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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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How Much Does Diet Matter During Pregnancy?

“Now you are eating for two,” goes the old cliché. This is true, but for many women that could mean getting even more obsessed about eating and having more guilt when they don’t do it “properly.” If you eat a hot fudge sundae, are you harming your growing baby?Like many other health-related questions, this one has few clear answers. Other than a few specifics, studies have not been able to pinpoint precisely how the mother’s diet affects a baby’s growth while it is still in the womb, although many suggest that long-term health issues may stem from pre-birth... read more

Dealing with Fear

It has been shown that fear can profoundly affect childbirth. Fear causes the body to release the fight-or-flight hormones, catecholamines. These hormones are in direct conflict with those that cause labor to progress smoothly, including endorphins (the body’s natural pain-reducing hormones), and oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract in a smooth, powerful, and coordinated way, urging the baby into the world.    But don’t panic. Before you add “fear of having fear slow down my upcoming labor” to the list of things you are already worried about, know that it is... read more

Homebirth Under Fire: What the Headlines Don't Say

By Jill MacCorkle Issue 117, March/April 2003 Media reports of the latest study on homebirth were short and to the point: Infants born at home had twice the risk of death, and both mothers and infants had higher risks of other complications. The study, "Outcomes of Planned Home Births in Washington State: 1989-1996," appeared in the August 2002 issue of Obstetrics and Gynecology, the official journal of the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG).1 On the day of publication, ACOG, which represents the interests of 40,000 obstetricians and... read more

A VBAC Odyssey

by Jill A. KuhnWeb Exclusive My birth saga starts at around 34 weeks of pregnancy when the midwife I had been seeing informed me that because of her own liability she had to refer me to an OB and could no longer see me. This was because I had a C-section with my 1st daughter and was now unnecessarily marked as “high risk.” She referred me to a physician who was supposed to be “VBAC friendly” but I quickly found out this was not the case. Thus, my whirlwind education into the hostile world of VBACs began. I called numerous hospitals and OBs and not one of them would... read more

Preparing Siblings for Birth

If you already have children, you may be wondering how involved they should be with your pregnancy in the months to come and how best to prepare them for the birth of a new sibling. They will most likely have many questions, and finding answers can be difficult.Keep in mind that there are no correct answers to these questions. You must decide what is appropriate for your child. Most believe that sheltering children from intense life events is not necessary, and that children do better when adults talk with them honestly about difficult situations. That also holds true... read more

Overcoming a Traumatic Birth

I experienced a traumatic birth with my now four-year-old son. Even after having a wonderful homebirth with my second child a year ago, I am still suffering guilt, grief, and overwhelming sadness related to my first birth. My son is a wonderful, spirited child; but he also experiences explosive anger and frustration and has never enjoyed being held. I have worked so hard to try and bond with him, but it still feels as though something is missing?I'm so sorry to learn of your traumatic birth experience. I know that the terrible impact of trauma can ripple through a... read more

Benefits of Lotus Birth

I was just curious as to your opinion on whether or not having a lotus birth is more beneficial than simply delaying clamping and cutting of the cord until after it's finished pulsating?Clamping and cutting the cord when it stops pulsating is undoubtedly an invasive procedure. It implies that a birth attendant behaves like an observer and is repeatedly touching the cord. This is a terrible distraction at a time when the mother is discovering her baby and has forgotten the rest of the world. The main effect of this distraction is to interfere with the release of a high... read more

Morning Sickness and Nausea

Almost three-quarters of women will experience some form of morning sickness or nausea during pregnancy. Some women will experience just a bit of queasiness when they first wake up. Others might experience it at a different time of the day. Some women will feel sick enough to vomit at times. Still others will notice that they have very marked food likes and dislikes during this time. Despite its prevalence, the causes of morning sickness are not known for certain. Some possible reasons for it include: Increased level of hormones. In early pregnancy estrogen and hCG... read more

Ultrasound - Definition Of Its Use And Practice

By Elizabeth Bruce Issue 102, September/October 2000 Ultrasounds are commonly recommended by doctors, especially for "high-risk" mothers--a category that often includes women over 35 or under 18 years of age, diabetic mothers, women who were previously infertile, and even those who have miscarried before. In other words, virtually every pregnant woman will at some point be offered an ultrasound examination. The two main concerns that most women will likely have about ultrasound regard its safety and accuracy--two issues about which, unfortunately, women receive little... read more

mama-to-be Simone

Mothering staffers gathered yesterday for a baby shower for Simone Snyder (who among other crucial things manages ad traffic for us), due in a couple of weeks. We’ll be posting a slide show of the shower on Mothering.com soon, but in the meantime, that’s us in Marketing Director Elizabeth Carovillano’s back yard. Left to right, back row: Jennifer Bartlit, Lally McMahon, Simone Snyder, Peggy O’Mara, Kristina Morris-Heredia. Kneeling: Elizabeth Carovillano, Melyssa Holik, me.   Tags: baby shower, elizabeth carovillano,... read more

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