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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Boring Song for Don

Somewhere between the deep tones of a cello duet and the roaring of Palisades Falls you knew your time had come for entrances. Racing through the movements in impatient double time you finished on a sharp, exact staccato by which Dvorjak's measurers paled and pounding waters lost their awesomeness.   Read more poems read more

Birthing Brings Me

Birthing brings me to a continent's ledge dissolved above and below food for the moon's blistering tongue Birthing brings fear's tight-fisted heart deep breathing to beat easy When I break open, they said gore and ocean pour from the guts And will the salt spray sting? Will pelicans lift throats full of fish? Will I laugh when beyond the water's howl bird's click and caw twisting in the juicy cave a throat constricts to sing with birthing screeches And will I sing?   Read more poems read more

A Leaf Falling is a Leaf Falling

You can't tell me what's beautiful What is beautiful depends upon the eye I once knew a man who saw a leaf fall And dropped to his knees weeping To me a leaf falling is a leaf falling The sun sets at night and rises at dawn When my wife's water broke that was the end. I swam toward that dam like a salmon swimming to save its life.   Read more poems read more

The Birthing

Who can say how it happened but here it is and here I am caught in the mouth of the great tigress mother earth birthing goddess feeling her teeth around my belly and through my back sabers of bone. If I wriggle look ahead or behind I'm caught like a nervous kitten on it's mother's teeth. So I learn to dangle hang suspended from the great mouth of the goddess of the jungle. Surrender. Until her movement is mine and I am pacing turning bending still loose- suspended. And I roar. Feeling her pass through me great mother my lover as we are born ... read more

Big Brother, Little One

He runs his hands wildly up and down my arm. I relish in the velvety-soft warmth of his palms as he stops occasionally to pick at a tiny imperfection. Funny how our "imperfections" are our children's favorite aspects. He sings his nursing song, slow and deliberate, sweet and flowing. His feet paw at my legs as we lie on our bed. Then, as quickly as it began, the frenzied activity ceases, leaving only steady breathing, slowed suckling, and heavy, still silence. As his mind gives way to his body's need for a peaceful mid-day slumber, his sibling gives a swift... read more


Alive in your arms I open to the sound Rising from the floor of my being, Where I hold the jewel We gave each other Forty-two weeks before-- The gift cradled, treasured, nurtured, Bathed in sweet crimson darkness, Hanging like ripe fruit on my curled, pulsing vine. The treasure I toil and sweat To deliver to you now. See my eyes in the mirror, Bright and dark beneath heavy brows. Fully relaxed, Fully aware. Press my lips to your strong, soft shoulder As another wave rises, Crests, Rushes through my center. I bend over your embrace, A palm tree blown over by hurricane... read more

The Birth

At 6:29am she was born. Of course she was helpless and frail to the path before her, but she was also determined and glowing with a newfound warmth. Her body surged with changes that shook the foundation of self image she may have known. Cries arose with a welcoming echo where before there were many moons of silent growth. Safe in the newness of shared body warmth, she looked for the first time at the life so attached to her own. Relief, joy, and utter love swept over her as the soothing milk worked relentlessly at arrival to hungry lips. She... read more

birthing superheroes

I’ve been working with a new illustrator, Jonathan Lam, for the upcoming November–December issue. One of the things that sets this guy apart from the other illustrators whose work has appeared in our pages is that he is—among other things, of course—a comic book illustrator. We wanted art with an epic feel for a story about a woman who has a waterbirth during a power outage after a huge windstorm in the Seattle area, and Jon’s style seemed a match. After all, what could be more heroic than natural childbirth? I’d like to see Spidey do that . .... read more

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