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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Let the Baby Decide: The Case Against Inducing Labor

Related Articles: Sidebar: Medical Indications For Inducing Labor By Nancy Griffin It was a sunny Friday afternoon, and Tracy was three days past the due date for her first baby. After finishing up the tenth call of the day from well-meaning but anxious friends and relatives, she headed out the door for her weekly checkup with her obstetrician. "If you don't go into labor by your next appointment, we may have to induce you," her doctor had advised. Tracy wondered if the slight menstrual-like cramps she'd had the past few days meant that something was happening... read more

Questions to Ask a Doula

In interviewing a potential doula, the following list of questions might come in handy. Remember, your doula should be someone you like, since she will be with you during one of the most intense experiences you will ever have. Are you certified? By what organization? What kind of training have you had? How long have you been in practice as a doula? How many births have you attended? What care providers have you worked with? How many homebirths have you attended? In what hospitals have you attended births? Tell me about some of the births you’ve... read more

Newborn Decisions

During the moments directly after birth, you need plenty of time to rest quietly with your baby. Don’t let anything stand in the way of that.If you give birth in a hospital, there may be some pressure from nurses who want to take the baby to a warming bed in the nursery or to an examination.Your midwife or doctor will want to see that your baby is in generally good health. It should be possible, however, to do all that is necessary while you are holding the baby. These factors will be checked: The baby’s weight and length at birth The baby’s air passages. Many birth... read more

Beads and Blessings

By Anne Nicholson WeberWeb ExclusiveWhen my friend Sandra was pregnant with her second child, she had a blessingway instead of a baby shower. Eight of her closest women friends came together one afternoon, each with an offering for a birth altar: a fan (to symbolize opening), a candle shaped like an egg to burn during labor, stones and feathers and talismans of all sorts. Each woman spoke in turn, placing her offering in the center of our circle and explaining its meaning. Some brought poems or other readings. We ate good food, and Sandra told us she felt strengthened to... read more

Natural Parenting Toolbox: Preparing the House for Homebirth

This is a good time to get everything together that you will need, if you plan to birth at home. In the first stages of labor you will have ample time to set it all up: A comfortable mattress if you plan to birth in the bed or a birthing tub for a waterbirth. A plastic sheet or shower curtain to place over the mattress to protect it. An old set of sheets that you don’t mind getting stained. Reusable (or if necessary, disposable) bed pads. You should be able to find disposable ones at a pharmacy or medical supply store but large prefold... read more

FREE VIDEO TRAINING for Pre-conception, Pregnancy & First Year: from my colleague!

By Jessica Williams, www.LoveParentingLA.com Hi Friends, I have contributed articles and never-before-released audio recordings for a revolutionary home study course for pre-conception, pregnancy & the first year of motherhood presented by my dear friend and colleague. Her wisdom is offered in accessible lessons. She has video and audio interviews with truly gifted birth workers and psychologists, sharing insights, perspective and tools to make your transition into parenthood amazing. This course is being released on September 21. In... read more

The International Rescue Committee Provides Pregnancy & Birth Support to Refugees in the US

For newly arrived refugee women, giving birth in a new country can be terrifying. The IRC’s pregnancy support program helps make the experience easier – and joyful. Baltimore, MD – After surviving a treacherous journey out of Myanmar to Malaysia, Hlawn Kim and her husband, Van Run Sang, were thrilled to arrive in the United States as part of the International Rescue Committee’s resettlement program. But just as they were getting used to their new life in Baltimore, Kim became pregnant with their first child. For newly arrived refugee women,... read more

My Perfect/Not-So-Perfect Moment: The Play Birth and BOLD Turn Five

BOLD 2011 Muskoka, Canada   “The thing that is really hard, and really amazing, is giving up on being perfect and beginning the work of becoming yourself.” -       Anna Quindlen   I’m a perfectionist, or so I’ve been told. Recently as a mom being perfect has been a tough calling. This summer I’ve felt like the captain of team Loser Mom. The kids are dressed – probably because they are ten and twelve now and dress themselves – but the rest of my household is an utter mess. Perfect started slipping in June.   Now, late... read more

Waiting for Baby

Waiting for Baby: Discovering Harmony in the Days Before Labor by Kathryn Mello May 26, 2011 Pregnancy is a phenomenal experience in and of itself, but the magic of giving birth is even more mystical. The last days leading up to labor are often anxiously awaited and endured with many uncomfortable conditions—such as extreme fatigue, sciatic, hip and back pain, diarrhea, and insomnia to name a few. Yet, no matter how restless or eager you may be during your last days with baby in utero, it’s nearly impossible not to feel excitement for the new life you’re about to... read more

Solutions for Better Sleep During Pregnancy

  After the first trimester, many women feel a renewed sense of energy — morning sickness is over (or at least maybe less severe) and exhaustion is replaced with feeling only slightly tired. But somewhere around the 15th week of pregnancy, when it’s no longer comfortable to sleep on your stomach or back, nighttime sleep can become a problem. As your pregnant body grows, you’ll be spending most night sleeping on your side. Extended side sleeping can cause back, shoulder, hip and even ear cartilage pain, all of which causes disruptive sleep and a rough start to your... read more

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