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War Chests to Toy Chests

From War Chests to Toy Chests By Daphne White Issue 127, November - December 2004 For the past eight years, I have been a professional buyer of children’s gifts: toys, video games, puzzles, puppets, and more. This is not a job I applied for. It is something I created as the founder and executive director of the Lion & Lamb Project, an organization founded in 1995 to stop the marketing of violent entertainment to children. Soon after founding Lion & Lamb, I realized that if parents were to steer their children away from action figures, toy guns, laser tag, violent... read more

Whole Again: Our Family after Television

By Sandy Driver Web Exclusive There was a time when my three children were television nuts. At any point during the day, you could walk through my house and hear everything from Power Rangers and Rugrats coming from my daughter's room to heavy metal music and the World Wrestling Federation from the room my sons shared. A day without All My Children and a week without Monday Night Football were rare, because my husband, Tim, and I were both addicted as well. My sons, Josh and Jake, have grown up roughhousing with each other, occasionally including their little sister,... read more

No More Junk Toys: Rethinking Children's Gifts

By Judith L. Rubin Issue 121, November - December 2003 One night, not long after Christmas, my pacifist friends Jay Levy and Su Zuniga quietly crept down to the basement with a hammer while their three-year-old daughter, Samantha, slept. There, they methodically banged on the belly of her new mechanical dog until it stopped yapping. Another friend's daughter received a Victorian makeup table for her fourth birthday. "It's plastic, it's ugly, and it's huge. It's totally inappropriate for a four year old. Not to mention that my daughter is a tomboy." When asked about... read more

Holiday Gift Tags

Liven up your holiday packages with these free gift tags from Mothering, created by our very own Melyssa Holik. Just download, print, and cut out. (For extra-eco-friendly tags, please print out on the back side of your already-used letter-sized paper.)  It's our way of wishing you and your family a warm and wonderful holiday season!   Behind on your holiday shopping? It's not too late to give the gift of Mothering digital reprints and toolkits. read more

The Wonders of Reading

By Katherine Horvath Web Exclusive About a month ago, I did something which shocked my husband and dismayed my children: I unplugged the television and told them that I didn't want it on anymore. I was tired of the non-stop stream of commercial advertisements seeping into my family's heads, tired of hearing my four-year old son pad down the steps in the morning only to proclaim, "I want to watch something, put a program on for me". But most of all, I wanted to begin teaching my son to read and write, and I had read that the best way to do so was by ... read more

Nothin' Like Homemade

Related Articles:Sidebar: Making the Big Day Special By Betsy R. Rosenthal Issue 101, July/August 2001 My soon-to-be three year old's birthday was rapidly approaching. We avoided making a public show of Joel's first and second anniversaries. We got off easy. He didn't ask; we didn't suggest. Frankly, I needed a break after hosting parties year after year for my two older children. But this year my little guy specifically requested a party--a big party. A Spiderman party. Since we don't go in for hired outside entertainment (I'm not sure whether it's a sign of the... read more

A Crown of Flowers

Related Articles:Sidebar: How to Make A Birthday Garland By Kelly Bertram Issue 110, January/February 2002 Every year I make a flower garland for my son to wear at his birthday celebration. We began this tradition when Sairse turned one, and the garlands have been a joyous and magical aspect of his birthdays that he looks forward to each year. On Sairse's first birthday we were living in Olympia, Washington, where I attended Evergreen State College. The school has an organic gardening program, and the students sell their vegetables, berries, and flowers on campus all... read more

Etsy Handmade Portrait: Amber Dusick

    Etsy "Handmade Portraits" brings us toymaker Amber Dusick. Amber creates the kind of toys she wanted for her son: simple, natural, and inspiring. Watch her Etsy profile at YouTube. Amber's work was featured in Mothering's natural toy webinar. If you didn't catch it the first time around, be sure to watch her wooden toy making tutorial.   read more

Natural Selections

Natural Selections: Don’t Believe Every Bottle You Read By Olivia CampbellWeb exclusive Rushing through the aisles, trying to outrun your baby’s inevitable grocery store meltdown and avert the toddler candy tantrum, you remember you’re out of baby soap. Being the informed and concerned parent you are, you grab a large bottle of “Natural-organic-soothing-hypoallergenic-unscented-tear-free-you’d have to be a terrible parent NOT to buy this” soap.That evening, as your little ones splash in the sweet-smelling bubbles, you catch a glimpse of the ingredient list on that new... read more

Stealing Childhood

By Rachael Ashak Porter Issue 133, November - December 2005 Have you noticed the term tween in print recently? Perhaps you've heard this age category tossed about on your local morning news program, or seen it emblazoned on a glitter-enhanced banner in the Juniors section of a department store. If not, hang in there's no doubt you'll see it soon. You may even notice a tag that's been created for very young children: pre-tween. What are we getting ourselves into? The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines tween as a child between middle childhood... read more

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