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Inspiration and fresh ideas for how to live as a sustainable family.

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Minimalist Living: Before You De-Clutter--Reducing Consumption

Thank you to Rachel Jonat from Minimalist Mom for this guest post. This is part two of three posts on minimalist living. Read post one. Stay tuned for the third post from Rachel and check out her site for even more great information. If you’re thinking about paring down your possessions, or radically de-cluttering your home, I cannot over-emphasize the value in assessing your consumption patterns. Before I sold my wedding dress, and before I donated 80% of my wardrobe, I started a bigger journey to reduce what we brought into our home. In February... read more

Minimalist Living: Getting Minimal-ish from the Minimalist Mom

Thank you to Rachel Jonat from Minimalist Mom for this guest post. This is part one of three posts on minimalist living. Read post two. Stay tuned for more posts from Rachel and check out her site for even more great information. When my son was 10 months old, when the shock of motherhood had worn off, I looked around my home and knew something had to change. Like a lot of unsuspecting parents, I had assumed that being off work with a new baby would be a time for both baby bonding and home organizing. I could never have imagined the joy of staring at a... read more

Living on the Edge

From the devastation in Japan, to the threat of wind-carried radiation, to the predictions of our coast being next in line for a massive earthquake (including one prediction within the next week), I am feeling more than a bit on edge.  Living on an island is an interesting feeling – it makes me feel like we are somehow separate from the vulnerabilities of the mainland, our safe haven from the world at large.  This week has changed that. Now I am supposed to be dosing our family with iodine, eating a whole lotta seaweed, stocking up on extra food and water,... read more

How to Start a Worm Bin: Guest Post by Attainable Sustainable (aka Kris Bordessa)

You might know Kris Bordessa from her fabulous books for kids: Team Challenges, which is a book of cooperative trust-building games, Tools of the Ancient Greeks, and Great Colonial American Projects You Can Build Yourself, to name a few. Or you might recognize her as a travel resource for all things affordable in Hawaii. Kris (whom I’ve known for years in cyberspace but never met in person) has started a new project. Her new blog, Attainable Sustainable: Reviving the Lost Art of Self-Sufficiency, helps readers take the small steps towards doing more projects... read more

Talking to children about natural disasters

- A few days ago I woke up to an email from my husband, who is in Japan on business. There was a massive earthquake today, but I’m OK. I hit my head and we were under tables for ten minutes but we’re OK. As I started looking at news sites, the extent of what happened wasn’t clear at first – it was hard to tell, from initial online footage, how much worse it was than some of the earthquakes we have experienced while living there – but then the stories began pouring in. - Stories from Japan range from the poignantly humorous, such as the woman... read more

Please Pass the Iodine: ways to protect ourselves and our children from the nuclear fall-out coming from Japan

No one is sure what the death toll in Japan will be from the massive earthquake that struck on Friday, creating a tsunami that then slammed into Japan’s north coast, but it has been estimated that more than 10,000 people may have died, just in the Miyagi Province. Then there’s the problem of Japan’s nuclear power plants. There have already been two hydrogen explosions at one plant and there are fears that a second plant may be facing a nuclear meltdown. When these nuclear power plants malfunction they can dump radiation into the atmosphere. It’s for... read more

15 Ways to Save a Lake (or part of one anyway)

1. Take a five minute shower. Set a timer and get out when it rings. You can click here to watch yours truly (yep, that’s me in a towel) talking on French TV about the importance of water conservation. 2. Skip the shower. Then you can go on European TV in a towel too. Americans bathe too often and for too long. It’s better for your skin and the planet if you don’t take a shower every day. More in this New York Times article “The Great Unwashed.” 3. Don’t bathe your kids. Children don’t need baths every day. Sponge off the places that are dirty and have... read more

Yes, Please, Oregon: Let's Ban Plastic Bags

  Cartoon courtesy of Andy Singer The Oregon legislature is considering a ban on plastic grocery bags. If the bill passes, single use throw-away bags will be outlawed at all retail establishments. A similar bill failed last year, partly because the grocery industry was not on board. This time, though, it looks like even the grocery stores are behind the ban. What’s changed? For one thing, several communities have managed to effectively ban plastic bags. Last November L.A. County banned plastic bags, joining Malibu and San Francisco as... read more

Frugality And Finances Resources

  This list is a work in progress! I hope this will be a great resource for new and old members alike.  ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick  Renewable energy incentives in your state 2009 Federal energy tax credits Low income weatherization programs Debt-Proof Living  Get Rich Slowly Consumerist Money Saving Mom MyFICO.com Resources Home Expense and Utility Assistance Weatherization Assistance – Helps families make their homes more energy efficient to reduce energy bills. LIHEAP – Low income energy assistance program WARM... read more

Diggin' In The Earth Resources

  This resource list is intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC threads, Mothering articles and member-recommended website links of general interest to the Diggin' in the Earth forum participants.    MDC Threads  Compost 101 Seed Swap 2009-2010 Seed Starting Preserving 101: VEGGIES Preserving 101: FRUITS Seed Companies w/o Monsanto ties Monsanto-linked seed companies   Mothering Articles The Good Earth: A Farmer's View Rediscovering the Earth The Rabbit Restaurant and Other Gardening Secrets from My Daughter Homegrown... read more

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