be better if I just made it into dreds. I’ve tried the no ‘poo approach espoused by Beth Terry and also used by Frugal Kiwi with... read more

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