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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Fathers: You Play a Key Role in a Safe and Healthy Birth

  Lamaze International Offers Five Tips for Expectant Dads to Prepare for Labor and Birth   When it comes to childbirth, popular media often love to portray fathers as helpless and incompetent during labor and birth.  When labor starts, the mother-to-be calmly manages her contractions as the dad sets into a panic, leaving behind the pre-packed bag, taking a wrong turn to the hospital, or running the halls searching for a nurse.   In reality, dads often play a critical role in supporting mothers during pregnancy and birth and advocating for safe care.  As Father’s Day... read more

Solutions for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

  After the first trimester, many women feel a renewed sense of energy — morning sickness is over (or at least maybe less severe) and exhaustion is replaced with feeling only slightly tired. But somewhere around the 15th week of pregnancy, when it’s no longer comfortable to sleep on your stomach or back, nighttime sleep can become a problem. As your pregnant body grows, you’ll be spending most night sleeping on your side. Extended side sleeping can cause back, shoulder, hip and even ear cartilage pain, all of which causes disruptive sleep and a rough start to your... read more

Am I Pregnant? Common Signs of Pregnancy

Common Signs of Pregnancy:   Some women will have guessed they are pregnant even before taking any tests. Trust yourself, if you feel like you may be pregnant take your body seriously. Symptoms of pregnancy can appear quickly and may include any of the following, but many women will experience none of these.         Common signs of early pregnancy: Missed Period Breast Tenderness (similar to menstruation) Dizziness or Feeling of Being Light Headed Fatigue Frequent Need to Urinate Runny Nose or Watery Eyes Constant Thoughts About Pregnancy or Baby, or the... read more

Weeks 1 to 4: Pregnancy Week by Week

Find our full Pregnancy Week by Week Guide here.           Weeks 1 to 4: Confirming pregnancy and establishing due date   Becoming a parent may happen on purpose or by accident, but however it comes about, parenting itself is a calling. -Myla and Jon Kabat-Zinn, Mindful Parenting     Celebrate your pregnancy with other moms who are due the same month as you. Join a Due Date Club!     What's Happening in Your Body? Even though you've just discovered that you're pregnant, you're already noticing some changes. You may... read more

Got Loving-Kindness to Share?

I took a Mindfulness Birthing class during my first pregnancy. On the last day, our teacher guided us through a Metta Meditation, cultivating loving-kindness towards ourselves and our babies-to-be. Our teacher had us repeat intentions including, “May my baby be healthy,” “May my delivery be safe,” and “May my baby be happy.”   In the spirit of the New Year, I invite you to participate in a collective moment of compassionate meditation. Feel free to add sentences in the comments sections.   May my baby be healthy.   May my baby be safe.   May my baby be... read more

The First Birth Matters (More Than You Think)

  Birth is sacred.  It is the transition from couple to family, from woman to mother, from one to two.   Birth is also, for most of us, a touch scary.  It is still, after all these millennia, a mystery in many ways.  And so, it is somewhat natural to dismiss the first birth.  People often say things like, “Well maybe with the next one I will…(try to go natural, have a home birth, take a birth class, hire a doula, etc.) but with this birth we will just see what happens.”   While I understand the sentiment I must issue a warning cry against simply dismissing the... read more

Interview with a Midwife: Diet, Supplements, and Pregnancy

  Have questions for a midwife?  Dr. Cathy Carlson-Rink is  a Naturopathic Physician and Registered Midwife practicing at the Family Health Clinic in Langley, BC with a focus on pregnancy, infertility,  and women's and children's health, and a mom of three girls born at home.  She's teamed up with longtime Mothering sponsor Floradix Iron and Herbs to answer some of our questions about diet, supplements and iron in pregnancy.  Check back next week for the second part of our interview!       What are certain foods every pregnant mom should include in her diet to... read more

Black Women DO VBAC!- An Interview With Birth Activist, Melek Speros

One of the wonderful things that my passion for natural birth has brought into my life is the chance to meet women from all over the country who otherwise I would never know.  I always come across women who are re-shaping and improving the birthing climate here in America and around the world.     At my most recent Birth Boot Camp birth instructor training I met just such a woman and I want to share the work she is doing with as many people as possible. Melek is working to reduce cesarean sections and increase VBAC among black women and I think we can help her do it... read more

Baby Fever: 5 Fun Ways to Tell Your Partner That You're Ready for Another Baby

  Please note: This article is intended to be humorous so please read it with that in mind.    People often think that half the fun of having children is actually...making them. But in reality, for many of us, we first have to CONVINCE dad that another baby is a good idea. You can find countless ideas online about announcing your pregnancy, but not so many about how to convince (cajole, trick, persuade, etc) your partner that it is actually time to start trying again.    So, for your reading pleasure, here are a few tips for getting the guy on board with making... read more

The Function of Joy in Pregnancy

Mothers, some of the most potent parental influence you will have on your child takes place while he or she is still in your womb -- so let's hope that most of your days while pregnant are Happy Mother's Days! While you are pregnant, your baby’s organs and tissues develop in direct response to lessons they receive about the world. These lessons come from your diet, your behavior and your state of mind -- thereby hinting at the function of joy in pregnancy.   If there is chronic stress in pregnancy, if a pregnant mother’s thoughts and emotions are persistently negative,... read more

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