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How-to Diaper Naturally - Diaper Covers

Welcome to the diaper cover section of Mothering.com's special how-to video resource on cloth diapering. Following are videos from Mothering advertisers with helpful information and demonstrations on how to properly use the diapers they sell. This video resource is a web exclusive addition to the feature article "The Diaper Dilemma" in the May/June 2010 issue of Mothering magazine. To read the article, and accompanying resources, order a digital subscription or a copy of the May/June issue. What is a diaper cover? Designed to act as a moisture barrier,... read more

It's Easier Than You Think: 10 Reasons to Travel with Cloth Diapers

This week I’ve been traveling with the baby and the why-aren’t-I-10-years-old-yet-Mommy? big sister. We just rolled back into town last night (though the driving was a bit brutal, after all the discussion on this post, “The Delta Debacle,” I think I’m grateful we didn’t fly!). Athena skipped school to come with me and the baby. I’m in awe of bloggers/writers who manage to update Facebook and Twitter while they’re on the road. As you can tell from the l-o-n-g t-i-m-e between posts and the fact that some of the comments on the aforementioned Delta... read more

The Busy (or Lazy) Person's Apple Butter

You can find Kris on Twitter, Facebook (Kris Underwood), writing occasionally at her blog and sometimes at the Imperfect Parent Blog. I like to cook, particularly when fall comes around. Maybe it’s just something in the air. Or maybe it’s just the realization that winter is coming and we have that instinct kicking in to store food away for the season. I don’t know. I wanted to make apple butter, but didn’t want to do the actual canning process. I mean, that takes a lot of time that I found I have not had lately. Plus, my canning pot is sort of busted.... read more

Swamp Hair on Thanksgiving: Guest Post by Cindy La Ferle

I first met Cindy La Ferle six years ago when I was working as the creative nonfiction editor for Literary Mama and a story she submitted, “Fragile Season,” was so beautifully written and full of compassion that I instantly wanted to meet her. Though we’ve never met in person, we’ve been in touch ever since. I’m delighted to welcome her to Mothering Outside the Lines. A different version of this essay appeared in Writing Home, Cindy La Ferle’s award-winning collection of motherhood essays and family newspaper columns. For more information, visit Cindy La Ferle’s... read more

Winners of Mayron's Goods, Wild Woozle & Glad Rags

  • by admin

Hello, Mamas! I’m here to announce the latest passel of winners of A la Mama giveaway goodness. 1. The Glad Rags winner is….Vanessa Betcher. 2. The Mayron’s Goods winner is…Brittany. 3. The Wild Woozle winner is…Joyce Taylor. Thank you so much for your participation! I’m very happy for you. Subscribe to the Mothering.com Blogs Feed This entry was posted on Thursday, November 11th, 2010 at 12:07 pm and is filed under Giveaways!. You can follow any responses to this entry through the RSS 2.0... read more

Help Create Positive Change in Your Community

In 2007, Green Halloween (GH) took the Seattle area by storm, as families across the Puget Sound celebrated a healthier and more Earth-friendly holiday. News spread to parents, kids, educators, organizations and businesses from other parts of the country who want to get involved too—GH has been asked to bring their model nation-wide. So in 2008, they're officially making Green Halloween a cross-country initiative—and they need your help to do so.GH is looking for one person (or organization) from each city to be the GH Coordinator in their community. GH coordinators are... read more

Environmental Working Group Reports on Pesticide in Consumer Products

According to the Environmental Working Group (EWG), federal regulators have approved a hormone-disrupting pesticide, triclosan, for use in 140 different types of consumer products, including liquid hand soap, toothpaste, undergarments, and children's toys. Triclosan is used in these products to kill bacteria, but is no more effective than soap and water. Now it has been found in breastmilk, urine, and cord blood as a result of its proliferation in everyday products. You can learn more about the EWG's stance on triclosan, where to find it in your home, and which products... read more

Where's the Party? International Car Free Day

By Beatrice Ekwa EkokoWeb Exclusive - December 18, 2006  We haven't watched the weather report this closely all summer. For the umpteenth time today, my daughter has been checking at the window "to see what it's doing out there." Is the rain going to hold off or are we going to celebrate a soggy Car Free Day? Each year on September 22nd, International Car Free Day is celebrated by over 100 million people in about 1,500 cities around the world. From babies to the elderly, people get together to reclaim streets: to close them off and have parties, play road hockey games,... read more

CDC Listens to Community Concerns about Vaccine Safety in Ashland, Ore.

By Jennifer Margulis On Saturday, January 10, 2009, the Center for Disease Control (CDC) hosted an all-day meeting with 50 members of the public in Ashland, Oregon to discuss vaccine safety and to hear recommendations from the public about where research money about vaccine safety should be spent. A similar meeting was held in Birmingham, Alabama on December 13, 2008, and a third public meeting will be held in Indianapolis on January 17, 2009. Ashland residents, including concerned parents, health care professionals, and students, were paid a $50 stipend to attend. At... read more

Advocates to Channel One: Stop Marketing Prescription Drugs to Children

By Josh GolinAdvocates for children are demanding that Alloy Media and Marketing immediately remove ads for prescription drugs from its Channel One website. Channel One, the controversial in-school news program that makes viewing ads a compulsory part of the school day for grades six through twelve, was purchased by Alloy in 2007. As part of its user agreement with schools, Channel One has pledged not to market prescription drugs to its young audience. Yet ads for the prescription acne medications Differin and BenzaClin have been running on the Channel One website for at... read more

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