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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Gurmukh's Postpartum Wisdom

When I was pregnant with our daughter, I took prenatal yoga with the renowned Gurmukh Kaur Khalsa. Gurmukh's wisdom encircled and empowered me through my pregnancy, and nourished me through the tender postpartum period -- inviting us to engage an ancient wisdom prescription: cocoon at home for forty days.   We closed each class by singing a Kundalini farewell blessing (originally lyrics from an Incredible String Band song):   May the longtime sun shine upon you, all love surround you, and the pure light within you guide your way on.   Isn’t this... read more

Help! Advice for Turning a Breech Baby?

By Brian Leaf   Hello Mothering Community,   In these posts, I usually relate humorous conversations that I've had with my boys about peeing in public or why I have pubic hair.   But today, I need your advice and wisdom.   On my lunch break, I bumped into a friend. He told me that his wife is breech and scheduled for a C-section later in August. She’s devastated. He said she has low amniotic fluid so they can’t physically turn the baby.   So my question for you, dear Mothering community, is what can she do? Do you have experiences with... read more

Chinese Gender Prediction for Baby: How accurate is it?

                         Thousands of years ago the Chinese developed a calendar to predict a baby's sex. It was supposedly discovered buried in a royal tomb about 700 years ago and is said to be over 90% accurate when used correctly.    Of course, this is really just for fun--but we would love to hear from you (and we are sure many pregnant mamas would as well) whether the chart is accurate for your past births. Please check the chart and tell us about the prediction(s) in the comments below!    How Do I Predict My Baby's Gender Using This Chart?... read more

Pregnancy and Birth Etiquette in the Internet Age

Originally posted on MotherWise Using social media to share our experiences with pregnancy and birth is a beautiful thing; through sharing our journeys, we build communities of informed mothers who feel empowered and supported.  Yet with the information age comes a peculiar sense of urgency and entitlement towards this instantaneous form of communication.  It seems that, as with pregnancy announcement etiquette, some people may need a refresher regarding how to tactfully and respectfully respond to pregnancy and birth, especially online.  The issues listed here are... read more

The Myth of the Gentle C-section

                  All women everywhere, no matter how they birth, should be treated with respect and care.    I think that this- respectful, gentle birth care- is probably something that every birth advocate wants for women.  That is why we are in this business, why we work hard to do what we do.  And so, when somebody pitched the idea of a "gentle cesarean" it sounded pretty good.     I first heard of the gentle cesarean a few years ago.  There was a video being passed around the Internet about this revolutionary practice.  People were excited, and... read more

A Healthy Dose of Birth Fear

  There was a time when I thought that the less you feared birth the better.     I'm not so sure anymore.   I used to think that women feared birth just because of the media and ugly stories they heard at baby showers and from their friends about inductions gone wrong and things that could have been prevented with a doula or a chiropractor.   I'm not so sure about that anymore either.   I used to think that an undisturbed birth was the best way to go and that the intrusion of the other or the expert would throw a kink in the works and make the... read more

Declare Your Independence in Birth Choices

As long as our country remains so low in the world rankings on neonatal and maternal health, I will continue to run this article every year on America's birthday. It is sad enough that the U.S. has just dropped five slots in the infant mortality rankings -- down to 30 -- but a new report from Save the Children reveals that we have the highest first-day infant death rate in the industrialized world.   As we celebrate our nation’s independence from oppressive rule, I want to explore a more subtle, insidious form of control: the status-quo of today’s culture —... read more

Birth Activism That Works

  What Made YOU Care About Birth?   As mothers changed by birth it is natural to want to reach other people and help them have a wonderful birth experience. But before we get too riled up I think it is important to think back to what finally got our own attention and caused us to really care about birth in our world.   There are a million ways to reach out and affect change and different people approach this differently. For some media is their area of expertise. Think of Ricki Lake and her movie, “The Business of Being Born”. Ms. Lake was already an... read more

Staying Connected After Birth: A Peaceful Beginning

My life explorations as an adopted person and my studies of the foundations of human wellbeing have consistently turned up a key element of health: the experience of and capacity for connection. Birth presents us a momentous opportunity to foster connection. It is also important to understand the costs of not staying connected after birth -- whether it is due to adoption, NICU confinement, health issues in the mother, or other circumstances preventing mother-newborn connectedness. This is not about guilt or blame, but the empowerment that comes with understanding... read more

Taking Care of Yourself After Baby: There is No Such Thing as Normal

  Embracing and Nurturing your Overwhelmed Self Post-Partum and Beyond   by Katharina Sandizell   When I had my first child, I spent a lot of time thinking about and preparing for the birth. When the baby finally came, I was mildly depressed and out of sorts for a while, at the same time feeling guilty that I wasn’t overflowing with an abundance of selfless love and joy. I realized that every second of what had been plenty of personal space was now taken over by a baby that would require all of my attention and more.   These overwhelmed and depressed... read more

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