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Media Literacy: An Operational Definition

By Elizabeth ThomanIssue 127, November/December 2004Media literacy is an overall term that incorporates three stages of a continuum leading to the media empowerment of citizens of all ages.The first stage is simply becoming aware of the importance of balancing or managing one’s media “diet”; that is, making choices and managing the amount of time spent with television, videos, electronic games, films, and various forms of print media.The second stage is learning specific skills of crucial viewing: learning to analyze and question what is in the frame, how it is... read more

Giveaway: Charlie Banana Cloth Pads

  • by admin

Charlie Banana, beloved to many of you as a source for cloth diapers, also make fantastic cloth menstrual pads for mama. Charlie Banana is giving the following away to one lucky winner: -a box of panty liners, -a box of Regulars, -a box of Supers -and a box of Super Plus feminine pads. These fab pads come in a very handy, purse-friendly pink pouch. Personal capsule review: I love them because the pads are made of so soft bamboo, and when I put them through the wash, they miraculously come out close to sparkling... read more

Go reusable! A behind the scenes look at GladRags

sponsored post Three years ago, Tracy Puhl joined the GladRags team as a customer service representative.  Now, at just 26 years old, Tracy owns Portland-based GladRags and runs it with a team of awesome ladies who are dedicated to showing women how simple, environmentally friendly and even fun it can be to switch to reusables.  In her free time, Tracy enjoys spending time with her family, reading, knitting, and volunteering in the community.  The Mothering team caught up with Tracy and asked her about what got her into reusables and her insider... read more

Are you a climate parent? Join the club!

Last week over 4 million people in the US experienced the joy, the fear, and the weight of responsibility of becoming a parent.  And last week a new organization was born to serve the needs of those parents.  It is called climateparents, and it is an organization for people with children, or who plan to have children, and are worried about the future their children will inherit in an era of climate change. So far the response has been amazing.  Parents from around the country are signing up.  Together, we are asking all elected officials to tell us two... read more

One momma’s crazy New Year’s Resolution to go 100% Renewable

I love stretch goals, so my husband is usually braced for my New Year’s resolutions.  There was the time I vowed to buy nothing new for a year.  There was my vetoed plan to save all our trash for a year in the basement, as an incentive to only bring things home that could be recycled (my husband is such a party pooper, right?).  And who didn’t love the year with no heat or air conditioning?  (Confession: I minded this more than my husband).  My most important New Year’s resolution came when I was pregnant and resolved to continue to decrease our carbon footprint even as... read more

Penniless and Blessed

By Jennie Englund, M.S. Ed.Web Exclusive, November 20, 2006 As I join other Americans pouring out thanks over mashed potatoes and pumpkin pie, I consider this question: does money buy happiness? My answer, based on experience, is a resounding "no." In fact, I treasure my little family's state of less-than-desirable money matters—it is a unique and absolute blessing, for which I am truly grateful. In the wake of my resignation from teaching to be a stay-home mom, there has, of course, been a great sacrifice—the illustrious financial one. But our family has reaped more... read more

Sponsor the Mothering Mavens

      Sponsor the Mothering Mavens Today!   Reach the influencers in the world’s largest organic and natural family community!   The Mothering Mavens is a growing community of organic and natural moms that come together on Mothering.com to discuss natural living and products like yours.  Through the Mothering Mavens, you will have access to some of the most influential natural moms who will not only try your product and give their opinion but will also spread your message to the 3M moms who visit Mothering.com every month and beyond to their social... read more

Local Vacations Save Money and the Planet

                       Summer is here!  Which means it’s vacation time!  Of course, vacations are a little different with a little one in tow.    Before having a baby, my husband and I used to love vacationing in Thailand.  We didn’t even mind the 24  hours in transit to get there, or the insane jet lag.   Things are a little different now though.  I have no desire to sit on a plane for hours, lug equipment through security, or deal with a jet lagged baby.  Also, since we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint below what it was before having a child, flying... read more

How-to Diaper Naturally - Flat and Prefold Diapers

Welcome to the flat and prefold section of Mothering.com's special how-to video resource on cloth diapering. Following are videos from Mothering advertisers with helpful information and demonstrations on how to properly use the diapers they sell. This video resource is a web exclusive addition to the feature article "The Diaper Dilemma" in the May/June 2010 issue of Mothering magazine. To read the article, and accompanying resources, order a digital subscription or a copy of the May/June issue. What is a prefold diaper? A prefold is a rectangular piece of fabric... read more

Advertising and Marketing to Children: Why Parents Should be Concerned

Why should advertising and marketing to children be a priority concern for mothers and fathers?We live in a nation in which the values of what sociologist Robert Bellah calls the money world are steadily crowding out the values of what I call the motherworld. The dominant values of our culture are radical individualism, excessive materialism, and bottom-line thinking-- and they leave little room for values such as connectedness, interdependence, commitment, and other qualities necessary for raising healthy, caring, and ethical children. This profound imbalance lies at... read more

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