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Inspiration and fresh ideas for how to live as a sustainable family.

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This Earth Day Go Solar!

I have a 2 yr old. I want solar and wind energy now because I need the 'mid century' climate in 2050 to be to stable enough for him to thrive. That's why this Earth Day, I'm asking everyone to show mamma earth your love by going solar. There's enough sun and wind in the US everyday to power everything we do, and yet special interests try to prevent us from using these renewable sources of energy by painting them as unworkable. The good news is that the special interests are losing. Family by family, community by community, and country by country we have proven... read more

Gardening with Babies from Edible Living's Sarah Copeland

Thank you to food expert and Edible Living blogger Sarah Copeland for this guest blog. Keep an eye out for her forthcoming book “The Newlywed Cookbook: Fresh Ideas and Modern Recipes for Cooking With and For Each Other.” Babies learn to enjoy and prefer nutrient rich foods not just from tasting the foods you eat as parents, but also by interacting with the taste, textures and colors of food at their source. Even before they are ready for solid foods, babies can begin relating positively to healthy foods by picking, touching, and eventually tasting fresh... read more

Natural Hand Sanitizers

By Debbie LindgrenWeb Exclusive - February 20, 2009 Keeping children healthy and safe is the goal of parents worldwide. Experts agree that one of the easiest ways to avoid spreading germs is to wash your hands, particularly prior to eating. However, sinks and bathrooms are not always available. This has prompted children's gyms, party centers, schools, and parents to provide hand sanitizers for children since they are prone to putting their hands in their mouths as well as touching things that, well, they shouldn't. Contact with surfaces such as playgrounds, doors,... read more

15 Ways to Save a Lake (or part of one anyway)

1. Take a five minute shower. Set a timer and get out when it rings. You can click here to watch yours truly (yep, that’s me in a towel) talking on French TV about the importance of water conservation. 2. Skip the shower. Then you can go on European TV in a towel too. Americans bathe too often and for too long. It’s better for your skin and the planet if you don’t take a shower every day. More in this New York Times article “The Great Unwashed.” 3. Don’t bathe your kids. Children don’t need baths every day. Sponge off the places that are dirty and have... read more

Imaginative Play for Multicultural Families

By Elli VillegasIssue 127, November/December 2004 When her daughter, Veronica, was three years old, Margarita Maria Mesa Leal became pregnant with her son, David. She wanted to explain the arrival of a new family member to her little girl and felt the process would be easier with visual aids. Using a plastic doll, she proceeded to explain some of the basics of conception, pregnancy, birth, and breastfeeding. Veronica grew more enthusiastic about being a big sister and one day asked, "Mom, can you make me a little brother for my mother doll?" Margarita, who is from... read more

Using Herbs for Customized Pest Control

  Bugs, bugs, and more bugs!  Some are cute and cuddly, others outright nasty.  Then there are those sneaky ones that can devour a garden seemingly overnight.  I have a no nasty rule in my home and on my property, meaning that I will happily spend an entire day pulling weeds because I refuse to use horrible chemicals on my plants, and on the land.  Because I love to garden, and am definitely not a fan of bugs in my home (even if those daddy long legs do keep other bugs at bay, they still have to go), my arsenal of natural and safe pest control is... read more

Lasting Gifts to Give Your Children

As fellow parents all over the world will relate, my husband and I are constantly thinking about our baby’s well-being and future. We brought him into this world, and we feel a lot of responsibility to make sure he’s able to thrive.   The baby-raising years (everything from the baby shower to the minivan) are deeply connected to consumption and waste – all contributing to the degradation of our Mother Earth. With Mother's day just behind us, Father's day ahead, and the regular drum beat of birthdays and anniversaries, I've been thinking a lot about gifts--... read more

The Impact of No Impact Man

I’m in love with Colin Beavan. Even though I don’t know how to pronounce his name. “This guy, Colin Beaver, is amazing–” “It’s bev-an,” James interrupts. “Whatever. He’s amazing. He stopped generating trash. He made his own vinegar. He started baking bread, eating food within a 250-mile radius, and he even turned off his electricity. Plus he’s a really good writer. He’s funny and down-to-earth and inspiring. You have to read this book.” “Okay.” James is agreeable as long as my diction is correct. I took No Impact Man out of the... read more

How to live without electricity in a heatwave

Thanks to a freak storm bearing a name no one recognized, Washingtonians are being thrust into figuring out how to live without electricity.  The Derecho not only created a post-apocalyptic scene around town, it also led to some pre-industrial conditions.  Hundreds of thousands of people were without power.  In the middle of a heat wave.  The worst heat wave ever. I feel a little bad commenting on these circumstances since I still have power, and a gorgeous ceiling fan is whirring over my head.  But I do think that I have some experience to bring to bear for... read more

Baby on Board

Baby on Board: Bicycling with Your Child By Paul B. Cooley Issue 111, March - April 2002 When I finally worked up the courage to bicycle with my infant daughter, I discovered that drivers treated me with more politeness than I had been accustomed to, either as a bicyclist or a motorist. This new courtesy was a relief. Although bicycling in traffic with Sadie terrified me, the degradation of our environment and community caused by motor vehicle use, and the ease with which I fall into the habit of jumping into the car whenever I need to go somewhere, terrified me... read more

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