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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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In Praise of Telling Too Soon

By Katie SilbermanWeb Exclusive, January 28, 2008 That thing they warn you about: it happened to me. I got pregnant. I was thrilled. I told a bunch of family and friends—and then I lost the baby in my second month. I had to untell a whole lot of people. That story was swirling around in my head. You know the one. The one "They" always say about how you're "not supposed to tell people too soon." I always hated that one. I hated it when my sister would whisper that her friends were pregnant, and then warn me, "...they're not telling people yet." It seemed so negative and... read more

Is There Ever a Right Time to Get Pregnant?

“My daughter still tells me we should never have had children when we did,” a friend confides, remembering how broke she and her husband were when their oldest was born, how far from town they lived, and how she used to haul baskets of dirty cloth diapers 17 miles to the laundry mat since they had no running water in their cabin. Another friend, Steph Auteri, has recently launched a relationship blog on YourTango (where she also works as an editor) where she’s chronicling her decision to become a mom. In today’s post she asks the question, “Is there a... read more

Riding the Waves

By Carmella Van Vleet Web Exclusive I once read a book by a man who had lost a young son. He described his grief as a wave, or as something that, if you turned your back to it, could sneak up and bite you on the ankles or swallow you up whole. At the time it was simply a curious image that I played with; it didn't resonate in me until I had a miscarriage. Baby number three, like my first two children, and indeed everything in my life, was well planned. My husband, Jim, and I had known about the pregnancy only a short time when the spotting started. Everyone did their... read more

Reviewing Birthing Choices

You’ve already spent a great deal of time making decisions about your pregnancy and upcoming delivery. You have chosen a health care provider and a childbirth education class, and decided whether or not you’re opting for a doula. You have made decisions about what foods to eat and where to give birth.The fabric of our lives changes constantly, however, and many women find themselves questioning some of these decisions later in their pregnancies. Whether or not you have doubts about any of the choices you’ve made up until this point, it’s a great idea to think it all... read more

Mommy Lit and Medicalized Birth

By Joanne RendellWeb Exclusive - September 22, 2008 Over the last few years, the publishing industry has given birth to a new genre: mommy lit. Jennifer Weiner's Little Earthquakes, Sophie Kinsella's Shopaholic and Baby, Jane Green's Babyville, Emily Giffin's Something Blue, and Risa Green's Notes from the Underbelly (to name a few) have arrived in bookstores with their glossy covers and tales of pregnancy and contemporary motherhood. Whether the authors like it or not, their books have been given the moniker mommy lit—usually by reviewers who see such works as an... read more

Riding the Roller Coaster of Pregnancy and Becoming a Parent

Here is my response to a recent question by Elisha Goldstein, PhD, co-author of the Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction Workbook and author of a great blog Mindfulness and Psychotherapy at psychcentral.com. Elisha: The journey of pregnancy, childbirth and early parenting can seem like a roller coaster at times for new parents. How can we integrate mindful parenting to help us through this time? Cassandra: That really is an apt metaphor because pregnancy, childbirth, early parenting, and for many, even conception can be such a roller coaster – ups,... read more

Being There

By Milva McDonald and Justine McDonald Web Exclusive At a soccer game once, I overheard two mothers discussing birth. "Every teenage girl should observe one," said the first. "That would go a long way toward ending teenage pregnancy." They both laughed. I stayed silent, recognizing the labor-as-nightmare theme and wondering: Is that really what we want our daughters to know about birth? In the last two and a half years, I’ve had two baby girls, and my older daughter Justine, now almost 14, has attended both births. I know she will never forget seeing her sisters come... read more

Save Home Birth in New York!

April 30, 2010 At midnight April 30th the majority of New York City's home birth midwives will no longer be able to practice legally. Unless immediate action is taken by the Governor and the NYS Department of Health the women that these midwives serve will be denied access to a home birth with their chosen provider and these providers will no longer be able to practice legally in New York. YOU MUST ACT NOW to save the home birth option for New York Women! Call: Wendy Saunders, Executive Deputy Commissioner for the NY State Department of Health, appointed by... read more

Epidural Epidemic

By Joanne Dozer and Shannon BaruthIssue 95, July/August 1999 The use of epidurals is so common today that many perinatal professionals are calling the 1990s the age of the epidural epidemic. Believed by many in the medical profession to be safe and effective, the epidural seems now to be regarded as a veritable panacea for dealing with the pain of childbirth. It is true that most women experience pain during the course of labor. This pain can be intense and very real, even for those who have prepared for it. But pain is only one of many possible sensations and... read more

Induced and Seduced: The Dangers of Cytotec

By Ina May GaskinIssue 107, July/August 2001 Early in her second pregnancy, Gretchen Brown (a pseudonym) decided to get care from an obstetrician. After all, she was 35, it had been 16 years since her last child was born, and an obstetrician seemed like the safest possible choice. The one she chose worked with nurse- midwives, but it was he who saw her at each of her prenatal visits. Still, Gretchen was taken aback by the way he reintroduced himself at every visit, a clear sign that he didn't remember her from one time to the next. "I felt like one of the cattle being... read more

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