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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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The Birth of River

With every birth a mother is born.  Whether it's your first or fifth birth, it is a transformative time, poignant and capable of creating personal revolutions.  As soon as my husband, Chad, and I found out we were expecting a baby, I knew I was going to give birth at home.  My experience giving birth to my first son in a hospital was not something I wanted to repeat, for multiple reasons.   I was a single parent when my first son, Sunny, was born, and, unfortunately, a sense of loneliness is what I most associate with his birth.  I had read Spiritual Midwifery and had... read more

Four Reasons We Should Forgive Our Care Provider

(Midwife doing baby exam.)   Through the years of teaching birth classes I have learned far more than any of my students. One thing I have noticed as time has marched on is that two different people can have very different experiences with the same care provider.     Even the "best midwife" in town will have detractors.  And even the best doc will have patients whose births literally go off the rails and leave mom, dad and everybody involved feeling crushed.    What does this have to do with care providers and our need to be a little more gentle with them? I... read more

Delayed Cord Clamping: What Every Expectant Parent Needs to Know

Nearly every pregnancy-related television show and movie has that quintessential scene where the doctor turns to the newborn’s father and asks if he’d like to cut the cord. While it’s always a sweet moment, experts who understand the importance of delayed cord clamping watch these scenes and cringe – because the vast majority of the time, the cord is getting cut way, way too soon.   “At the moment a baby's born, 1/3 of their blood, the blood that's been going through them for all of pregnancy, is still outside their body. And what happened for all of human history is... read more

Preparing Your Child to Attend a Sibling's Birth

By Olivia Hinebaugh     I knew when I found out I was pregnant for the second time that I wanted my son to be included in as much of the pregnancy and birth as possible. I grew up knowing all about pregnancy and birth thanks to my mother’s career as a childbirth educator. I think it really helped me in how I viewed birth and pregnancy as a natural healthy period in a woman’s life. I want my children to view birth similarly and I wanted my son to be with me throughout the process.   This is not for everyone, but if you want to include your child in the birth of... read more

Belly Binding for Prenatal Comfort and Postpartum Healing

Originally posted at motherwiselife.org Have you heard of belly binding?  I hadn’t until I took Gena Kirby’s Rebozo class, where she demonstrated (among the many uses of Rebozo) prenatal belly binding for comfort and support. Belly binding has a long history in many different cultures, including West Africa, South America, and Asia, where both prenatal and postpartum belly binding are popular traditions. Considering the fact that most women gain somewhere around 30lbs during pregnancy, most of which is carried in our bellies (putting considerable strain on our... read more

The Myth of "Pretty" Birth

                                (Photo courtesy of Birth Boot Camp.) As we have entered into the age of social media and digital photography there has begun a wellspring of gorgeous birth photography, readily shared and re-shared across the world through forums and websites and outlets.     This new-found access to images of all kinds, but particularly those of birth, have had a powerful impact on birthing culture in many positive ways.  It is readily apparent that birth is in fact powerful and beautiful.  Images easily shared of home birth and... read more

Getting Bigger

By Aubrey Hirsch for Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers   When I was pregnant with my son, a long-distance friend asked me to text her a picture of my growing belly. I was just starting to “show” and was elated to have some physical evidence of the pregnancy other than the non-stop, morning-to-night, toe-curling, sob-inducing sickness that plagued me for so much of it. A few minutes after I sent her the picture, she texted back, “Wow. You are getting so big!” And I replied with a hearty “Thank you!”   Another minute went by and then she replied, “It’s... read more

Sacred Pregnancy - The Movement: An Interview with Annie Daulter

"But, isn’t home birth unsafe and totally insane?"

  When my wife and I first contemplated a home birth, many folks we knew asked, “But, isn’t home birth unsafe and totally insane?”   I don’t think it is. If we look historically, home birth has been practiced in 99.999 percent of the births since humans began walking upright. Jimmy Carter was actually the first US president not to be born at home.      What about safety?       In the UK, the very reputable National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellence reports that mortality during home births is the same as it is for hospital births. And Holland reports... read more

What Shirley Temple Taught Us About Pregnancy

I have written often about the shaping power of prenatal life, and the huge influence a mother has on her child's development during pregnancy. Mounting evidence tells us that circumstances in the womb program our health in critical, life-altering ways. The prenatal environment is equally as important as genes, perhaps even more important, in determining lifelong physical and mental health. The field of prenatal psychology has amassed decades of research to illuminate the impact of a pregnant mother's inner life upon her child's personality and lifelong... read more

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