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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Single Motherhood by Choice: Going it Solo

I am a single mother by choice. No, I am not crazy. Yes, it is a lot of work. No, I have no regrets. Yes, I’m totally and madly in love with my son. I had thought about having a child on my own since my early thirties. It's not how I imagined I would have a family when I was younger but my reality is that I’m just not relationship girl, and I never have been. I have dated over the years but nothing ever stuck. And so I found myself staring at 40 on the horizon with my ovaries persistently reminding me that they were there and they would like to be put into service,... read more

Ina May Gaskin Reviews Groundbreaking Book, The Heart in the Womb

About The Heart in the Womb: An Exploration into the Roots of Human Love and Social Cohesion   Modern-day life and our highly stressed, “risk-averse” society has led to a medicalised, fearful model of childbirth, one that has stripped the process of its wondrous magic. In this groundbreaking book, consultant obstetrician Dr Amali Lokugamage discusses ways in which every woman can aim to give birth in the most natural, supportive way possible, and looks at the wider implications for society at large.    This book includes a foreword by Dr Luke Zander, founder of... read more

The Function of Joy in Pregnancy

Mothers, some of the most potent parental influence you will have on your child takes place while he or she is still in your womb -- so let's hope that most of your days while pregnant are Happy Mother's Days! While you are pregnant, your baby’s organs and tissues develop in direct response to lessons they receive about the world. These lessons come from your diet, your behavior and your state of mind -- thereby hinting at the function of joy in pregnancy.   If there is chronic stress in pregnancy, if a pregnant mother’s thoughts and emotions are persistently negative,... read more

Why We All Should Read The Business of Baby

  The Business of Baby: What Doctors Don’t Tell You, What Corporations Try to Sell you, and How to put Your Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Baby Before Their Bottom Line (Scribner, 2013) On a calm, early summer day, while away from home visiting family 13 years ago, I suddenly began hemorrhaging from a placental abruption. I  was just a few weeks into the last trimester of pregnancy with my first baby. I was terribly worried about my baby – as any expectant mother would be.  But it turns out that our real ordeal - which lasted a month and involved bed rest at three... read more

Untrue Assumptions About Homebirth

By Megan Leary   Out of all of my hippie ways, I surprisingly get the fewest inquiries as to why I decided to birth from home.  My theory is that people have already decided that homebirth is a bad thing and do not want to broach the topic in order to avoid awkwardness.  However, if you are one of these people I want you, most of all, to ask me about my decision.  If you have a hard time understanding why a mother might choose to homebirth, it is likely you are drawing conclusions about birthing at home from assumptions that are simply not true.    The most... read more

On Home Birth

  Quote: We have a secret in our culture, and it’s not that birth is painful. It’s that women are strong - Laura Stavoe Harm     I think it's important to start here: Labor is hard, intense work. No, wait. I think it's more important to start here: Women are amazing. And, labor is hard, intense work. And, whatever way a woman decides to bring a child into the world should be respected and, frankly, commended - because it is a hard, intense process. Molly is only three weeks old but so far, our two mantras have been... read more

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I Got My Period...I Got My POWER!

Okay, I'll come out with it, finally, after all these years: I was desperately disappointed with The Vagina Monologues! I'm only now fessing up and lodging my opinion that the empress Eve Ensler has no new clothes on. In her supposedly ground-breaking play...two hours of dialogue and monologue dedicated (supposedly) to the sexual dimension of a woman's psycho-anatomical makeup...there is not one single mention of menstruation. No period, period.   Oh, there are plenty of other reasons to not embrace TVM (or as Camille Paglia calls it, "the perversion of... read more

Pregnancy Announcement Etiquette

  Reposted with permission from MotherWise     For some people, announcing a pregnancy is a happy, exciting time.  Many soon-to-be mothers experience joyous reactions, hugs, happy tears, high-fives, and other loving, encouraging responses.  Others are not so fortunate, and it seems that an etiquette guide is in order.   I am a single parent, and although I was 23 and had a good job at a library, most of the responses I received when I told people I was pregnant were insensitive and inconsiderate.  It appeared that the main focus was that I was unmarried,... read more

The Labor Box: Preparing For My Second Homebirth

By Megan Leary     A year and a half ago, I was 42 weeks pregnant with my first and I was walking around 9 centimeters dilated.  So, it should come as no surprise that when labor finally did come it only lasted three hours from the first contraction to meeting my darling girl.  I didn’t get to experience or put to use the knowledge I had acquired on how to manage a long and laborious labor.  This is not to say that I didn’t have any pain.  My labor came hard and fast and I had grueling all back labor for the totality of the three hours.  However, my preparations... read more

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