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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

5 pregnancy article submissions by the Mothering community.

Preparing for Postpartum: Gathering your Support Circle

By Olivia Hinebaugh     A lot of new moms feel like they could use more help in those first few weeks. I wish I had thought about who I might need or want to talk to in those emotional, sleepy, overwhelming days.   Bottom line: you deserve and need help.   And you may need help in areas you hadn’t considered. Here are some roles you should try to enlist your friends and family to fill.   Your partner. If you have a partner in life and parenthood, you are obviously going to be leaning on them a lot during this time. Communicate with them. Tell them when you are... read more

Preparing for Postpartum: Surprises

By Olivia Hinebaugh     I remember being pregnant with my first. It was hard for my brain to truly comprehend that I was going to have a baby. Even after the initial ultrasound, it took me a few months to really “get” that I was pregnant. In the last months of pregnancy, I knew labor was going to happen. I devoted a lot of time reading about it, attending childbirth classes, and watching birth videos. It wasn’t until the last weeks that I really believed, “Wow, I’m going to be in labor. I’m going to give birth. There’s going to be a baby in my arms.”    Because of... read more

What to Buy Before Baby Arrives: 25 Truly Useful Items for Infant and Postpartum Care

  Recently a story about Baby Boxes given to new moms in Finland hit the news and struck a chord. The concept of one box packed full of everything a new mama needs for herself and baby is a great one and we wondered -- what would Mothering mamas put in such a box? What would really be useful to a new parent?    So we went ahead and asked our readers and here are the results -- the ultimate Mothering baby box packed full of helpful, safe and natural items to grab before the little one arrives!   Clothes and Baby Care   Under... read more

NFP or FAM Methods While Breastfeeding

  • by JMJ

Lactational Amenorrhea Method - can be used for 6 months or until your first postpartum bleed after 56 days postpartum.  98-99% effective.  Lactational Amenorrhea may continue past 6 months, but the effectiveness of depending on it to prevent pregnancy is reduced.  Must use a different method after the return of menstruation.   Ecological Breastfeeding - close to 100% effective in the first 3 months, 99% effective in the second 3 months, 94% effective before your first postpartum bleed after 56 days postpartum.  Must use a different method after the return of... read more

What Do I Pack For A Hospital Birth

So many times women who are planning on delivering in a hospital ask, "What should I be packing for my hospital bag?". Many people have different things depending on what they prefer but the expectations are pretty simple for the most part. I have only ever had vaginal births so this article is based around a vaginal birth expectation. First of all, depending on where you are delivering, in the United States hospitals usually provide a lot of items that you and your baby will need for those few days you are staying there. A woman in Canada told me once that the... read more

Mothering › Pregnancy Articles