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Eco Lunch Giveaway: Abeego Wraps

During the course of the back to school giveaways, I’ve been so inspired by your voices as you make the pledge to make zero-waste, earth-friendly lunches for your kids. Here’s another great tool: beautiful Abeego wraps, made of hemp/cotton fabric infused with a blend of beeswax and plant extracts. And aren’t they so pretty? FIVE winners will win TWO Abeego wraps each. I’ll pick winners on this Friday, August 27th. Here’s how you enter to win: 1) Leave a comment below (feel free to share lunch ideas) 2) For a second chance to win,... read more

Bird's Eye View Baby Carrier

I once saw a picture of a japanese mom wearing her baby. He was able to see well over her shoulder. Are there any carriers you know of that do this. I have an Ergo but baby only can see from the side. I would love it if I can get his near my face.The traditional style of Japanese baby carrier is known as an onbuhimo. It's a body of fabric with a set of top straps and rings on the bottom that the top straps go through. I don't know whether the picture you saw was of a mom using a traditional baby carrier or a more modern one. Apparently there has been a real... read more

Green School Supplies Giveaway: Dixon Prize Pack with Ecozoo Backpack

Dixon Ticonderoga designed a truly epic green school supplies giveaway for one lucky A la Mama reader. The lucky winner will receive a cornucopia of school supplies in a fab organic cotton backpack. Here’s what’s included: 1. Lyra Groove Colored Pencils 2. RENEW Recycled Tire Pencils 3. Prang Art Markers 4. Dixon Soy Crayons 5. Dixon EnviroStiks Pencils 6. Prang Oval Pan Watercolor Set 7. Prang Metallic Markers 8. Dixon Ticonderoga #2 pencils and, last but not least, the Ecozoo Panda... read more

Lunch Box Giveaway: Laptop Lunch, Fleurville & Go Green

This is my kids’ last week of day camp, which leads me to really grok that school is indeed right around the corner. In the spirit of back-to-school prep, I’ve rustled up some truly snazzy reusable lunch box-n-bag options as part of today’s A la Mama blog giveaway. 1. Laptop Lunch 2.0 “Alien” Bento Box set: 2. Fleurville Cocoa Stripe Lunch Buddy: 3. And the “Orbit” Go Green Lunch Box: To enter, please leave a comment below, with your preference (you can list all three in order of preference, too). Good... read more


My single motherhood came to me as the biggest, most shocking, life-altering, amazing, unfathomable surprise I have ever been dealt. I am a single mother, but not in the way that some women are– I wasn’t married with a career, then divorced & now sharing custody, nor did I choose the way that some women do to be single mothers by using donors, nor have I suffered the pain of losing a truly committed partner that forces some women into single motherhood.  I am a single mother in the sense that I was working an $8-an-hour job at a library, spending time with a... read more

12 Ways to Avoid Toxins in Packaging

By Annie Berthold-Bond Dioxin in paper and chemicals in plastics can migrate into food. For example, everyone knows the taste of water from a plastic bottle that has been left in the sun. One should go to extremes to eliminate these circumstances and others that can cause such migrations of chemicals because some plastics can disrupt hormones. The following guidelines should help give you ideas for how to avoid food contamination from packaging. 1. Plastic tends to migrate into fatty foods, especially hot fatty foods. Don't leave cheese wrapped in its plastic... read more

Is It Ever Possible to Suggest People Change?

Peter was buying tomatoes on the vine at the Ashland Food Co-op. He stuffed them in a plastic bag and deftly twisted it shut. “You know, you don’t really need a bag for those,” I suggested with a smile. “Oh Yes I Do.” Peter was categorical. A friend of my husband’s and foodie from the north of England, Peter seemed like the kind of Gen Y guy who would be open to critiquing American culture, which is the only reason I was brave enough to say something. It drives me crazy how Americans, even the hippie progressive types who shop at the Co-op, shove... read more

Question About Mei Tai Baby Carriers

Hi Jane, I recently read the Mothering magazine issue: Wear your baby and wondered if you could tell me what kind of mei tai carrier is featured on page 57. I have been searching for one like this with a hood to cover my infant's head. Thanks.Unfortunately that particular brand of mei tai is no longer made! The ones featured in that picture are by Nurslings Hemp Tai, also known as NHT. A shorter-bodied version was called the Baby Hemp Tai or BHT. There are makers of universal hoods for mei tais that attach to the shoulder straps, so you can convert your favorite... read more

Wearing Baby Number Two

I was fortunate enough to have helping hands around for my first, my family allowed me to basically have my child held by myself or them for most of the time. needless to say, we're very close. now that my second is due in august, im wondering how my 20 month old is going to accept mommy wearing a baby all the time. what can i do to help her adjust (i didnt use one with her) and what problems if any should i be prepared for? I can't help but imagine her hiding the sling out of jealousy.. lol thx!Congratulations on the impending arrival of #2! In my experience,... read more

Hands Across the Sand in North Wildwood, New Jersey

by Jake Aryeh Marcus Find Sustainable Mothering on Facebook and Jake on Twitter. Hands Across the Sand is a movement with a simple message: NO to offshore oil drilling, YES to clean energy. In the literal wake of the Deepwater Horizon disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, there seems no better time to join hands at the waters’ edge in solidarity with others who wish to protect the world’s oceans. I am spending a few weeks with my family at the New Jersey shore. Knowing a Hands Across the Sand event was planned for yesterday, my eldest son and protest buddy... read more

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