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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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mama-to-be Simone

Mothering staffers gathered yesterday for a baby shower for Simone Snyder (who among other crucial things manages ad traffic for us), due in a couple of weeks. We’ll be posting a slide show of the shower on Mothering.com soon, but in the meantime, that’s us in Marketing Director Elizabeth Carovillano’s back yard. Left to right, back row: Jennifer Bartlit, Lally McMahon, Simone Snyder, Peggy O’Mara, Kristina Morris-Heredia. Kneeling: Elizabeth Carovillano, Melyssa Holik, me.   Tags: baby shower, elizabeth carovillano,... read more

baby earth

Poem by Dawn Urbont   my belly grows round like the globe on Matthew's desk and i watch from above small tremors and quakes on the West Coast, waves and bulges in the Caspian Sea. he flutters and kicks, bucking bronco, tiny yogi quiet little drummer in a pool of amniotic fluid. i am his Mother Earth. i am his world, and soon he will be my sea, my shores, my coral reef.   Read more poems read more

Higher Ground: pregnancy visualization

Here is a simple visualization exercise to replace negative images about weight gain with positive ones can be very helpful.To begin, find a comfortable position of relaxation. Choose a person with whom you are comfortable to lead you through the process—or tape-record your own voice if you prefer. Let that person know ahead of time which parts of your body feel heaviest and most uncomfortable to you.You’ll be using the imagery of your breath to focus on certain parts of your body, flowing from head to toes, so that by the end of this process you are not only relaxed but... read more

Nourish Yourself: the food groups for pregnancy

The Food Groups for Pregnancy:Grain products: Five to eleven servings daily. Include:Whole grain bread, corn tortillas, rolls, bagels, muffins, whole grain waffles or pancakes, hot grain cereals, rolled oats, cracked wheat, wheat germ, cold cereal, granola, whole grain pastas, brown rice, millet, and bulgur.Vegetables: Five servings or more daily. Include: A colorful variety of vegetables such as greens (spinach, kale, collard greens, chard, bok choy, beet greens), yellows (winter squash, sweet potatoes, summer squash, corn, carrots), and reds (beets, tomatoes, red... read more

Body Wise: sex in pregnancy

Pregnancy is unpredictable. You may have an aversion to sex right now; you may notice no change in your sexual desire, or you may feel more passionate than ever before. If your expectations are not the same as those of your partner, it can be an emotional challenge.Get to the bottom of whatever feelings you have. Are you embarrassed about your increased desire for sex? Do you feel guilty that sex is the last thing in the world you want right now? Do you have preconceived notions about sex during pregnancy? Are you worried that sex could harm your baby?The pointers below... read more


Pregnancy and birth loss brings a devastation that aches to be understood. Acknowledging the grieving process, and knowing you are not alone, can help women heal. read more

Birth Activism

Advocate for mother-friendly birth choices to make it a reality for your community! read more

Breech Tilt

Is your baby breech? The Breech Tilt may help your baby turn head-down. Prepare a surface where you can lie down comfortably on the floor. Have several pillows ready. Get on your hands and knees and breathe deeply for a few minutes. Sit up. Lie down on your back on a hard surface for 10 minutes with enough pillows under your pelvis to raise it to a height of 9 to 12 inches above your head. Lie in this posture with your pelvis raised as described above twice daily for 10 minutes at a time. Perform the Breech Tilt on an empty stomach. Wear loose... read more

My Baby Knows

Remember that your due date is just an estimate. Nine months is an average. Each baby has her own length of gestation. Try to set a range rather than a date as the time to expect the baby. Instead of “The baby is due on December 20th,” say, “The baby is due in late December.” Add a couple of weeks to your due date so you can relax and not be inundated by well-meaning phone calls toward the end of your pregnancy. Here’s a visualization exercise you can use if you’re worried about the due date of your baby. Find a place where you can sit quietly for 15... read more

Learning to Squat

When you see photos of indigenous women, they are often squatting to cook a meal or to grind grain. As modern women, we’re not as used to squatting, but it increases the mobility of the pelvic joints and strengthens the muscles of the inner thighs and Achilles tendons. Squatting is also a great position in which to give birth, but it can be uncomfortable unless you get some practice. Stand with your feet about hip width apart and your heels on the floor. Keeping your back straight and your weight equally distributed between your heels and toes, squat... read more

Mothering › Pregnancy Articles