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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Video - My Journey to a VBAC

My Journey to a VBACWatch the beautiful and empowering VBAC(vaginal birth after cesarean) of River. "This is the story that details the traumatic cesarean birth of my first daughter Dylyn and the journey of becoming a Doula, Childbirth Educator & Midwife in it's aftermath. It ends with the Home Water Birth of my son River." —Lindsey Meehleis   My Journey to a VBAC from Lindsey Meehleis on Vimeo.   read more

Ina May Gaskin and the Safe Motherhood Quilt Project

By Shelley Campbell Web Exclusive I walked down the sloping aisle to the front of the auditorium and my eye caught the sign: The Safe Motherhood Quilt Project. Below, in italics, it read: Did you know that no improvement has been made since 1982 in reducing the maternal mortality rate in the United States? As I got closer, I made out the small print across the bottom, discovering that the Safe Motherhood Quilt had been inspired by the AIDS quilt. Each block represented a woman who had died in childbirth. I felt my heart grow heavy as I mounted the stairs to the stage... read more

Take Action Against the Today Show's "Perils of Midwifery"

Sept 30, 2009Choices in Childbirth, a non-profit designed to help women make informed maternity care choices, is asking you to sign a petition is opposition to the unbalanced report on homebirth featured by the Today Show on Sept 11th. The report, first called "The Perils of Midwifery" and later titled "The Perils of Homebirth", has caused a stir for the story's portrayal of midwifery and homebirth as overall dangerous practices.Please take a moment to review the petition and sign here.Join the discussion on MotheringDotCommunity. read more

USA Today Reports on Homebirthing

Sept 21, 2009USA Today reported last week on the rising homebirth rate in the US.Read the full article at "Home births get a bump, over obstetricians' objections". (Rita Ruben, USA Today, Sept 13, 2009)   read more

The 7th Annual Miles for Midwives Celebration

When: Saturday, October 3, 2009, 10am-2pm Where: Prospect Park, NYC Every year, New York City celebrates the dedication and skill of their midwives with Miles for Midwives, an annual charity run/walk. Sponsored this year by Choices in Childbirth and the American College of Nurse-Midwives, the event will raise money to ensure quality midwifery care in New York City. Quality care creates healthy families, and healthy families create healthy communities. The run/walk is five kilometers long - one loop of Brooklyn's Prospect Park - and it's a fun, relaxed event for community... read more

Karen Brody’s "Birth" to be featured in Colorado

 Northern Colorado is BOLD again!  Karen Brody’s critically acclaimed play, Birth, returns to Fort Collins on September 26th, and YOU are invited!  Crafted from over a hundred interviews over several years, Birth tells the story of eight modern, educated women and how they experience childbirth in America.  Entertaining and enlightening, this is a show you won’t want to miss!In addition to an incredible performance, The Family Journey and get born magazine are producing a BOLD evening that will include a vendor fair and an insightful post-show discussion featuring Peggy... read more

What are the Signs of Labor?

You are, step by step, working your way up to labor, though you may not even realize it. You may feel quite different now. Perhaps it seems as though the baby’s head is pressing against your pelvic floor more than it did before. You might begin to have more frequent Braxton-Hicks contractions. Your midwife or doctor may tell you that your cervix is ripe, or even that it is slightly dilated.A woman is not considered to be in true labor, though, until she is dilated to around three centimeters and is having contractions that are regularly spaced apart. Labor itself is... read more

Choosing Your Birth Practitioner

After choosing the place for your baby’s birth, your next important decision will be choosing the person who will care for you during the next nine months and attend the birth. There are four main types of providers you can choose from: midwives, obstetricians, family physicians, and osteopaths.     Midwives: Throughout the history of the world, a midwife, whether formally or experientially educated, has been the most common type of birth attendant. In days past, a midwife was generally a member of the community who was considered to be a wise woman. Today, midwives... read more

Am I Pregnant? Common Signs of Pregnancy

Common Signs of Pregnancy:   Some women will have guessed they are pregnant even before taking any tests. Trust yourself, if you feel like you may be pregnant take your body seriously. Symptoms of pregnancy can appear quickly and may include any of the following, but many women will experience none of these.         Common signs of early pregnancy: Missed Period Breast Tenderness (similar to menstruation) Dizziness or Feeling of Being Light Headed Fatigue Frequent Need to Urinate Runny Nose or Watery Eyes Constant Thoughts About Pregnancy or Baby, or the... read more

Body Wise: backache during pregnancy

About three-quarters of all pregnant women suffer from backache that starts in the second trimester, and a third of them experience severe problems. Backache during pregnancy is usually caused by a shift in posture, due to your growing abdomen. Hormones that cause joints and ligaments to loosen can also contribute to back strain.For many women, back problems are particularly acute at night.Some women also feel pain in their buttocks, or running down the back of one or both of their legs. This type of pain is called sciatica, and it the result of the growing uterus’s... read more

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