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Why parents should read “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars”

 I’m not usually one of those people who reads the last page of a book before starting it, but in the case of Dr. Michael Mann’s new book, “The Hockey Stick and the Climate Wars” the last page makes for essential reading for parents because its where his daughter enters the story.  The book chronicles Dr. Mann’s ultimate victory over attacks on his scientific integrity that were funded by the coal, oil and gas industry, and has good takeaways for parents everywhere.  First, key facts about climate science are woven throughout his story and presented in an... read more

banner time!

Just got our new eco-friendly banners back from the printer. The banners themselves are biodegradable, but our favorite part is the bamboo stands. The banners retract into beautiful bamboo boxes, made from 90% renewable resources, according to the manufacturer, Megagraphix. Why bamboo? Here’s what they say: “As the fastest growing plant on the planet, this low impact agro-forestry product is finding increasing use as a versatile industrial material. With a maturity cycle of 3-4 years, bamboo can be a viable replacement for wood or metal... read more

Mothering › Green Living Articles