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talking about toxics; baby shower

Talking about Toxics; What to Say at a Baby Shower Most of the time, I’m an organizer that works for better regulations for toxic chemicals. I’m interested in making sure that none of the “stuff “ we use everyday, such as shampoo, lotions, dishwashing detergent, floor wax, toys, couches, rugs or flooring, contains chemicals that could harm our health and our communities. Many of these toxic chemicals can leach out of everyday products and enter our bodies through the air we breathe, the food we eat, or through contact with our skin. I know because my... read more

It's Easier Than You Think: 10 Reasons to Travel with Cloth Diapers

This week I’ve been traveling with the baby and the why-aren’t-I-10-years-old-yet-Mommy? big sister. We just rolled back into town last night (though the driving was a bit brutal, after all the discussion on this post, “The Delta Debacle,” I think I’m grateful we didn’t fly!). Athena skipped school to come with me and the baby. I’m in awe of bloggers/writers who manage to update Facebook and Twitter while they’re on the road. As you can tell from the l-o-n-g t-i-m-e between posts and the fact that some of the comments on the aforementioned Delta... read more

Media Literacy: Common Persuasion Techniques

By Rob WilliamsIssue 127, November/December 2004You and your children can become more critical media observers (and have fun!) by learning to spot these 11 persuasive techniques commonly used by our media culture's most powerful players.      1. Symbols Persuading through the use of idea-conveyances (such as an American flag on a lapel pin) that associate one thing (a politician) with another (support for his speeches or policies). Symbols are often phrases (“Just Do It”), images (the famous “Earth seen from space” photo), graphic brands (McDonald’s golden arches), or... read more

Leaf Song

By By K. Parrack Web Exclusive At the end of the day before the sun goes down, we go and listen to the leaves. Just Luka and me. The wind pushes against us, ruffling our hair. Wind chimes swing wildly. We walk faster past garages, windows and doorways. Leaves rattle sideways tripping over our toes. A robin clings to the top of a swaying branch. We stop under a tree. This is the perfect spot. I whisper to Luka, "If you are patient and very, very still, so still you are hardly breathing, you can hear the leaves sing." We wait and we listen, trying hard not... read more

Teatulia Giveaway: Delicious, Fair Trade Teas!

Good morning, mamas. Teatulia is offering two wonderful prize packs to you tea drinkers out there–and I happen to be one, so high five. (I also like to drink coffee–I love hot beverages, especially in the fall). One prize pack has teas with caffeine; the other is made up of herbal infusions. I’ve been drinking Teatulia for a year now; I love their tea’s clean, delicious flavors. I also love their packaging: wonderful, green, reusable eco canisters. 1. For the caffeinated mamas: a 3-canister pack of Teatulia’s “Classics”: Black tea, Bengal... read more

Asking for Help

by Sarah Juliusson of www.MamaRenew.ca – Find Mama Renew on Facebook & Twitter How often do you wish for just one more pair of willing hands in your household – as so perfectly demonstrated by Jessica in her Mothering blog post this week?  Someone else to help with dishes, garden, a good kitchen sweep, and occasional childcare.  You know – someone to drain the pasta while you hold a crying child. There was a time in our life when we had a maid.  Two maids, actually – they came together every other week and scrubbed my home spotless.  It was amazing. ... read more

Natural Selections

Natural Selections: Don’t Believe Every Bottle You Read By Olivia CampbellWeb exclusive Rushing through the aisles, trying to outrun your baby’s inevitable grocery store meltdown and avert the toddler candy tantrum, you remember you’re out of baby soap. Being the informed and concerned parent you are, you grab a large bottle of “Natural-organic-soothing-hypoallergenic-unscented-tear-free-you’d have to be a terrible parent NOT to buy this” soap.That evening, as your little ones splash in the sweet-smelling bubbles, you catch a glimpse of the ingredient list on that new... read more

Aladdin: Do the Reuse! Giveaway

One of my best memories from childhood: picking out my Aladdin lunchbox each year of elementary school. I especially loved my metal Popeye lunchbox…although I’m pretty sure it’s now moldering in some landfill, because my mom was not the type to keep things hanging around, and it was the ’70s…the decade when there was actually a commercial that urged people to throw their empties into the nearest pond. I’ve grown up, but Aladdin has along with me…they have a great line of recycled and recyclable reusable food storage containers. And they’ve launched the... read more


Alas, a gardener I’m not, proving with my latest attempts this summer that I can’t even grow weeds. (In a well-meaning attempt to support me in nurturing my inner gardener, Mothering editor-in-chief Peggy O’Mara donated some sunflower and morning glory seeds to my cause earlier this year. I planted them in late May and just last week began to notice a little blooming action.) Successful or not, I still like to take photos of the products of my efforts—and sometimes can shoot them in such a way (see photo at right) that you can’t tell that when the... read more

Concerned About Materialism

I have the strong urge to raise my children (a three-year old and a newborn) without over-indulgence when it comes to materialistic "stuff"—since I believe that it creates happier and more emotionally robust children in the long term. Instead we go to playgrounds, parks, playgroups etc. as much as we can. My son does have what I consider many toys, but I want to prevent the amount from becoming excessive. Unfortunately, I have problems explaining my views to my husband and making it clear that I don't want to keep the children from having fun, but that I also don't want... read more

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