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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

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Black Women DO VBAC!- An Interview With Birth Activist, Melek Speros

One of the wonderful things that my passion for natural birth has brought into my life is the chance to meet women from all over the country who otherwise I would never know.  I always come across women who are re-shaping and improving the birthing climate here in America and around the world.     At my most recent Birth Boot Camp birth instructor training I met just such a woman and I want to share the work she is doing with as many people as possible. Melek is working to reduce cesarean sections and increase VBAC among black women and I think we can help her do it... read more

The Myth of the Gentle C-section

                  All women everywhere, no matter how they birth, should be treated with respect and care.    I think that this- respectful, gentle birth care- is probably something that every birth advocate wants for women.  That is why we are in this business, why we work hard to do what we do.  And so, when somebody pitched the idea of a "gentle cesarean" it sounded pretty good.     I first heard of the gentle cesarean a few years ago.  There was a video being passed around the Internet about this revolutionary practice.  People were excited, and... read more

The Birth Center Study- Hope For Lowering the Cesarean Rate

        Today something wonderful happened for birth in the United States of America. The American Association of Birth Centers posted an easy to read explanation of The National Birth Center Study II- a comprehensive research study detailing the clinical experience of birthing in a birth center.  The study was published yesterday in The Journal of Midwifery and Women's Health.     Oh, and that experience is truly fabulous.   When I found myself pregnant with my second baby in Dallas Texas I didn't feel that hospital birth was the best option for me.... read more

Protecting A Woman's Right to Choose...a VBAC

There is (rightly) a lot of buzz these days around the insidious, incremental erosion of a woman's right to choose whether she will give birth to a child she has conceived, but virtually nobody is talking about the drastic erosion of a woman's right to choose how she will give birth to her term baby. Who is talking about the shocking erosion of a woman's right to choose a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean)?   I'm inspired to post this by today's Facebook thread about a woman whose doctor has dropped her from care at 41 weeks because of her desire to have a VBAC.... read more

Obstetric Lie #100- Failure To Progress

  (Contributed by Sarah Clark)   Failure to progress.   Oft named as a reason for cesarean. Oft mentioned to the supine mom in the hospital as she is encouraged to get her epidural and "relax". By the naysayers in the natural birth community, it is often renamed, Failure to be Patient or just, "Doc must leave to make his golf game."    Whatever it means to you, the term failure to progress is both powerful, disturbing, and strongly indicates not just lack of ability but complete and utter physical failure on the part of the mother. Personally, I would... read more

Mothering the Mother

Mothering the Mother: The Importance of Postpartum Care by Rev. Pilar (Ma’at) GrantNov 02, 2011 What is the Postpartum Period? As a midwife, I have worked with pregnant mothers and their families for over twenty years. I myself am a mother of seven amazing and beautiful human beings. During this time, I have witnessed as well as experienced how women are almost forgotten after the birth of their babies.  Postpartum, also called the fourth trimester, puerperium and postnatal is recognized as the period just after birth and the subsequent six weeks that follow.... read more

Vaginal Birth Triggers Brain Boost, C-Section Doesn't: Part of Nature's Plan for Intelligence?

Along with the cascade of benefits that most Mothering readers already know comes with vaginal birth, new research from Yale has identified yet another: vaginal birth triggers the expression of a protein in baby’s brain cells that optimizes development of the hippocampus — an area central to such “complex behaviors in the adult” as learning, memory, and stress response. C-section delivery may actually impair this protein’s expression. I find it of interest that earlier this year another study came out linking early nurturing by mothers with larger... read more

Ewan's birth story: introduction

I’d like to introduce this blog by sharing with you a personal story, of how my son came into the world. Pregnancy and birth is where the amazing, life-changing journey of parenthood began for me. It also sowed the seeds of my writing. It is Ewan who continually reminds me to follow my instincts, who helps me to parent more naturally. My pregnancy and early labour were natural and gentle, with few medical interventions. Sadly, Ewan was eventually delivered by emergency caesarean section. As traumatic as this was, we were also relieved he was born a... read more

A VBAC Experience

Birthing Again: A VBAC Experience By Melissa Aberle-GrasseWeb Exclusive I lay on my bed in a square of moonlight, resting. Emma, only seven hours old, slept next to me, her hands folded together as if in meditation. Only my heart's pounding--not with anxiety, but with joy and power--broke the calm. Just hours ago, I had birthed this baby. No outside stimuli or interference, just me: the energy and knowledge of my body, and several strong assistants. That night stands so bright partly because this second birthing was so different from the first. My first baby was born... read more

Home Safe Home: A VBAC - My Way

By Rachel GathercoleIssue 110, January-February 2002 When I tell people I had a VBAC (vaginal birth after cesarean) and did it at home, they are often incredulous. "Is that safe?" they ask. "Did they know you'd had a cesarean before?" Perhaps in their minds they ask other questions: "What kind of quack let you do that?" "Are you crazy?" The truth is that many women have had home VBACs. And, although some people believe that we sacrificed safety to have our babies at home, nothing could be further from the truth. In fact, I believe that being at home actually made my... read more

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