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Breathing During Labor & Birth: What You Need to Know

  If you’ve ever heard of Lamaze, chances are you’ve also heard that they are the “breathing” childbirth education group (hee-hee, hoo-hoo). Over the years, however, Lamaze has evolved into a comprehensive approach to childbirth, part of which includes comfort measures for labor; breathing is just one of the suggested comfort measures. So what does it mean to “breathe” during labor? Here’s a little on what you should know (excerpted from The Official Lamaze Guide: Giving Birth with Confidence by Judith A. Lothian and Charlotte DeVries):   Breathing in Pregnancy:  A... read more

Waterbirth Comes to the United Arab Emirates

From “Water birth comes to UAE,” ArabNews.com, July 6. “Natural birth enthusiasts are all abuzz about the opening of a new hospital in Al-Ain that will offer birth in a specialized tub. Water births were first introduced in the 1960s and gained significant popularity by the 1990s. At first they were mainly used in the home birth setting, but they are now offered as a choice in many Western hospitals as well. Al-Ain Cromwell Women and Children Hospital’s birthing floor should be open next month and has three large birthing rooms, including one with a... read more

Waiting for Liam

For some women getting pregnant is the struggle, for others it’s the pregnancy itself that causes difficulties; for me the only hard part was waiting for him to be born.  I don’t mean the labor, I’ll get to that later, but the actual anticipation of when IT would commence.  I think if I had known how much harder it gets once the baby is born I could have been a little more patient. The arrival of your first-born is cause for some major excitement.  In truth, I was looking for some excitement after 9 months of a rather uneventful pregnancy. In fact, when I... read more

Pondering Origins

I am constantly comparing the very different personalities of my two sons. They are two years apart and from the time “Segundo” was born, “Primero” made it clear that they were going to mix about as well as oil and water.  I don’t really think its so strange that siblings can have such different personalities or outlooks on life, but seeing first hand every day the way that they interact with (and sometimes repel) each other makes me ponder the reason why they are so different. A close friend, my soul sister, and a mother whom I deeply respect and try to... read more

Asanas for Mamas: The Pleasure of Prenatal Yoga

By Jo Ann Baldinger The foyer of Santa Fe's popular Yoga Source studio has a serene fountain, an array of brightly colored mats and practice clothing for sale, and assorted sandals, clogs, and running shoes lined up outside the door to the practice room-just what a visitor would expect to find at yoga centers across the country. Walk through that door, however, and any preconceived notions that visitors might have are instantly swept away. Instead of the flat, toned stomachs of the stereotypically lithe "yoga body," what catches the eye immediately are the round... read more

The Midwives of London: the Waterbirth of Baby Diana

Thank you to Jennifer Barton for this guest post. When I found out I was pregnant, I was incredibly excited. And absolutely petrified. In addition to the big, scary questions – Is labor as painful as they say? Am I going to be a capable parent?  - I had another worry. Even though I’m from New York, I live in the United Kingdom. I would be having my baby in London, under a health system I didn’t know or understand. This meant free healthcare throughout pregnancy (score!) and also midwife-led care, unless I developed complications or had a... read more

Three Documentaries

Three documentaries have caught my eye recently. I have Donor Unknown saved on Netflix. It’s about a woman who goes in search of her biological father, sperm donor 150. TechnoStorks follows three couples undergoing fertility treatments. And Google Baby is the HBO documentary that was released last year about outsourcing surrogacy to India. Ron and I have been talking about surrogacy lately. Not approaching it in the way of the documentary. But in a more personal way. A friend has offered to carry our baby — “to be his/her home for awhile,” she said. So…how... read more


By Beth Soltzberg Web Exclusive I’m prying my sticky baby from her high chair, and out of the corner of my eye I glimpse a spark, a sparkle of violet in the china cabinet. The baby, Rachel, likes her wipe-up cloths, and now has a particularly juicy one gummed up in her fist. She’s swiped me with it. Why do I bother to put on clean clothes? The box is in our china cabinet, top shelf so that my three-year old son cannot see it and ask, pushed into an ambivalent corner so that I can see it and not see it. Rachel turns her face up to me and smiles her gremlin-grin, one... read more

Weighing the Risks: What You Should Know about Ultrasound

By Sarah Buckley Issue 102, September/October 2000 Ultrasonography was originally developed during World War II to detect enemy submarines. Its use in medicine was pioneered in Glasgow, Scotland, by Dr. Ian Donald, who first used ultrasound to look at abdominal tumors, and later babies in utero in the mid-1950s.1 The use of ultrasound in pregnancy spread quickly. In westernized healthcare systems, ultrasound, which may be offered to a pregnant woman either to investigate a possible problem at any stage of pregnancy or as a routine scan at around 18 weeks, has become... read more

Penny Simkin to Receive Honorary Degree from Bastyr University

Penny Simkin to Receive Honorary Degree from Bastyr University: The mother of modern childbirth education to be honored June 20th May 15, 2011 10,000 people. That is the size of some small towns or universities. In her career, one amazing woman has helped prepare that many women, couples and siblings for childbirth. For this and her numerous other achievements, Bastyr University will confer an honorary degree upon Penny Simkin, PT. Simkin, the namesake for Bastyr University’s Simkin Center for Allied Birth Vocations, is a physical therapist who has specialized in... read more

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