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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Baby Fat: The New Mom’s Struggle with Body Image

By Kristin BeckIssue 123, March/April 2004 Long before I got pregnant, I became sensitive to the various messages out there about pregnancy and motherhood. As with other things in life, once your radar switches on, you’re astounded that you’re completely surrounded by data. Natural birth or drugs, cradle or family bed, which stroller strolls best . . . all of this information had been out there before; I’d just never had a place for it in my brain. Suddenly, the Mommy File was open for business. I must have been... read more

Sandhill Season

By Jennifer Bové Web Exclusive December 25, 2006 Oh God, not again. I shoved the door of the truck open, leaned out far enough to miss my boots, and threw up. It wasn't a surprise, but it wasn't getting any easier either. Such bouts of nausea had become a regular part of my schedule in the four months I'd been pregnant, as if my body was hell bent on starvation. I'd never been one to skimp on food during long days in the field, and now, when I surely needed a little extra fuel, a plum and a couple of Saltines were purged from my system like poison. Swiping my hand... read more

Catching Babies in New Mexico

By Allegra Huston Issue 136 - May/June 2006 In January 2002, as I sat in a New York City taxi on my way into Manhattan from JFK airport, I was suddenly hit with waves of nausea. I clenched my stomach, determined to hold on until I reached my friend’s apartment. She was four months pregnant. By the time I’d pressed her doorbell, I was sure that I was pregnant too. In my old life, before I moved to New Mexico, I’d have gone to the doctor’s office and sat with sick people, waiting for a cursory examination and a snatched 15 minutes of office time. Now, having lived in... read more

Take a Nap, Make a Better Birth Choice

I posted this on my BOLD blog, but I thought I”d repost here for all you pregnant mamas (and not pregnant!)! For those of you who have read my Mothering Magazine blog you’ll know my new obsession lately is napping. Not just any nap, but a yoga nidra nap. I’m so nap-happy this year that starting on Mother’s Day I plan to commit to taking one nap every day for a year. And I want you to too. The science is out there: naps can be life-changing, increase productivity, elevate mood and a yoga nidra nap can do even more – including helping moms... read more

Walter's First Days: A Story of Fear and Hope

By Katrina Hinton-Cooper Web Exclusive January 22, 2007 When Walter was born I expected to relax, lean back in my bed, and be waited on hand and foot by the caregiver for a couple of weeks. That's how it works here in the Netherlands; why should it have been different for me? I had an excellent team of midwives standing by and all the check-ups and ultrasounds had gone very well indeed. Walter was going to be small, we knew that, but well within the normal range. I had it all planned out—getting started with the breastfeeding, introducing him to our pets and the... read more

The Dance of Birth

I haven’t blogged much about what I talk about most days – childbirth – but today feels like the right moment. Sitting on my virtual desk this morning were two very important articles. The first I received from Robin Guy, the woman who organized a performance of my play “Birth” in Ottawa, Canada last year. The play helped to raise money for the International Breech Birth Conference in Ottawa last summer. It was also performed at the conference. That’s why I was so excited to see a piece written in the Ottawa Citizen, “Giving birth, the natural way.”... read more

My Last Baby

By Katherine Horvath Web Exclusive I went to see my doctor yesterday for what was going to be an uneventful first prenatal visit. I was almost nine weeks along, and figured that it was too early to hear my baby’s heartbeat through the Doppler. Also, I wasn’t really showing yet (although I was a few pounds heavier than my normal pre-pregnancy weight!), so there was nothing to measure or palpate. Furthermore, I wasn’t scheduled for an ultrasound, which would offer me the excitement of actually seeing my baby and witnessing the flutter of his or her beautiful little... read more

Going For A Swim

Swimming can be done throughout pregnancy. It provides aerobic exercise, strengthens and tones the entire body, and is at once both relaxing and invigorating. If you already have a swimming routine, you should still be able to use it during pregnancy. Just adjust to your new energy level. Here are some simple ways to relax in the pool. Use a flotation vest if you like. Go the deep end of the pool. Do flutter kicks as fast as you can for about 30 seconds. Then do them as slowly as you can for another 30 seconds. Repeat this three to five ... read more

How to Excrete a Watermelon; or, 7 Ways to Have Fun During Labor

When I was 17 my friend John told me that his mother said having a baby was like trying to push a watermelon out your rear end. Sound like fun? Not really. “Fun” and “labor” aren’t two words you usually read in the same sentence. But labor actually can be fun. Really and truly. Here’s how: 1) Keep a sense of humor and have someone tell you dumb jokes: Laughter is better than valium when it comes to relaxing and when a woman in labor laughs her body loosens up and opens up. In my third labor I remember telling the homebirth midwife, “Okay, I’m... read more

Provide a Bumi Box and Help Birthing Moms in Haiti

April 2, 2010 A call from the Bumi Sehat Foundation International-Haiti, requesting your help in supporting birthing moms in Haiti's earthquake affected areas. It has been less than three months since the devastating earthquake struck Haiti. The emergency is not over and women and children continue to suffer and die every day. Bumi Sehat Haiti has opened the doors to their birth center and is supporting pregnant women and their children through prenatal visits and labor and birth support. Their midwives are skilled at gentle birthing techniques intended to offer women... read more

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