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Pregnancy is normal. Birth is safe in any setting. Discover your choices.

13 pregnancy article submissions by the Mothering community.

The Epidemic of Unnecessary C-Sections

In my last post here at Mothering Outside the Lines I wrote about an amazing mom who decided to have a home birth to avoid a fourth C-section. I emailed Aneka’s story to my friend Denise who still has angry, unresolved feelings about a second C-section. Denise was fully dilated and pushing when the doctor told her there was “no way” the baby would be able to slip under her pubic bone. Any birthing woman is incredibly vulnerable. Her senses are heightened. She looks to those around her for support and love and encouragement. What if that doctor... read more

Another Strike Against C-Sections

A Team of Doctor Perform a C-section (the doctors are huddled around the woman's abdomen working to extract the baby, the mom's view is blocked by the blue barrier sheet) I was at my friend A.’s birth two years ago. After laboring all day and well into the night, A. was getting exhausted. The fetal monitor showed that the baby’s heart beat was dropping during contractions and the labor nurses, who called the doctor (she was at home sleeping), were starting to act worried. The doctor made the call: A. needed an “emergency” C-section. The... read more

In America We Are Forcing Women to Have C-Sections

Joy Szabo got some bad news when she was seven months pregnant. Because she had had a previous C-section, the hospital where she was planning to deliver would not let her have a vaginal birth with her fourth child. Szabo’s story is written up on CNN’s Website (if you watch TV, you may have seen it on CNN as well): “Mom fights, gets the delivery she wants.” But the title of the article is misleading. The hospital and the doctor did not change their policy after the Szabos insisted. Instead, Szabo and her husband had to move six hours away to... read more

Mothering › Pregnancy Articles