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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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What Do I Pack For A Hospital Birth

So many times women who are planning on delivering in a hospital ask, "What should I be packing for my hospital bag?". Many people have different things depending on what they prefer but the expectations are pretty simple for the most part. I have only ever had vaginal births so this article is based around a vaginal birth expectation. First of all, depending on where you are delivering, in the United States hospitals usually provide a lot of items that you and your baby will need for those few days you are staying there. A woman in Canada told me once that the... read more

National Infertility Awareness Week

It’s National Infertility Awareness Week (April 24-30). Lots of events going on. Find one here. Not that long ago, I visited the university where I attended law school. As I walked through the library, I observed the women. They concentrated hard as they flipped through their textbooks. Studying, reading, taking notes. That was me 12 years ago. I was so focused on my grades and my future career that marriage/motherhood was barely a thought. I figured it would happen someday…in my time, on my terms, and when I was ready. I had no idea that age is the number... read more

New Maternity Line Provides Clothing for Moms Carrying Multiples!

This is a sponsored guest post from For Multiples Maternity. Check out their new line of maternity wear for moms carrying multiples! Grab a coupon at the end of this post. Twins are double the fun, but preparing for their arrival can be double the hassle. Now, For Multiples Maternity provides the style, stretch, and size that moms need during a multiples’ pregnancy. In the United States, approximately 69,000 sets of twins are born each year, which equals an average of 189 sets delivered each day! But, surprisingly, as the needs for twins... read more

Join the March for Midwives on May 5th!

On May 5th, in celebration of the International Day of the Midwife and just days before Mother’s Day, thousands of people from around the world will come together for the Global March for Midwives. No matter where you are, you can help bring attention to the needless death of mothers and their babies, and the heroes working to save their lives. You’ll be part of the International Confederation of Midwives’ call to action, joining a coaltion of supporters working to improve maternal and newborn health. Join us, and commit to walking 5 kilometers on May... read more

Living a Fertile Life

I haven’t posted much on the blog the past few weeks because, well, I needed a break. Not from blogging. From trying to conceive (TTC)…and everything and anything related to it. For so long, I feel like I’ve been in a holding pattern. One minute I’m ready to step off the path of TTC, and the next I’m certain I should stay on it. As a result, I keep wavering. A few months ago, at a yoga for fertility workshop, I heard an instructor say, “There are lots of ways to live a fertile life.” Her words rang true. Fertility, at its heart, isn’t necessarily about bearing... read more

America's C-Section Rates Out of Control, but ACOG Refuses to Take Action

You may have noticed the press release with the winking ACOG eyeball can no longer be found on this Website. As reported by Babble.com, the press release first appeared on CNN.com’s iReport but was pulled after it was discovered to be a prank. As this post from another Babble.com blogger indicates, the subject of the press release–America’s skyrocketing C-section rate which is in violation of women’s fundamental rights–is anything but funny. As the press release circulated via email and Twitter, bloggers have been writing about it: *the... read more

Acupuncture, Baby?

Robin MerrillWeb Exclusive - March 13, 2009 While I loved having my babies, I should confess: I make a pretty pathetic pregnant woman. I am not the woman who runs around telling everyone that pregnancy is the best time of her life—quite the contrary. For me, it is a nine-month struggle. Halfway through my second pregnancy, I wondered if I was going to make it. I was desperate. I called an acupuncturist. I didn't know who else to call. With limited knowledge of Chinese culture or traditional Chinese medicine, I climbed onto her table with a weak, "Please help me." I was... read more

She's Always a Mother to Me

By Hannah Diller Web Exclusive She was the sweet-looking mom with baby in arms who stood in the waiting room with me outside our sons' music class week after week. Perfectly groomed, with tailored clothes, tasteful makeup, toned body, sincere smile and beaming baby, Margaret's very presence made me aware of my T-shirts (baggy for nursing purposes), legs that had no business being shown off, and baby who often needed to be jiggled and cajoled into a sunny mood. I remember her making an offhand comment once about how she'd just had to give up on having pretty nails for... read more

The Third Stage of Labor

Your beautiful baby has just been born and placed, slowly and gently, on your stomach. Flesh-to-flesh contact will probably feel just right to you. Skin contact will feel good to your baby, too, and keep her warm. You may want to have a blanket placed over both of you and a hat put on your newborn’s head to cut down on heat loss.Now is your chance to touch and gaze at this amazing new life. Babies are incredibly alert directly after birth. You may find her staring at you with wide-open eyes.If you place the baby on or near your breast, you will observe her beginning to... read more

Pain in Labor

Bring up the subject of pain in childbirth in a room full of women, and you’ll start a conversation that could go on for hours. Everyone has something to say on this topic—even people who never experienced labor themselves have a story to tell about their sister’s or friend’s experience with pain.Women are given very mixed messages about pain in childbirth. They are told it will be tremendously painful and that you need to use drugs to control the pain. They are also told that pain is all in the mind, and that they should be able to control the amount of pain they... read more

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