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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Walking is one of the best ways to exercise during pregnancy or at any time. Develop a walking routine that fits into your lifestyle. Put together a comfortable outfit to wear on your walks in all kinds of weather. Choose shoes or boots that are comfortable and won’t slip. Lay out your outfit and shoes in your room so that they’ll be ready for you and go on your walk first thing in the morning. If you have a child, bring him or her in a backpack or baby jogger. Maybe the morning just does not work for you. Can you end your day with a walk or... read more

Healing the World – One Baby at a Time

Ibu Robin Lim & The Documentary Film-Guerrilla Midwife My home smells of citronella essential oil – the smell is reminiscent of a local anti-mosquito oil I was given by Wayang, a friend whom I met while on vacation in Bali, Indonesia.  One inhale and I am sent back, one deep breath and my spirit is filled with the essence of all that is Bali.   It was explained to me that the land, the culture, and the people of Bali would always remain a part of me.  I never truly understood that sentiment until I left the island. While on our five-week family... read more

Building Your Own Library

In addition to building my baby nephew’s library, I’m always on the lookout to build my own library. As I struggle to conceive, I have immersed myself in books about infertility, conception, and pregnancy. Medical and educational books can be full of useful information. I’m currently reading A Baby at Last! The Couple’s Complete Guide to Getting Pregnant—from Cutting-edge Treatments to Commonsense Wisdom by Dr. Zev Rosenwaks, Dr. Marc Goldstein, and Mark L. Fuerst. One of the things I appreciate about this medical fertility book is that the authors devote space to... read more

Baby Names---Where did you find yours?

With the pregnancy issue of Mothering just around the corner, and some “secret” baby naming web stuff in the works,  I have been thinking alot about baby names. I found it EXTREMLY difficult to choose names for my two little ones. I did a good deal of soul searching…finding the perfect balance between unique and classic, meaningful and personal, masculine and feminine. There is SO much in a name. How did you choose your children’s names? Was it challenging? What helped you make that final decision? Share your baby naming story and you could... read more

Women and Children First

by Simone Snyder-Outreach & Resource Manager Mothering My degree is in anthropology. I spent a great deal of my college years conducting research and writing papers. In essence its kind of what I wanted to do with my life. Looking back on that experience I feel a bit confused-why can’t I seem to get it together for this project? This is way beyond anything I would categorize as writers block. I am afraid-afraid of what I am learning, worried that the more research I do, the more in depth I go-the later I will lay awake at night wondering how I could do... read more

Herbal Medicine for Fertility

Many cultures use the leaves, berries, roots, bark, and flowers of various plants for medicinal purposes. Last Saturday, I joined a group of hikers in Colorado for an herb identification walk. It wasn’t fertility-specific, but we came across a number of plants that herbalists use to balance female hormones. Come hike with me… Above is wild raspberry. The berries had been picked over by bears, but there were a few small ones left. They burst with flavor in my mouth. The leaves of a raspberry plant can be used in tea to ease menstrual cramps. By... read more

House o' Birth: A Journal on Becoming an Ama

By Joan Logghe Issue 115, November–December 2002 I dreamed a baby was picketing the produce department. I don't know what she was protesting--maybe she was boycotting grapes. People are shocked that we don't know if the baby will be a boy or a girl. I tell the handsome Fed-Ex driver "No ultrasound," and you'd think I said, "No prenatal care." What I didn't say was, "Not even a wedding." My daughter Corina was named for the song "Corina, Corina" and the poem by Herrick, "Corinna's Going A-Maying." I went into labor on May Day, which used to be celebrated ... read more

Baby Name Index

This page is coming soon. read more

Self Demand Feeding

Pregnancy may be the first time in your lives that you allow yourself to eat as you please. If you have turned to food to meet emotional needs in the past or if you just want to use your pregnancy as an opportunity to have a better relationship with food, try self-demand feeding. Self-demand feeding is simple. Eat when you’re hungry. Eat foods that you choose yourself. Stop when you’re full. Here are some guidelines: Have a wide range of foods available in your home. You decide when, what and how much to eat. Focus on... read more

Pregnancy Weight Gain

Most women worry a great deal about gaining weight, even in the early months of pregnancy. As with everything else in pregnancy, there is no real normal range by which to gauge proper weight gain. Some women actually lose weight in the first trimester, especially if they have had a lot of nausea. Many women report a thickening of the waist almost right away—something they notice when they try to close the buttons of their tighter-fitting jeans.Fully experiencing the changes of your pregnant body—the extra fat storage that nourishes the baby and the full, heavy feeling... read more

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