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The Politics of Diapers

By the Mothering Staff Issue 116, January - February 2003 1961 Proctor and Gamble (P&G) introduces Pampers. 1971 Pennsylvania Boy Scouts conducting a highway cleanup campaign report that the largest single source of litter is the disposable diaper. Disposable diapers contribute 171,000 dry weight tons of waste to be processed by US sewage systems. (M. A. Shapiro, Preliminary Study of the Environmental Impacts from Processing and Disposal of Diapers) 1975, February In comparing the effectiveness of several brands of disposable diapers, Consumer Reports notes that... read more

How to Sew a Cloth Diaper - Video

How to Sew Your Own Cloth DiaperHere's a quick tutorial on how to sew a cloth diaper. Make the healthiest, most environmentally friendly choice for your baby--and make your own diaper.    read more

Diaper Choices

Back in the early 1990s, when environmental awareness was at a peak, many states were considering taxing the sale of disposable diapers, or perhaps banning them altogether. The use of disposable diapers is now so prevalent that many parts of the country no longer have diaper services. What happened during this time that caused such a remarkable shift in thinking?In 1990, Proctor & Gamble, the nation’s largest manufacturer of disposable diapers, commissioned a study on the environmental impact of disposable diapers. The results of this study were used to create an... read more

Tell Hershey's to Go Fair Trade and Organic

For years, the Organic Consumers Association (OCA) has been taking action, along with the International Labor Rights Fund to stop abusive child labor in the cocoa industry in West Africa. As a result of the constant pressure, major chocolate companies such as Mars and Cadbury have recently agreed to stronger labor and environmental standards in the production of the cocoa they use. But one iconic US brand is lagging behind—and they need to hear from you! Please join the OCA and thousands of people across the country in calling Hershey to urge them to switch to fair... read more

Don't Give up the Fight

By Rob Wilson of Challenge and FunAt the beginning of April, I traveled to Washington, DC to speak at the Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA) rally. It was very well attended, and attendees were able to meet with legislative aides of Congressmen and Senators from across the country. If you missed the event, you can watch footage online, as a complete video from start to finish, or as clips of specific speakers. Sadly, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) did not pass the petition by the National Association of Manufacturers to stay the... read more

Peggy O'Mara Visits Lunapads

Peggy O'Mara discusses menstruation education for young girls, self-esteem and new socially conscious business models.http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XQKjWXK9Ijs    read more

The Diaper Debate 10 Years Later

In the decade or so since the Lehrburger and Little studies (see "Which Is Better for the Environment?"), the debate on the diaper issue seems to have all but died out. "The only thing new in the debate is that it's not a profound debate at this point," says Janet Primomo, RN, PhD, a member of the King County Nurses Association in Seattle, which initiated a series of projects in 1987 to educate parents and policy makers about choices in diapering.Today, less than one out of ten American and Canadian households uses cloth diapers, estimates Erika Froese of Mother-Ease... read more

Cloth Diapering: Getting Started

We have a one and a half year old and a baby due in a few months. We would love to use cloth diapers for both—we hate the idea of plastic and chemicals next to their skin for so many hours a day. However, we have no experience with cloth diapers and have no idea where to start. What do we need? What is the best "system" (all-in-ones, prefolds and covers, etc.)? Also, how do you handle dirty diapers? Can they go right into the wash, do they need to soak somewhere? We are a little intimidated.First of all, congratulations on your new little one and your choice to cloth... read more

Priming Diapers

Hi Eden, I was wondering if there was a way to prime cloth diapers without using hot water and washing a zillion times. I do not have hot water running to my washing machine at the moment and I thought it would be ideal to find a way to not waste a bunch of water getting this job done. I heard boiling with vinegar might be effective? What would you recommend?It is certainly worth a try but I have never done it myself!  You could also run them through the dishwasher a few times.  I have heard of that working as a way to stip diapers in need so I imagine it would work... read more


We're about to celebrate our babies' (twins) first birthday. However, my wife and I are not interested in cake, ice cream, party, presents, etc. How do we co-exist with the masses, particularly our family, who expect this type of celebration? This goes for ALL holidays; the true meaning of many holy-days has been lost. Any advice on how to create more meaningful celebrations and include family and friends on our terms?Happy Birthday to your twins! It is hard for a family to chart its own path in our consumption-driven culture, but it is not impossible. In some ways, it's... read more

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