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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Natural Parenting Toolbox: Nutritional Guidelines During Pregnancy

Food Groups and Servings During Pregnancy Grain Products: 5 to 11 servings. Include whole grain bread, corn tortillas, rolls, bagels, muffins, whole grain waffles or pancakes, hot grain cereals, rolled oats, cracked wheat, wheat germ, cold cereal, granola, whole grain pastas, brown rice, millet, and bulgar. Vegetables: 5 servings or more. Include a colorful variety of vegetables such as spinach, yellow squash, red peppers, pumpkin, corn, arugula, collard greens, carrots, turnip greens, dandelion leaves, purslane, chard, sweet potatoes, white potatoes, broccoli, and... read more

Month by Month: First Trimester

  What's Happening In My Body? Month One:During the first month, you often don’t even know you’re pregnant. It’s not until you miss your first period that you begin to suspect. You may feel tired, your breasts may be tender, and you may urinate more frequently. Month Two:During the second month, your uterus will begin to expand and, if this is your first pregnancy, it will be about as big as a tennis ball. With subsequent pregnancies, your uterus will become larger earlier in your pregnancy. Some women feel occasional nausea or morning sickness during month two and... read more

Month by Month: Third Trimester

What's Happening In My Body? Month Seven: You feel good during this month. You have a hearty appetite, and may feel less moody and more in the groove of your pregnancy. Your baby will be moving around a lot, and you may notice that your belly itches. You may also have breast tenderness and leg cramps while you sleep. Month Eight: During month eight, you may experience shortness of breath as your uterus presses on your diaphragm or ribs. You may have heartburn and indigestion as your uterus puts pressure on your stomach. As the baby grows larger, you may have a hard... read more

The Trend Toward Night Doulas: Exploring the Original Vision of Postpartum Doula Care

By Vicky York, IBCLC, CPDWeb Exclusive There is a growing trend toward hiring a postpartum doula to spend the night with a family after the birth of their newborn. Although it is wise to support a newly delivered mother's need for rest after birth, the financial cost to families for this service is great; therefore other key needs for this time period are being set aside. When a family chooses night help, which usually costs $175-$250 per night, they often feel they can't additionally afford to pay a doula during the day. The family then misses out on guidance with... read more

In America We Are Forcing Women to Have C-Sections

Joy Szabo got some bad news when she was seven months pregnant. Because she had had a previous C-section, the hospital where she was planning to deliver would not let her have a vaginal birth with her fourth child. Szabo’s story is written up on CNN’s Website (if you watch TV, you may have seen it on CNN as well): “Mom fights, gets the delivery she wants.” But the title of the article is misleading. The hospital and the doctor did not change their policy after the Szabos insisted. Instead, Szabo and her husband had to move six hours away to... read more

The Benefits Of A Probiotic Diet

Change the microbial population in your body from bad to good by eating a probiotic diet, rich in fermented foods and beverages like kefir and cultured veggies. They are loaded with beneficial microflora that help conquer infections long before your baby is born. Fermented or probiotic foods are much more potent than probiotic supplements like acidophilus. Not a valued part of the American diet, has been traditionally eaten for thousands of years in various cultures around the world.When a mother includes fermented foods daily in her diet both before and during her... read more

For the Not-Yet-Born: Reflections on Miscarriage, Ritual, and Healing

By Levita D. Mondie-Sapp Web Exclusive For me You are life So I asked for your remains Despite their policy to keep and examine After all, youwere sent through me And for at least sixty-three days I knew you were coming And only the day before yesterday I imagined you sitting in a high chair at the dinner table with me, daddy,and your sisters making slobbery faces But this morning theysucked out all the traces And planned to discard the“material” But I asked for you For ceremony and ritual: Libation at dawn Names called from Great Grandma Willie To Grandpa Tom Seeds of... read more

Digging for Roots -The Innate Nature of Children

By Amy Bush Bradley Web Exclusive - February 6, 2009 The children of today's world arguably present new and interesting challenges in comparison with the children of decades past. Parents sometimes believe they are more argumentative and disrespectful, and, at times, violent.The media and medical industries have both propagated the perceived negativity, and there are some who just throw their hands up in despair. "What is happening with our youth?" they cry. Rooted in dreams of the planet's children becoming happy, successful members of society, the concerns are valid.... read more

Adventures in Lotus Birth

Our newborn daughter with the cord and placenta still attached When I first read about lotus birth—which is the term people use for not cutting the cord but instead letting the placenta detach naturally from the baby—I thought it sounded … kind of gross. I was dismayed with myself for having such a close-minded reaction. I decided I should challenge my own assumptions and find out more about why some people choose to do it. One local midwife’s said it’s done for “spiritual reasons.” She mentioned that people usually salt the placenta and put... read more

VBAC at Home or Hospital

After two beautiful vaginal births, my third child was born via in labor non-emergency C-section due to persistent frank breech. I am now 15 weeks pregnant with my fourth child. I am excitedly planning for a VBAC delivery. Do you recommend that VBACs be performed in the hospital, or is homebirth a viable alternative? My uterus was close in two layers, and I know the chance of rupture is very small, but everyone I talk to says that I must deliver in the hospital. I would love your perspective on the matter.Since you had two 'beautiful vaginal births' before having an... read more

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