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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Pregnancy Snacks

By Cathe Olson     My rule for pregnant women is that each meal or snack have protein, fat, and complex carbs. This should help your blood sugar to stay constant, slow down the digestion of the foods, and give you energy. Here's a list of snack ideas I have compiled: -Whole grain toast with tahini or cream cheese and banana slices -Toasted English muffins with cottage cheese and fresh fruit slices -Whole grain bagel with almond butter, mashed avocado, or cream cheese -Crackers with nut/seed butter or cheese -Hard-boiled egg with crackers or... read more

Advice for a Single Mom: A Reader Response Post

A reader, let’s call her “Karen,” contacted me recently for advice. She’s a single mom with a five-year-old and she’s pregnant again. She’s feeling very scared and lonely, trying to figure out how she’ll negotiate life with a new baby and a full-time job. I’m so grateful for the advice of readers on this blog so I asked Karen if I could post her dilemma here. Here’s Karen’s story: I am a 30-year-old single Mom with a five year old daughter. Being a Mom is the greatest joy in my life. I am also 16 weeks pregnant. I was dating someone who was told... read more

Pregnancy After Birth Loss Resources

Resource Thread       Hi! This is a resource thread intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC discussions, Mothering articles and member-recommended website links surrounding the needs of those navigating pregnancy after birth loss. Please PM the forum's moderator to nominate a helpful thread, article or website for inclusion. MDC Discussions Encouraging Stories Dealing with Fear and Anxiety Mothering articles http://mothering.com/pregnancy-birth http://mothering.com/loss read more

Pregnancy And Birth Loss Resources

Resource Thread   Hi! This is a resource thread intended to be a compilation of helpful MDC discussions, Mothering articles and member-recommended website links dealing with pregnancy and birth loss. Please PM the forum's moderator to nominate a helpful thread or website for inclusion. MDC Threads Resources for those who have lost a child Suggestions for families and friends of grieving parents Honoring our babies Exactly what to expect with a miscarriage Mothering Articles Solitary Sadness: The Need to Grieve... read more


By Susan Yoder Ackerman Web Exclusive The blizzard howled as if it wanted to strip the tin roof from our log house. "Here, Robby darling, take this aspirin," I whispered, trying to hold my bathrobe closed across my pregnant belly. My husband turned to glare at me, his breath coming in short, rasping gasps. Let me wake up from this nightmare, I thought. This stranger is not my husband. He rolled the pills around on his fingertips, then swallowed them and slipped back into fevered sleep. I crawled under the covers beside him, but there was no sleep for me. All that... read more

Mama Was a Midwife

By Audrey KhunerIssue 144 - September/October 2007 For the children in our family, there was never any question of where babies came from. My mother never had to buy The Miracle of Life, the goofy cartoon book all my friends were reading. While most parents were waiting until their daughters or sons entered puberty to bring up the old birds-and-bees talk, at age three I was lecturing cashiers at the local supermarket about how the egg can survive in the fallopian tube for about 24 hours while awaiting insemination. The first birth I can vividly recall was my little... read more

Comfort Measures for Labor

By Penny Simkin, Janet Whalley, and Ann KepplerIssue 95, July/August 1999 Women respond differently to labor, depending on the nature of their labors, their sense of readiness, their coping styles, and their goals and expectations. As you prepare and rehearse for labor, learn various comfort measures and then adapt them to suit you. Use this knowledge to develop your own style for labor. Think about what helps you to relax: music, massage, soothing voices, a bath or shower, meditation, prayer, chanting or humming, or thinking about or visualizing pleasant places and... read more

Beyond Leo

By Jenny RoughWeb Exclusive, October 19, 2007 My heart is wild with the sound of chatter and praise. My husband, Ron, kisses my cheek as our friend Michael suggests a list of names: William, Christopher, Mark, Robert, Jacob, -- or Michael, he likes that best. I glance at my husband, and Ron is beaming. Michael swings an arm around Ron's shoulders. "My man! It's good to know your sperm are working," Michael says. The three of us clink glasses—me with my virgin pineapple juice, Ron and Michael with their bourbons. This has been going on for weeks now as Ron and I have... read more

June 2011 Ddc Roster

This lists all of our members due June 2011 - a group of moms who connect and share their pregnancy, birth, and ages-and-stages experiences.    Welcome and congrats to all! late May/early June petersnm - #1  imogenlily -  imalego - #3  lyndie - #1   elonwy - #1  Evergreen - #3   mija y mijo - #3  Tumble_Bumbles - #2 jwoodbri - #4 BallardBaby - #2  becomingme - #2    early June mayfly83 -  alerixon - #1  homestyle - #1  junebug2011 - #1  Jaspersmommy - #2  naturals - #2 prothyraia - #3 RachTheWife - #3 nononose -... read more

Baby Makes Five, by Jenny Raby

This was written as part of the workshop “Writing into Motherhood” taught by Tanya Taylor Rubinstein in the MotheringDotCommunity earlier this year. I am reposting it here for your enjoyment. You can read all nine of the pieces written by our workshop moms here. Baby Makes Five by Jenny Raby Sitting there in the birth tub I remembered the disbelief when my husband suggested the nausea I was feeling was probably because I was pregnant. I remembered the sinking feeling I had when it began to dawn on me that he wasn’t so far off base. I remembered... read more

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