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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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The Farm Midwifery Center-Day 2

Mighty Midi-Men Being a family friendly environment most of the women who are here for the workshop brought their families.  My husband is here with my youngest son and he was hanging out at the swimming hole with two other of the attendee’s families.  One of the local guys concocted a name for them-he said “oh you must be here with the wannabe midwives-or midies as we like to call them-Hey You guys are the Mighty Midi Men!” It is funny-I had intended on writing this blog nightly and posting it right away.  This is impossible for two reasons 1. We are... read more

The Farm-Day 3

Honorary Hippie Today was what I think a lot of us were waiting for.  Though I am quite content just to be on this legendary farm with these legendary women-some of us really came here to acquire some skills.  I had never taken blood pressure before so that was really fun and have been practicing it all day. I even learned some really great tips for my childbirth education classes-like using rubber bands to show the different stages of effacement or ways to remember how to technically described the baby’s position. Pamela Hunt named the model Fanny so... read more

Journaling Your Pregnancy, Fertility, and Baby's First Years

There are so many different ways to keep a journal. There are weight loss journals, exercise journals, travel journals, nature journals, gratitude journals, financial journals, and spiritual journals. There are pregnancy journals and journals mothers keep to record their babies’ first years. As a kid, I loved looking back at the book my mom kept for me. Today, I keep my own journal. Lately, it’s been about my fertility journey (not sure my future kid would want to read it, but it helps me). I like to think of journals as gifts. Allowing space for creative... read more

The Huffington Post - Why Home Births Are Worth Considering

Sept 13, 2010 News from The Huffington Post Sept 09, 2010 "Why Home Births Are Worth Considering", by Melissa Cheyney (Assistant Professor of medical anthropology and reproductive health) read more

The Infertility Secret

“I think I’m pregnant,” I told Ron a few months ago. “My breasts are sore. I’m tired. I haven’t started bleeding.” It was too early to take a pregnancy test, but I had an extra stick in our bathroom leftover from previous attempts. It would give me an answer in a few days. Ron was excited, but cautious. “Let’s keep this one on the down low.” Part of me understood where he was coming from. He didn’t want to have to explain another miscarriage. With our first pregnancy, we had shared the news right away. I blogged about my morning sickness; about... read more

Does the gender of your baby really matter?

“I really wanted a boy,” my mother said of her first pregnancy. We were sitting side by side at a faux Japanese restaurant where food is prepared at an enormous grill in the middle of the table. A handsome Korean twirled his spatula in the air. “And I had a boy.” My mother looked pleased. In one deft movement, the chef squirted teriyaki sauce on the tofu on the grill. “Then I really wanted a boy,” my mother laughed. The chef added a heaping portion of white spaghetti to the tofu. “And I had another boy.” The chef flipped the tofu dish onto my plate and... read more

The Farm Midwifery Center

Seven months ago a friend and fellow doula sent me an email which read-“we should just do it, let’s go to the farm.”  The farm she was referring to is none other than Ina May Gaskin’s Farm Midwifery Center.  And we are going-in less than two weeks.  I was a tad worried at first because my little one is still nursing and I wasn’t quite sure how I was going to pull that off. I should have known that the farm would be more than accepting of bringing little man along-of course my husband will be joining us too as I... read more

TIME - Should American Women Learn to Give Birth at Home?

09/07/10 News from TIME magazine online Sept 04, 2010 Should American Women Learn to Give Birth at Home? read more

Pregnancy is a Gift

I took the pregnancy test and it showed the glorious two lines. We had conceived our third child. The knowledge was delicious and sweet. My husband and I had both come from families of two children, but for some reason we always knew we’d have three kids together. We were slated to go away for the weekend with my sister, her fiance and some other friends. As we drove out of town I wondered how I could possibly keep this information to myself, as I was so excited, surely, it was tattooed across my chest that I was engaged in the sacred act of growing a... read more

Fertility Waters

When Nicole Kidman got pregnant at 41, she wondered if swimming in the Australian Outback contributed to her sudden fertility. Is there such a thing as fertility waters? Awhile back, I met with a holistic practitioner who suggested that floating in the Dead Sea may alter the chemical imbalance of my cervical mucus, boosting fertility. I actually remember thinking, “Gee, maybe Ron and I should book a vacation to see if it works.” We didn’t go, but I love the idea of the curative power of water. Water is healing. One of the most popular Psalms in the Bible,... read more

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