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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Childbirth Education: Bring a Play to College Students!

I love the power of communities. If there is one thing I’ve learned since becoming a mother it’s that when mothers take action just about anything can happen. That’s why I wrote the play “Birth” – a portrait of how low-risk mothers are giving birth in America today – and why I started the BOLD movement so “Birth” can be produced by moms all around the globe and raise awareness and money to promote mother-friendly birth. We’ve raised over $250,000 in less than five years for organizations offering mother-friendly care to pregnant moms. While I think... read more

honoring midwives . . . and Peggy!

Last month Peggy (Mothering editor and publisher Peggy O’Mara) and I were in Los Angeles for the ICTC Black Midwives and Healers Conference. While in the area, we also took part in another midwifery-related event a short drive away: a gathering at Golden Bridge Yoga Studio in Hollywood to honor local midwives for National Midwifery Week. Peggy had been invited to speak but didn’t really know much about the event, only that she had been asked to give a brief talk about midwifery. As it turned out, Peggy was invited there not just to speak—but to... read more

Charlotte's Web

By Emily StrongWeb Exclusive - June 19, 2006 I scoot closer to the edge of Miranda's couch as nausea, like the itsy-bitsy spider, climbs up my esophagus. My options are to make a beeline for the potted ficus or to navigate the minefield of toddlers at my feet to reach the bathroom. Pride and a fear that seeing me puking on “mommy's favorite tree" might leave scars on two-year-old minds, force me to choose the latter. I dart right to avoid a tea party, jog left to miss the music circle, and attempt a long jump over train tracks. Landing squarely on Thomas the Tank... read more

Your Beautiful Belly

To help prevent stretch marks and enhance the natural resilience of your skin, add essential oils to your skin-care preparations and massage yourself regularly. Lavender and neroli are particularly helpful in preventing stretch marks. Don’t forget that essentials oils are concentrated and should not be applied undiluted to the skin. Always add essential oils to a carrier oil such as grapeseed oil, sweet almond oil, sesame oil, jojoba oil, or sesame oil. Here is an excellent skin enhancer that may be massaged into your entire body or just on your ... read more

Making Decisions About Work and Career

Most women make plans about how work will fit into their lives after the baby is born: stay at home with the baby until she is ready for school; stay at home for three months and then return to work; stay at home for six weeks and then go back to work part-time; or another plan.Once they become mothers, however, many women find they need to reevaluate these plans. Motherhood can deal surprises. You may find that you now want to stay home for longer than you had originally planned. If your baby had to be hospitalized, you may not feel you’ve had enough time with him... read more

Our Home is a Shrine to the Birth of our Child

Web Exclusive April 10, 2006   The stairs outside the front door are those that Ahri walked up and down to open her hips for the baby's journey. Although her water broke on Friday evening, labor came slowly, and Saturday was very quiet. By 9pm on Saturday night the contractions were coming every five-ten minutes, coming on strong but not even close to where we needed to be. "When you have consistent contractions every three-four minutes, for two hours or so, it means you're getting ready," Michelle, our midwife's assistant, had said. And so Sunday morning we went... read more

The Birth Experience: A Journey of Self within a Community of Intuition

By Nora Weatherby Web Exclusive - January 29, 2007 "Giving birth has definitely been a transformative component of my life. I have really embraced the gift of motherhood. The compassion and the caring have really opened my heart," a young mother of two said to me over a cup of coffee. We spent two hours together, laughing, crying and sharing. The only hint that this was an interview was the small silver tape recorder that lay in between the napkins and the mugs. We did not know each other outside of this meeting. A mutual friend had introduced us. But, for those two... read more

Holistic Fertility Centers/Workshops

When it finally dawned on me that I was having trouble conceiving, I knew one thing: I wanted to restore the hormone imbalances in my body naturally. I searched…and searched…and searched for a holistic fertility center in the Washington, D.C. area (where I live). All I could find were a few random acupuncturists or naturopathic doctors that treated women’s health issues as part of a broader practice. I ended up traveling far away from the area – out of the country far – to immerse myself in Ayurveda. By the time I returned home, Pulling Down the Moon, a... read more

Octo-Mom's Doctor On Trial

I heard on National Public Radio (NPR) this morning that the doctor who implanted Nadeya Suleman (aka “Octomom”) with so many embryos is at a hearing this morning in Los Angeles. The doctor, Michael Kamrava, has been accused of “gross negligence” by the Medical Board of California. According to an L.A. Times blog post that was updated just a few hours ago, the hearing “is expected to last at least a week and could determine whether Dr. Michael Kamrava’s medical license will be suspended or revoked.” Dr. Kamrava was expelled last fall from the American... read more

scenes from a conference, part 2

Well, shoot. This is a little embarrassing. I was at the 7th International Black Midwives and Healers Conference last weekend, and fully intended to post regularly throughout the days we were there.  But then my laptop died and was sent back to Apple twice to be repaired. It wasn’t fixed in time to go to the conference, so our Mac whiz, Tim Nagy, lent me a loaner. Now, I don’t mean to sound like an ingrate, but it’s kind of like having a pedal-powered computer. Big and slow and a lot of work to do anything. I couldn’t get it to stay online at the hotel... read more

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