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Inspiration and fresh ideas for how to live as a sustainable family.

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The Best Non-Toxic Beeswax and Soy Crayons

This special section was created by natural product expert Amy Serotkin of The Mindful Home as part of Mothering's Ultimate Green Guide to Back to School Supplies. Check it out for many more eco-friendly, made in the USA picks for back to school.   The second most popular question posted on my natural toys buy/sell/trade group is regarding non-toxic crayons (the first is about play kitchens, and you can find my post on those here).  Time and time again, the moms there respond with the same #1 crayon recommendation.  Most commercial crayons are made with paraffin, a... read more

Simple and Effective Single Oils for Facial Care

I’ve written a lot about all of the reasons why you should switch to authentically organic skin care products.  While there are certainly some wonderful lines for you to choose from, sometimes the best option is to give it a go at home with ingredients you may already have in your pantry.  It will give you a taste of natural skin care, and from there you can decide if you want to explore further by using some of the other lovely products available.   For a simple, but powerful day and nighttime facial moisturizer, choose from any of the oils listed below.  Most of... read more

Ten Frugal Gift Ideas

Need some simple and frugal gift ideas? Check out these great suggestions from members of the Mothering community.    Now through Dec 19th, share your own homemade gift ideas in our 2012 Homemade Gifts Contest for a chance to win a $100 gift card from Nature's Fabrics!!   Also check out the article It's a Gift for more great, frugal suggestions.      Frugal Wrap by cyrusmama "We went to our local newspaper office and asked if they had any of their roll ends left. They usually charge the general public for them, but not educators. We are homeschoolers so... read more

Pamper Yourself with an Eco-Manicure

    I’m definitely a frugal person, and with 3 kiddos I simply haven’t been able to justify the price tag associated with regular manicures and pedicures.  In fact, I think my 6 year old daughter has had more of them than I have thanks to her Nana!  So what is this do-it-yourselfer herbal loving Mama to do?  Well, I do my own of course, and I now find that my daughter can’t seem to get enough of these at-home spa treatments!  Saves me money, while allowing her and I to bond and create special memories!    The recipes that follow are all super easy and... read more

5 Summer Skin Must-Haves for the Conscious Family

              Summer is synonymous with the great outdoors. Between playing in the sun at our community lake, weeks of swim lessons and evening walks and veggie BBQs, we will have logged MANY outdoor hours by the time summer comes to an end.  Effective, all-natural sun protection, after-sun skin care and insect repellent are staples of summertime fun and thankfully, there are an increasing number of options available.   I have compiled a list of my family’s top 5 favorite summer skincare products. Please add yours in the comments!   1.  Seventh Generation... read more

Join the Mothering Mavens!

        Become a Mothering Maven Today!   The Mothering Mavens Program is designed to connect brands with our most passionate members in order to help create better natural and sustainable products for our families.    Being a Mothering Maven is a great way to: Get new products to try out Have your voice heard and have a positive impact on the way natural products are created and marketed Get special offers that are exclusive to the Mothering Mavens Meet other natural moms who are as passionate as you are!   As a Mothering... read more

Good Housecleaning

By Annie Berthold-Bond My friend Rachel is pregnant with her second child. Like many pregnant women, she is distilling all of society's free-floating anxiety about exposure to toxic chemicals into nine months of serious worrying. Rachel asked me to teach her how to do nontoxic cleaning, and she was pleasantly surprised to find out how easy and effective it can be. There are five basics that I use for nontoxic cleaning: baking soda, vinegar, a good soap or detergent, washing soda, and tea tree oil. I believe you can clean everything in the house with these items. Rachel... read more

Frugality And Finances Resources

  This list is a work in progress! I hope this will be a great resource for new and old members alike.  ENERGY STAR Home Energy Yardstick  Renewable energy incentives in your state 2009 Federal energy tax credits Low income weatherization programs Debt-Proof Living  Get Rich Slowly Consumerist Money Saving Mom MyFICO.com Resources Home Expense and Utility Assistance Weatherization Assistance – Helps families make their homes more energy efficient to reduce energy bills. LIHEAP – Low income energy assistance program WARM... read more

Mothering, Mindfulness and a Baby's Bottom

by Sarah J Buckley MD Web Exclusive Excerpted from Gentle Birth, Gentle Mothering: The wisdom and science of gentle choices in pregnancy, birth, and parenting by Sarah J Buckley MD www.sarahjbuckley.com Is it really possible to raise a baby without diapers? Can our babies actually communicate their elimination needs? Well, how do you know when your baby needs to breastfeed? Perhaps you recognise a certain gesture or cry. Perhaps your baby is restless, fist or finger sucking, or has a newborn's blind rooting behaviour. Maybe you also consider when your baby last fed,... read more

Purify The Air In Your Home With Houseplants

  With fall and winter fast upon us, our time spent outdoors is going to diminish from what it’s been during these nice last days of summer.   Our windows will close up, and the heater and fireplace will turn on.  Now while I absolutely adore sitting by a roaring fire, cozied up on the couch with my little loves, I also realize that the health impact from those seemingly benign luxuries are not what I’d like them to be.   When I think of air pollution, I often think of the Southern California sky where I grew up.  On the vast majority of days throughout... read more

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