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Inspiration and fresh ideas for how to live as a sustainable family.

245 green living article submissions by the Mothering community.

Good Housecleaning

By Annie Berthold-Bond My friend Rachel is pregnant with her second child. Like many pregnant women, she is distilling all of society's free-floating anxiety about exposure to toxic chemicals into nine months of serious worrying. Rachel asked me to teach her how to do nontoxic cleaning, and she was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy and effective it can be. There are five basics that I use for nontoxic cleaning: baking soda, vinegar, a good soap or detergent, washing soda, and tea tree oil. I believe you can clean everything in the house with these items. Rachel... read more

Frugal Living Benefits Kids

Five Ways Frugal Living Benefits Kids by Laura Grace Weldon Sophie is a single mother raising a five-year-old boy. She’s working to establish her own house cleaning business after losing her job nearly two years ago. Sophie and her son live in a small trailer home. Marissa and Jack run a thriving dental practice while raising five-year-old twin daughters. They live in a suburban home on several acres. The five-year-olds from these families are at opposite ends of the economic spectrum. But their parents are raising them in remarkably similar ways.... read more

Resolutions to protect the planet for our kids: Waste less. Act more. Be prepared.

We made it through the twelve days of overconsumption!  We received no gifts for ourselves and only two gifts for our two year old our son--  both beautiful books that he will keep and cherish for a long time.  I feel like a Scrooge, but I am always relieved to get through the holiday without a pile of packaging to recycle and another pile of stuff that I know will end up in a landfill within the year.     We didn’t do as well in other areas as we did on reducing our consumption, though, so that means we have lots of room for resolutions and improvements.  I’m... read more

Join the Mothering Mavens!

        Become a Mothering Maven Today!   The Mothering Mavens Program is designed to connect brands with our most passionate members in order to help create better natural and sustainable products for our families.    Being a Mothering Maven is a great way to: Get new products to try out Have your voice heard and have a positive impact on the way natural products are created and marketed Get special offers that are exclusive to the Mothering Mavens Meet other natural moms who are as passionate as you are!   As a Mothering... read more

Ten Frugal Gift Ideas

Need some simple and frugal gift ideas? Check out these great suggestions from members of the Mothering community.    Now through Dec 19th, share your own homemade gift ideas in our 2012 Homemade Gifts Contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Nature's Fabrics!!   Also check out the article It's a Gift for more great, frugal suggestions.      Frugal Wrap by cyrusmama "We went to our local newspaper office and asked if they had any of their roll ends left. They usually charge the general public for them, but not educators. We are homeschoolers so... read more

It's a Gift!

By Laura Schmitt As I look over the marvelous pile of handmade gifts that lay in front of me, I think to myself "Look out Martha, there is a new crafter in town and she doesn’t even own a glue gun!" I am giddy with excitement over my crafty-ness and I’m further thrilled that I can say our family crafting has not only saved us money, but helped us to cut back on consumerism, recycle, and even better still, it has helped me to re-create meaningful family traditions in my life, as well as create a meaningful set of values to pass on to my children. In this text you... read more

My First GladRags: One Woman's Happy Transition to Cloth

I was raised in an Attachment Parenting household, but I had never really been involved in the all-natural lifestyle until I went to college in Northern California.  There, my eyes were opened to an interest in composting, natural soaps and detergent and the Dirty Dozen.  But I have to admit: the idea of cloth pads, which I learned about only once I started working with Mothering, still kind of made me say “ew.”  I was one of those women (you know who you are!) who thought to herself, “That’s a cool idea – but it’s definitely not for me!”     After chatting with... read more

Learn How to Avoid the Deception of Greenwashed Products

      Contains organic ingredients Made with nontoxic ingredients 100% Natural Plant Based Natural Botanical Ingredients Made with plant extracts Contains organic essential oils Earth-friendly Environmentally safe   Do these claims look familiar?  You now see them all over a wide variety of packages, from salad dressings to moisturizers.  They’re meant to lead us consumers to believe that we are buying a better and safer product than other options, and they work really well at doing just that!  Unfortunately, very few of products with such... read more

Sponsor the Mothering Mavens

      Sponsor the Mothering Mavens Today!   Reach the influencers in the world’s largest organic and natural family community!   The Mothering Mavens is a growing community of organic and natural moms that come together on Mothering.com to discuss natural living and products like yours.  Through the Mothering Mavens, you will have access to some of the most influential natural moms who will not only try your product and give their opinion but will also spread your message to the 3M moms who visit Mothering.com every month and beyond to their social... read more

Celebrating the Seasons of Gardening

  What a gift these last few weeks have been. Daily temps in the 70′s accompanied by bluebird, sunny skies. We’ve been happily shrugging off long sleeves and socks in favor of sun hats and sandals. There is nothing like the warm, nurturing feel of sun on bare skin; skin that’s been covered for way too many months. For the first time this year it’s been keep-the-windows-open-while-we-sleep warm, which is worthy of celebration. No doubt we will have more snow still. Spring in Colorado can bring our biggest snowfalls. But just as the old saying... read more

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