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talking about toxics; baby shower

Talking about Toxics; What to Say at a Baby Shower Most of the time, I’m an organizer that works for better regulations for toxic chemicals. I’m interested in making sure that none of the “stuff “ we use everyday, such as shampoo, lotions, dishwashing detergent, floor wax, toys, couches, rugs or flooring, contains chemicals that could harm our health and our communities. Many of these toxic chemicals can leach out of everyday products and enter our bodies through the air we breathe, the food we eat, or through contact with our skin. I know because my... read more

My Father-in-Law Has Throat Cancer

  How do we ensure a healthy future for our children? In America savvy marketers have effectively duped us into believing that convenience in the Holy Grail: fast food, paper plates, quick-drying high-tech fabric, take-and-bake pizza. We eat our meals out of cans or boxes or plastic bags; we put diapers made of wood pulp and petroleum-based super absorbent polymers on our babies, and we use our cars to drive half a mile away. The happy woman in the TV commercial spraying toxic chemicals to get stains out of a collar shirt has no wrinkles on... read more

Mothering › Green Living Articles