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Inspiration and fresh ideas for how to live as a sustainable family.

245 green living article submissions by the Mothering community.

The Best Gifts Ever

"The best gift I ever gave a child was a gaudy cast-iron chicken that I pulled from the metal-recycling bin. I thought it was a joke that would leave the four-year-old boy out of the loop and endear me further to his mom. Well, both of them really like it, and it props their country door open. Basically, I had to find a birthday present 'cause my wife told me so. I always complain that we should just bag it and let the material culture of birthdays suffer down. Her response: 'Well, you get him something.' So I scored at the dump and felt win-win-win all the... read more

Natural Selections

Natural Selections: Don’t Believe Every Bottle You Read By Olivia CampbellWeb exclusive Rushing through the aisles, trying to outrun your baby’s inevitable grocery store meltdown and avert the toddler candy tantrum, you remember you’re out of baby soap. Being the informed and concerned parent you are, you grab a large bottle of “Natural-organic-soothing-hypoallergenic-unscented-tear-free-you’d have to be a terrible parent NOT to buy this” soap.That evening, as your little ones splash in the sweet-smelling bubbles, you catch a glimpse of the ingredient list on that new... read more

Chicken Lessons

By Susan Biggar A Web Exclusive The best thing about our suburban house is the back garden. I readily admit it’s not a pleasant sight for anyone with a green thumb, because it’s not that kind of garden. The grass is worn thin in key places, like threadbare knees on favorite jeans. In fact, there’s not a trace of green at the two ends, which double as soccer goals in winter and cricket batting boxes in summer. The plants that survive living on an all-terrain sports field get almost no pruning or tender loving care. And the rain dries up for months on end, sometimes at... read more

War Chests to Toy Chests

From War Chests to Toy Chests By Daphne White Issue 127, November - December 2004 For the past eight years, I have been a professional buyer of children’s gifts: toys, video games, puzzles, puppets, and more. This is not a job I applied for. It is something I created as the founder and executive director of the Lion & Lamb Project, an organization founded in 1995 to stop the marketing of violent entertainment to children. Soon after founding Lion & Lamb, I realized that if parents were to steer their children away from action figures, toy guns, laser tag, violent... read more

Mattel Exempted from Independent Toy Testing by the CPSC

Sept 10, 2009Confusing both consumers and toy makers alike, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) recently exempted toy giant Mattel from mandatory testing of its children’s products. The Consumer Product Safety Improvement Act (CPSIA), passed in August 2008, was motivated by increasing public outrage over high levels of contaminates found in some children’s toys and other products, mostly those made in China. Designed to protect consumers from toxins such as lead and phthalates in toys, the law requires third-party testing and certification of all toys and other... read more

Eco-friendly Valentine's Day

Lynn Colwell from Celebrate Green demonstrates how to make fun and eco-friendly Valentine's Day cards and banners. Mother-daughter team, Lynn Colwell and Corey Colwell-Lipson, are green lifestyle experts and the co-authors of the book, Celebrate Green! Creating Eco-Savvy Holidays, Celebrations and Traditions for the Whole Family. For great green tips, crafts, recipes and more, visit them at www.CelebrateGreen.net   read more

Leaving our babies a living planet

It was almost eight hours after my son was born that I first had the presence of mind to ask my husband if I could see the certificate that the birth center had made us to celebrate the birth of our son.  The ‘name’ slot was blank still at that point (my husband later filled it in), and the only identification was a beautiful tiny footprint.  It still makes me smile to think of that tiny footprint.    As I looked at my son’s footprint for the first time, the last thing that was going through my mind was our ecological footprint – which is a measure of... read more

Whole Again: Our Family after Television

By Sandy Driver Web Exclusive There was a time when my three children were television nuts. At any point during the day, you could walk through my house and hear everything from Power Rangers and Rugrats coming from my daughter's room to heavy metal music and the World Wrestling Federation from the room my sons shared. A day without All My Children and a week without Monday Night Football were rare, because my husband, Tim, and I were both addicted as well. My sons, Josh and Jake, have grown up roughhousing with each other, occasionally including their little sister,... read more

Crazy For Cloth: A Resource List

This resource list is a continuation of the article "Crazy for Cloth" appearing in the Jan/Feb 2003 issue of Mothering, page 36. All Cozy Baby (979)482-3744 www.allcozybaby.com Babies Under Wraps (888) 599-BABY www.babiesunderwraps.com Baby Bunz 800-676-4559 www.babybunz.com Baby Mine Store 877-314-KIDS (5437) www.babyminestore.com Baby N More 877-342-7379 www.babynmore.com Babyworks 800-422-2910 www.babyworks.com Barefoot Baby 800-735-2082 www.barefootbaby.com Behind Baby 613-742-6034 www.behindbaby.com Bummis 888-828-6647 ... read more

What if Reducing Your Carbon Emissions by Cloth Diapering, Baking Bread, and Riding Your Bicycle Could Actually Make You a Happier Person?

As the weather turns cold (it was 37 degrees in Ashland last night and 51 degrees in our house this morning) in southern Oregon, we’re talking about personal consumption and lifestyle choices on Mothering Outside the Lines this week. James spent the better part of an afternoon installing a Microsoft Hohm device to monitor our energy output. We now have a rectangular screen a little bigger than an iPod on the kitchen counter reporting how much electricity we’re using at any given moment. The kids check it obsessively. “Mom! Oh my God! It’s up to .04 cents an... read more

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