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Why parents should read “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars”

 I’m not usually one of those people who reads the last page of a book before starting it, but in the case of Dr. Michael Mann’s new book, “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars” the last page makes for essential reading for parents because its where his daughter enters the story.  The book chronicles Dr. Mann’s ultimate victory over attacks on his scientific integrity that were funded by the coal, oil and gas industry, and has good takeaways for parents everywhere.  First, key facts about climate science are woven throughout his story and presented in an... read more

Natural Baby Powder

Talcum powder can be irritating to a baby’s respiratory system. You can make your own powder out of any combination of these natural ingredients found at your natural foods store: Powdered oris root Finely ground oatmeal Finely ground rice flour White cosmetic clay Experiment to see which consistency and ingredients you like. You may add a small amount of finely crushed lavender flowers or rose petals for a mild scent, but make sure their texture is compatible with that of the powder. You could also keep a small lavender or rose sachet inside the... read more

Are you a climate parent? Join the club!

Last week over 4 million people in the US experienced the joy, the fear, and the weight of responsibility of becoming a parent.  And last week a new organization was born to serve the needs of those parents.  It is called climateparents, and it is an organization for people with children, or who plan to have children, and are worried about the future their children will inherit in an era of climate change. So far the response has been amazing.  Parents from around the country are signing up.  Together, we are asking all elected officials to tell us two... read more

Being prepared is critical in an age of climate change

“Be Prepared” is more than just a boy scout motto in the age of climate change.  It’s more than just the title of a very funny book for new dads.  It’s an imperative.  All families need to be more prepared for extreme events because as we feel the first edges of climate change, they are happening with more frequency or severity. The media is covering one aspect of this.  In fact, over the past few weeks there have been some incredible pieces written about the connection between extreme weather and climate change. Eugene Robinson wrote a great piece... read more

Ten tips: Beating the heat while beating back global warming

It’s not your imagination, it actually is hotter than it used to be.  Climate change has kicked in and we are breaking heat records left and right.  It was a spring for the record books and we may be in line for another record breaking summer.  No matter what state you live in, it is hotter on average now than it was forty years ago.  Of course one response to this heat is to crank up the A/C.  But unless you select a renewable energy  option from your utility (an option not everyone has), that response would actually cause more coal to be burned, and... read more

The Rabbit Restaurant

And Other Gardening Secrets from My Daughter By Deborah LiBrandi Web Exclusive   Growing up, the outdoors was a place of abundance and beauty. I was raised in rural Ohio on nearly four acres of land that included 28 apple trees, a blackberry patch, grape vines and a large vegetable garden planted and tended to every summer by my family and me. We grew corn, beans, tomatoes, broccoli and sunflowers. When I was hungry, I climbed my apple tree and picked an apple. If it was late summer, I would eat a fresh, warm tomato straight from the vine. I didn’t have to wash off... read more

Chicken Lessons

By Susan Biggar A Web Exclusive The best thing about our suburban house is the back garden. I readily admit it’s not a pleasant sight for anyone with a green thumb, because it’s not that kind of garden. The grass is worn thin in key places, like threadbare knees on favorite jeans. In fact, there’s not a trace of green at the two ends, which double as soccer goals in winter and cricket batting boxes in summer. The plants that survive living on an all-terrain sports field get almost no pruning or tender loving care. And the rain dries up for months on end, sometimes at... read more

Paper or plastic? Neither, if you worry about the planet.

This week I’m going to answer a question that many moms get asked at least once a week. Imagine the usual scenario:  Your little darling is screaming in the check out aisle.  He won’t let go of the magazine that he just grabbed somehow with his sticky hands, and, oh, he just ripped the magazine.  Wonderful.  And he NEEEEEDS that chocolate bar, and also the cough drops hanging from that clip.  You are keeping a smile pasted on your face.  You try reason.  Fail.  You try ‘toddlerese’.  Fail.  You try bribery, but not even that is working today.  And the lady... read more

Is bamboo fabric eco friendly?

I wanted to take some time this week to fill you on the information I have about bamboo! We see this fabric everywhere, but many of you wonder what the rage is? And is it founded? Here are some basic bamboo facts! • Bamboo is grown without pesticides or chemical fertilizers • Bamboo requires no irrigation • Bamboo rarely needs replanting • Bamboo grows rapidly and can be harvested in 3-5 years • Bamboo produces 35% more oxygen that an equivalent stand of trees • Bamboo is a critical element in the balance of oxygen and... read more

Celebrating the Seasons of Gardening

  What a gift these last few weeks have been. Daily temps in the 70′s accompanied by bluebird, sunny skies. We’ve been happily shrugging off long sleeves and socks in favor of sun hats and sandals. There is nothing like the warm, nurturing feel of sun on bare skin; skin that’s been covered for way too many months. For the first time this year it’s been keep-the-windows-open-while-we-sleep warm, which is worthy of celebration. No doubt we will have more snow still. Spring in Colorado can bring our biggest snowfalls. But just as the old saying... read more

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