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Writing a Gift Letter

Here's an example of how to explain your gift preferences to friends and family. Dear Relatives and Friends: We appreciate how much you love our/my children, and, as you know, we are trying our best to raise them to respect and revere the world. This year, for holidays and birthdays, please join us in our efforts to raise strong kids by resisting the urge to buy the commercialized clutter advertised on TV. Here are some different gift ideas: Spend time together. Activities need not be exotic. A trip to the fire station, a performance, or a trip to... read more

The Rabbit Restaurant

And Other Gardening Secrets from My Daughter By Deborah LiBrandi Web Exclusive   Growing up, the outdoors was a place of abundance and beauty. I was raised in rural Ohio on nearly four acres of land that included 28 apple trees, a blackberry patch, grape vines and a large vegetable garden planted and tended to every summer by my family and me. We grew corn, beans, tomatoes, broccoli and sunflowers. When I was hungry, I climbed my apple tree and picked an apple. If it was late summer, I would eat a fresh, warm tomato straight from the vine. I didn’t have to wash off... read more

Toxic Toy Story

By Jackie Hunt Christensen Issue 90, September - October 1998 Ever wonder what your child's toys are made of? Chances are, if the toys are not wood or metal, they're some kind of plastic. But what kind? Unlike most food containers or packaging, toys generally aren't marked with the triangle of "chasing arrows" and a "1," "2," or "4" in the middle that indicates the plastic type that was used in its manufacture. As a curious environmental activist and concerned parent of two, I decided to do some checking. I started with one of my girlhood icons, Barbie. More than a... read more

Paper or plastic? Neither, if you worry about the planet.

This week I’m going to answer a question that many moms get asked at least once a week. Imagine the usual scenario:  Your little darling is screaming in the check out aisle.  He won’t let go of the magazine that he just grabbed somehow with his sticky hands, and, oh, he just ripped the magazine.  Wonderful.  And he NEEEEEDS that chocolate bar, and also the cough drops hanging from that clip.  You are keeping a smile pasted on your face.  You try reason.  Fail.  You try ‘toddlerese’.  Fail.  You try bribery, but not even that is working today.  And the lady... read more

Babywearing International's Guidelines for Sling Safety

March 14, 2010 From Babywearing International: "In light of the recent advisory by Consumer Product Safety Commission regarding baby sling safety, Babywearing International would like to remind caregivers that wearing an infant in a well-constructed carrier and using proper babywearing techniques are of utmost importance. When done properly, babywearing is a very safe and beneficial parenting tool. When caregivers learn to use their carriers properly while keeping safety and common sense in mind, babywearing can be just as safe, or safer, as carrying a baby in-arms.... read more

Aladdin: Do the Reuse! Giveaway

One of my best memories from childhood: picking out my Aladdin lunchbox each year of elementary school. I especially loved my metal Popeye lunchbox…although I’m pretty sure it’s now moldering in some landfill, because my mom was not the type to keep things hanging around, and it was the ’70s…the decade when there was actually a commercial that urged people to throw their empties into the nearest pond. I’ve grown up, but Aladdin has along with me…they have a great line of recycled and recyclable reusable food storage containers. And they’ve launched the... read more

How to Start a Worm Bin: Guest Post by Attainable Sustainable (aka Kris Bordessa)

You might know Kris Bordessa from her fabulous books for kids: Team Challenges, which is a book of cooperative trust-building games, Tools of the Ancient Greeks, and Great Colonial American Projects You Can Build Yourself, to name a few. Or you might recognize her as a travel resource for all things affordable in Hawaii. Kris (whom I’ve known for years in cyberspace but never met in person) has started a new project. Her new blog, Attainable Sustainable: Reviving the Lost Art of Self-Sufficiency, helps readers take the small steps towards doing more projects... read more

A Crown of Flowers

Related Articles:Sidebar: How to Make A Birthday Garland By Kelly Bertram Issue 110, January/February 2002 Every year I make a flower garland for my son to wear at his birthday celebration. We began this tradition when Sairse turned one, and the garlands have been a joyous and magical aspect of his birthdays that he looks forward to each year. On Sairse's first birthday we were living in Olympia, Washington, where I attended Evergreen State College. The school has an organic gardening program, and the students sell their vegetables, berries, and flowers on campus all... read more

Talking to children about natural disasters

- A few days ago I woke up to an email from my husband, who is in Japan on business. There was a massive earthquake today, but I’m OK. I hit my head and we were under tables for ten minutes but we’re OK. As I started looking at news sites, the extent of what happened wasn’t clear at first – it was hard to tell, from initial online footage, how much worse it was than some of the earthquakes we have experienced while living there – but then the stories began pouring in. - Stories from Japan range from the poignantly humorous, such as the woman... read more

The Wonders of Reading

By Katherine Horvath Web Exclusive About a month ago, I did something which shocked my husband and dismayed my children: I unplugged the television and told them that I didn't want it on anymore. I was tired of the non-stop stream of commercial advertisements seeping into my family's heads, tired of hearing my four-year old son pad down the steps in the morning only to proclaim, "I want to watch something, put a program on for me". But most of all, I wanted to begin teaching my son to read and write, and I had read that the best way to do so was by ... read more

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