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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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The Birth

At 6:29am she was born. Of course she was helpless and frail to the path before her, but she was also determined and glowing with a newfound warmth. Her body surged with changes that shook the foundation of self image she may have known. Cries arose with a welcoming echo where before there were many moons of silent growth. Safe in the newness of shared body warmth, she looked for the first time at the life so attached to her own. Relief, joy, and utter love swept over her as the soothing milk worked relentlessly at arrival to hungry lips. She... read more


Alive in your arms I open to the sound Rising from the floor of my being, Where I hold the jewel We gave each other Forty-two weeks before-- The gift cradled, treasured, nurtured, Bathed in sweet crimson darkness, Hanging like ripe fruit on my curled, pulsing vine. The treasure I toil and sweat To deliver to you now. See my eyes in the mirror, Bright and dark beneath heavy brows. Fully relaxed, Fully aware. Press my lips to your strong, soft shoulder As another wave rises, Crests, Rushes through my center. I bend over your embrace, A palm tree blown over by hurricane... read more

The Birthing

Who can say how it happened but here it is and here I am caught in the mouth of the great tigress mother earth birthing goddess feeling her teeth around my belly and through my back sabers of bone. If I wriggle look ahead or behind I'm caught like a nervous kitten on it's mother's teeth. So I learn to dangle hang suspended from the great mouth of the goddess of the jungle. Surrender. Until her movement is mine and I am pacing turning bending still loose- suspended. And I roar. Feeling her pass through me great mother my lover as we are born ... read more

Birthing Brings Me

Birthing brings me to a continent's ledge dissolved above and below food for the moon's blistering tongue Birthing brings fear's tight-fisted heart deep breathing to beat easy When I break open, they said gore and ocean pour from the guts And will the salt spray sting? Will pelicans lift throats full of fish? Will I laugh when beyond the water's howl bird's click and caw twisting in the juicy cave a throat constricts to sing with birthing screeches And will I sing?   Read more poems read more

Birth Poem

Amidst a phalanx of machinery blinking green lights blood pressure cuffs IVs and needles efficient squeaky shoes Me: a glowing, sweating, super-charged galaxy a portal, opening to admit one new body, freshly made into this world. I draw on every strength I have ever possessed and push my insides out down out down out And then you are in my arms! Slippery, red, angry— a stranger to my eyes, yet the indomitable spirit I have come to know so well. When you are cut free I get my body back but a body changed, once a supernova part of me dying new life dawning Now a proof to... read more

Boring Song for Don

Somewhere between the deep tones of a cello duet and the roaring of Palisades Falls you knew your time had come for entrances. Racing through the movements in impatient double time you finished on a sharp, exact staccato by which Dvorjak's measurers paled and pounding waters lost their awesomeness.   Read more poems read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Finding a Breastfeeding-Friendly Birth Setting

Ten Steps To Successful Breastfeeding Research has shown that information and support are essential to successful breastfeeding. While it is likely that midwives at home and in birth centers will recommend and support breastfeeding, if you are giving birth at a hospital, look for one that is breastfeeding friendly. An international health initiative, The Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative (BFHI), will help you to recognize such hospitals and birth centers. To be certified by BFHI, a facility must follow the Ten Steps to Successful... read more

Labor Music

By Robert Thacher (a.k.a. fat bobby)Web Exclusive - November 24, 2007 My wife Erica went into labor with our first child, at 11:30 PM on a Friday night. We were exhausted when her labor began, and fortunately we had no inkling that her labor would last for 25 hours. As neophyte expectant parents, we were at once overprepared and hapless; we brought what seemed like trunkloads of extraneous items with us to the hospital, including books, playing cards, massage oil—and all would go unused. The one invaluable accoutrement that we brought, however, was an iPod seeded with... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Preparing Siblings for Childbirth

  There are many things you can do to prepare your children for both pregnancy and for the birth itself: Share children’s books and videos about childbirth and becoming a big sister or brother. If you have been struggling with fatigue or nausea, reassure your child that you are okay and that this is temporary. Explain that you may not be able to give him as much time and attention as you would like to because you aren’t feeling well. Make sure that he gets attention at other times, or ... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Birth Inventory Questions

Answer each question as truthfully as you can. You need not be concerned about accuracy. Remember, there are no right answers – only what is true for you. Give three answers for each question. It may be helpful to do this exercise with your partner, or with another friend who is pregnant. What do you believe about your own personal birth (not your child’s)? What does your mother believe about your birth? What does your father believe about your birth? What do you believe about women? What does your mother believe... read more

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