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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Medical Marijuana: A Surprising Solution to Severe Morning Sickness

Sidebar: Is Marijuana a Valuable Treatment for Autism?Sidebar: Common Treatments for Hyperemesis GravidarumSidebar: Use of Marijuana during Pregnancy Medical Marijuana: A Surprising Solution to Severe Morning Sickness By Erin HildebrandtIssue 124 May/June 2004 As is the case for many young women, my indulgence in recreational drugs, including alcohol and caffeine, came to an abrupt halt when my husband and I discovered we were pregnant with our first child. To say we were ecstatic is an understatement. Doctors had told me we might never conceive, yet here we were,... read more

Homebirth in Holland

By Maura Kikstra, as told to Sandra GaffiganIssue 144 - September/October 2007 "You know, they're medieval here," a Swedish friend told me. We were both from other countries, had Dutch husbands, and were pregnant in Holland. My friend ended up scheduling a cesarean section in a hospital, something that is increasingly available here. I chose the traditional Dutch model of homebirth under the care of midwives. A year before, I and my husband, Dirk, had moved to Utrecht, an ancient university town near Amsterdam. Our daughter, Chloe, who was three when we moved, had... read more

Losing It

By Sarah R. FieldsMay/June 2007 - Issue 142 She's so fragile. I could kill her without trying. I realized this when my daughter, Anna, was born. Such innocence and utter dependence! Two years later, the arrival of my son, John, brought a return of the same fears. What if I dropped him down the stairs? Becoming a mother brings a sense of reverence and holy fear, in the face of the awesome responsibility of caring for a tiny little life. Sometimes, when a mother loses touch with reality, those fears come true. When I learned, from one study, that one in 25 mothers with... read more

Dealing with Fear

It has been shown that fear can profoundly affect childbirth. Fear causes the body to release the fight-or-flight hormones, catecholamines. These hormones are in direct conflict with those that cause labor to progress smoothly, including endorphins (the body’s natural pain-reducing hormones), and oxytocin, which causes the uterus to contract in a smooth, powerful, and coordinated way, urging the baby into the world.    But don’t panic. Before you add “fear of having fear slow down my upcoming labor” to the list of things you are already worried about, know that it is... read more

Water, Pregnancy, and Birth

By Heidi DahlborgWeb Exclusive - July 6, 2008 Water covers 70 percent of the earth, and makes up 60 percent of our bodies as adults and 85 percent of a baby's body. The salty primordial sea gave rise to much of life on earth, just as each of us gestated in the watery amniotic fluid of our mother's womb before birth. Humans have a special affinity for water. It is a medium that is naturally comfortable for pregnant women, and provides endless fun opportunities for babies and toddlers. There are many ways you and your baby can explore the joys of water before they are old... read more

Herbal Allies for Pregnancy

By Linda Woolven Web Exclusive For centuries, herbs have been used around the world to treat problems related to pregnancy. Vitamins and minerals also have a role to play in helping pregnant women with some of the more serious problems that conventional medicine has no help for, like toxemia. Let's take a look at how certain herbs and vitamins can make pregnancy safer and more enjoyable. Supreme Tonic for Pregnancy Red raspberry has been called the "herb supreme" for pregnancy. A wonderful tonic that helps to prepare the uterus for birth, relaxing and relieving cramps,... read more

Self Demand Feeding

Pregnancy may be the first time in your lives that you allow yourself to eat as you please. If you have turned to food to meet emotional needs in the past or if you just want to use your pregnancy as an opportunity to have a better relationship with food, try self-demand feeding. Self-demand feeding is simple. Eat when you’re hungry. Eat foods that you choose yourself. Stop when you’re full. Here are some guidelines: Have a wide range of foods available in your home. You decide when, what and how much to eat. Focus on... read more

Painting Your Fears Away

Late pregnancy is a time when fears may resurface, and art is the perfect medium to address challenging emotions. Gather together five small sheets of paper, an envelope to hold them, some inexpensive finger paints, and several large pieces of paper. Choose some open-ended time when you won’t be interrupted for awhile. On the small pieces of paper, write down five things that you are afraid of at this time in your pregnancy. Use just a few words or a title that signifies the fear, then fold the papers and place them into an envelope. When you’re ... read more

A New Mom at 50

By Judith Wynhausen Web Exclusive "I didn't know women your age could have babies," the young woman blurted out. We were both looking at crib quilts at a church bazaar, and she had asked me who was going to have a baby. "I am," I replied, thinking she couldn't miss my pregnant belly, swollen large in the eighth month. Yes, admittedly my hair was quite gray for my 49 years, but I didn't feel that old. After that encounter, I went to the beauty shop and had my hair dyed. At least then I didn't look 50 at first glance, and everybody didn't immediately assume ... read more

The Amazing Placenta

By Sarah J. Buckley, MDIssue 131, July/August 2005 Jacob's conception was unexpected, and unknown to us for several weeks. We'd been on holiday in Tasmania, Australia's small "south island," and on the ferry trip home had carried not only Emma (four years) and Zoe (one year), but also their brother-to-be—a tiny mass of cells barely a week from conception. As I slept fitfully on my bunk, Jacob's blastocyst, looking like a tiny blackberry just 2 millimeters in diameter, had already rolled down one of my fallopian tubes and was busy burrowing into the dark, thick lining of... read more

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