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The Fast Food Trap: How Commercialism Creates Overweight Children

By Gary Ruskin Issue 121: November/December 2003 Early in the 20th century, urban squalor was emerging as an unsettling fact of American life, and there was great concern in the US over undernourished children. "At least one-third of all industrial families in the United States are underfed," concluded one 1911 study of Americans' standard of living.1 Nervous parents measured their kids against weight and height charts. Public health officials sounded a continuous alarm. Dr. Josephine Baker, head of New York City's Department of Health, worried that malnutrition was... read more

The Making of a Media Literate Mind

By Rob Williams Issue 127, November/December 2004 We live in the most media-saturated society in the history of the world. Americans spend between 10 and 12 hours a day consuming media through ever-more sophisticated technological delivery systems, including (for the average household) three televisions and radios, two VCRs and CD players, one computer, one video game player, and a bewildering variety of newspapers, comic books, magazines, books, and other print media.1 As we enter the 21st century, this situation might seem to call for celebration—more media... read more

Mothering Responds to CPSC Sling Warning: Babywearing Is Safe

March 19, 2010PRESS CONTACT: Elizabeth Carovillano 505.984.6289 | Office 505.690.0040 | Cell elizabethc@mothering.com | E-mailSANTA FE, NM (March 18, 2010) — On March 12, the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC), a Federal Agency, issued a warning in regard to the use of baby slings. The CPSC asserts that there is a risk of slings suffocating infants who are younger than four months old, and that caution should be used when carrying babies of this age group in slings.Mothering puts the CPSC warning in perspective: Babywearing is safe, but some slings and positions... read more

Easy Ways to Green Your Life

“Happy. Mother. You can really use both words in the same sentence” is the tag line to Meagan Francis’s popular blog, The Happiest Mom. Now this Michigan-based mom of five has a book out by the same title, The Happiest Mom: 10 Secrets to Enjoying Motherhood. As part of a cyberspace book tour, Meagan is visiting Mothering Outside the Lines this week. Though I haven’t finished her book yet, I’ve enjoyed what I read so far (full disclosure: the publisher sent me a review copy) and I’m delighted to have her here! Today she writes a guest post about finding easy ways... read more

The Problem with Palm Oil

Shampoo and my hair just don’t get along. This is a recent enmity. In my twenties and early thirties my hair looked good no matter what shampoo I used. I don’t think I should give you the details about how my hair has been coming out in clumps since the baby was born or about how greasy it looks no matter the shampoo, but suffice it to say that my once thick hair has become so uncooperative that it would probably be better if I just made it into dreds. I’ve tried the no ‘poo approach espoused by Beth Terry and also used by Frugal Kiwi with... read more

Why parents should read “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars”

 I’m not usually one of those people who reads the last page of a book before starting it, but in the case of Dr. Michael Mann’s new book, “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars” the last page makes for essential reading for parents because its where his daughter enters the story.  The book chronicles Dr. Mann’s ultimate victory over attacks on his scientific integrity that were funded by the coal, oil and gas industry, and has good takeaways for parents everywhere.  First, key facts about climate science are woven throughout his story and presented in an... read more

Stealing Childhood

By Rachael Ashak Porter Issue 133, November - December 2005 Have you noticed the term tween in print recently? Perhaps you've heard this age category tossed about on your local morning news program, or seen it emblazoned on a glitter-enhanced banner in the Juniors section of a department store. If not, hang in there's no doubt you'll see it soon. You may even notice a tag that's been created for very young children: pre-tween. What are we getting ourselves into? The American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language defines tween as a child between middle childhood... read more

High hopes for a deal to stop planes from polluting the air our babies breath

 On Saturday morning I woke up just before 5 am to the sound of crying.  It turned out that a slight fever and teething were responsible.  After a few minutes of cuddling and reading a few books, all was well.  Since I was up, I checked my email.  I found out that a few hours earlier, just after 1 am, the Senate had passed a bill saying it would be okay with them if US planes landing in Europe ignored Europe’s climate laws.  The bill also gave a glimmer of hope.  It implied that the FAA and State Department needed to ramp up their efforts to negotiate a... read more

Yes, Please, Oregon: Let's Ban Plastic Bags

  Cartoon courtesy of Andy Singer The Oregon legislature is considering a ban on plastic grocery bags. If the bill passes, single use throw-away bags will be outlawed at all retail establishments. A similar bill failed last year, partly because the grocery industry was not on board. This time, though, it looks like even the grocery stores are behind the ban. What’s changed? For one thing, several communities have managed to effectively ban plastic bags. Last November L.A. County banned plastic bags, joining Malibu and San Francisco as... read more

The Green Home Store

Mothering has recently partnered with Greenhome.com, the most comprehensive marketplace on the Web for everything eco. Every time you buy a product from the environmental store on Mothering's website (located at http://mothering.greenhome.com/products), Green Home will share a portion of the revenue with us. Green Home consistently comes up number one when searching on the Web for "green products" or "environmental products." Green Home thoroughly researches all the products sold on its website; every product it carries goes through a rigorous evaluation process... read more

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