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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Midwifing Future Midwives

By Mai Ling Slaughter 05/15/2011 It was the activist in Suzy Myers that first attracted her to the field of midwifery, and as she's helped bring nearly 2,000 babies into this world, that activist has remained vigilant. "When I first got involved in the health care movement, I hadn't even really considered becoming a practitioner," says Myers, who is now the chair of the Department of Midwifery at Bastyr University in Kenmore, Wash.  "I was more interested in being an activist." But when Myers moved to Seattle in 1971, the energy surrounding the women's movement and... read more

New York Times Covers Ina May Gaskin and the Battle for Midwifery and Homebirth

From “Mommy Wars: The Prequel, Ina May Gaskin and the Battle for at-Home Births,” Samantha M. Shapiro, New York Times Magazine, May 23rd, 2012 One Monday morning last spring, Ina May Gaskin got into her golf cart and drove it down the dirt road away from her home on the Farm, a community of 175 residents on a former commune in rural Tennessee that her husband started in the 1970s. She pulled up to the community center, where she would be teaching a class on delivering breech babies. The class was part of a weeklong seminar Gaskin and her fellow midwives... read more

Our family's path to home birth

  As I approach my twenty fourth week of pregnancy I find my thoughts drifting toward birthing day. We’re planning our second home birth with a midwife we love, but our first birth experience, as just-right as it was, doesn’t prevent the butterflies from visiting from time to time. It’s nothing that can’t be settled by a few deep breaths, but still, birthing day is Big (capital B!) no matter where it takes place. I’ve known since I was twenty years old that I wanted to home birth. That was the year that I came across a copy of Ina May... read more

Midwives Address Health Disparities: Video #3 from I am a Midwife

  “It’s not acceptable that African-American women and babies, regardless of their economic and educational backgrounds still have a 3-4 times greater chance of dying in childbirth (and postpartum) than their white counterparts.” “It’s not acceptable that women of every race and every ethnicity who are marginalized and vulnerable and poor do not have access to good care, affordable care and satisfying care.” –Geradine Simkins, CNM, MSN, DEM and President and Interim Executive Director of the Midwives Alliance of North America Why do more... read more

UK Combats Postpartum Depression with More Midwives

A new plan to reduce postpartum depression in the UK will grant every pregnant woman a midwife, The Guardian reported yesterday. …the government has pledged to improve maternity care by ensuring women have one named midwife to oversee their care during pregnancy and after they have their baby, making sure every women has one-to-one midwife care and giving parents-to-be the choice over where and how they give birth. The NHS will also be judged on how well it looks after parents who have miscarried, suffered a stillbirth or cot death, with... read more

Midwife International is Accepting Applications for New Midwife Training Program

Thank you to Sarah Kraft, President of Midwife International, for this guest post.   Even in the 21st century, a woman might still find herself walking alone in the dark left to deliver her baby unassisted on the side of a road. It is difficult to fathom, and yet it happens frequently. For every 31 mothers in sub-Saharan Africa, 1 will die from a pregnancy-related cause, compared with 1 in every 4,300 mothers in developed regions. But there is a solution to these horrific realities and statistics–midwives. A recent study by the United... read more

Midwives Know Birth Matters: Video #2 from I am a Midwife

In Midwives Know Birth Matters twelve different midwives, practicing in all settings, speak about the importance of birth for babies, mothers and birth partners.  The quality care midwives provide can make all the difference in facilitating a safe, supportive and satisfying experience.  Midwives know how we are born and how a woman becomes a mother matters! I am a Midwife is a new online video series about midwives and what they do.  A new video will be released weekly throughout May and June.  Subscribe to I am a Midwife on Youtube From the... read more

Nicolle Littrell: Why I Make Films About Birth and Midwives

The "Woman" in Woman in the Moon Films I’m a filmmaker, educator, activist and mother.  My work with Woman in the Moon Films centers on social change around birth options–from “the local” and my own backyard to the national and global.  I am passionate about birth, women, mothers and midwives. Here’s why I do what I do: In December of 2004 I had a homebirth with my son in an antique farmhouse in a rural community in mid-coast Maine.   My professional midwives, Donna Broderick and Ellie Daniels, both CPMs with Morningstar Midwifery lived... read more

The Push is Powerful Stuff

Either you like pushing, or you don’t. Not too many women who feel so-so on this topic. Personally, I hated it. Three kids, and each one I would have coped with contractions for another calendar day before I would have willingly pushed. So when I have a mother who is a fierce non-pusher, I get it. I recently attended a lovely birth for an almost-mother-of-three, who I watched paddle around her birth tub like a dog caught in a swimming pool, looking for a way out. She spun circles, flipped from front to back, moaned and groaned, cried, and... read more

A Mothering Pregnancy

A Mothering Pregnancy   A slideshow of beautifully pregnant Mothering community mamas     Watch the Mothering Pregnancy Slideshow   read more

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